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It is the dream of every food management company, whether small-scale or large-scale, to have an effective and fool-proof food safety management system. Various food management companies hire numerous professionals in order to have an effective food management system. However, hiring numerous professionals for food safety monitoring just adds to the cost of running the company. This mostly applies to small-scale businesses, since their profit margin may be lower than large-scale businesses. A good food safety compliance software, approved by different regulatory authorities, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), just to name a few, is the requirement of every food and beverage company.

Every country has its own local regulating authority, which also sets up some guidelines for the food and beverage companies, which have to be followed in addition to the guidelines and protocols set up by internationally recognized regulating authorities. Another internationally recognized food regulatory authority, which is UK based, plays a significant role in helping to set up a framework for the safety precautions for an effective food safety management. It is known as the Brand Reputation through Compliance (BRC).

All of these precautions ensure that the food is fit for consumption and is free from all foodborne diseases. All foodborne microbes gain entry into the body through the gastrointestinal tract and initially cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal cramps. To prevent this from happening to the consumer, good food traceability software is required. A software that can provide a thorough insight into each and every food processing step and all the precautions taken to prevent the consumer from any foodborne diseases is required for the smooth running of the company from the perspective of food safety management.


Folio3 will provide you with an app that is tailored according to your business’s needs. Tracking your business would just be one click away. You would be sent all the alerts and notifications through this app. To sum it all up, a sound food compliance system should be able to provide traceability from the farm to the fork, with a comprehensive yet user-friendly, documentation.


A food compliance software is the key to success, which can keep track of all your needs, from maintaining and tracking the management system, prerequisite programs, monitoring, supplier management, and document control.


Tracking your business’s food safety system would just be one click away. It provides real-time access to your database, which includes hazard database, auditing, quality management, contamination control, microbiological control, pest control, training, employee database, and batching.

Food Safety Software

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We at Folio3 Animal Care Practice offer state-of-the-art Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence based cattle counting software to feedlot managers and owners. Our expertise in digital image processing has enabled us to develop superior algorithms for maximum accuracy in cattle counting.


Our automated cattle counting software captures a high-resolution image of each pen which provides an exact head count of the feedlot inventory. By comparing the actual counts with the current inventory levels can assist in identifying and sorting out any discrepancies.


Furthermore, it is also very easy to update your system frequently-keeping it up to date. Another such food safety program is the Safe Quality Food (SQF) software. It is a part of the SQF Institute and is of great help in controlling risks associated with food safety. This software comprises of different modules based on various industry sectors. Therefore, each food and beverage company will have different requirements to follow according to their product type. Just like any other food safety management system, the SQF compliance is made simple and hassle-free by providing modules for management control, document control, food quality system, product development, supplier program, risks and opportunities, staff training, and internal audits-just to name a few. These modules are practical for any business size, whether small-scale or large-scale.

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An Effective Food Safety Programme


In this digital age, where everything is just one click away, companies are looking for quick and easy food safety reporting software solutions, which could show them information and results in real-time. Hence, it is safe to say that now is the era of digital food safety management. However, not all food safety tracking software are the same. Every food safety company considers it to be a challenge to find good food software that could work according to their needs and simultaneously follow the Food Safety Management Act, also known as the Food Safety Modernisation Act (FSMA). The FSMA has been put into effect since 4th January 2011. It focuses on more specific risks associated with food during its processing. These risks include contamination by pathogens, such as Salmonella, Shigella, and E.coli, during food processing. Another system, known as the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), is a food inspection software that helps various food and beverage companies in their food quality management. Folio3 will provide you with this essential feature.


The crux of the matter is that all the procedures involved in the production of a specific food item, from raw materials to various processing steps, have to monitored vigilantly to make sure the end product is fit and healthy for consumption. This is achieved by taking all safety precautions and controlling all food safety hazards and risks which could take place during food processing. Thus, the end product is safe from the farm to the fork. All the safety precautions, which are deemed necessary to be taken by all food and beverage companies, are laid down the HACCP and FSMA. Every company is expected to follow and apply these rules and regulations to their companies accordingly.


Furthermore, to make sure that these precautions are being implemented, all food companies are required to fill in the food safety forms. This ensures that all legalities are completed, and strict action is taken against companies who do not abide by these rules. The HACCP is such an effective food program system that provides all the checklists for proper documentation by food and beverage companies. These include, just to name a few, a basic cleaning checklist, an equipment calibration log, and a maintenance checklist.

Case Studies

  • About Customer

    Progressive Beef is the most comprehensive farm-to-fork quality assurance program that has certified nearly 6 million cattle to ensure food safety and sustainability in the industry.

  • The Challenge

    Progressive Beef was using manual and paper-based processes of performing audits, tracking field workers’ performance and following SOPs, which were reactive in nature and time-consuming.

  • The Need

    Progressive Beef wanted to digitize their operations such as helping workers, program managers, and auditors to track feedlots’ productivity in real time and make day-to-day tasks paperless.

  • The Solution

    A cross-platform mobile app, desktop browser, and an admin web app were developed to automate data entry processes and perform compliance audits smoothly. The solution supported corrective action notifications and offline support, reducing human error and time to perform tasks.

  • Results

    The solution helped feedlot managers to take timely and accurate actions by going paperless. The overall increased efficiency helped them increase no of feed yards to 83.

  • About Customer 

    Vytelle performs in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures and provides individual animal data capturing systems to feedlots and seedstocks having revenue of $19 million.

  • The Challenge

    Vytelle customers had a legacy desktop-based app that was complex and resulted in low adoption rates. The customers were providing trial specific data and other information via alternative mediums taking up to 30 days, making procedures slow and cumbersome.

  • The Need

    As a leading data provider in the industry, vytelle was looking to move its data-interaction with its customers to a responsive web app that helps them share reports and trial data by increasing system adoption rate and eliminating manual procedures.

  • The Solution

    A responsive web app developed seamless data sharing and communication network among vytelle and its customers. Digitizing and automating feedlot activities like pen management, animal flagging, animal management made vytelle customers more aware and responsive.

  • Results

    The web app adoption reduced customer response time by improving the UI/UX and other features. It helped vytelle customers produce more efficient, high performing, and low-RFI seedstock.

  • About Customer

    Superior Farms, founded in 1964 and made up of more than 1,000 American family ranchers, is North America’s top lamb processing plant.

  • Challenge

    With ever-growing business, scalability with siloed data could no longer contribute to operational efficiency for the firm. Conventional ways of keeping records across the business cycle were cumbersome and unconsolidated, hampering day-to-day activities.

  • The Need

    They needed a complete solution that automates, streamlines, and provides an up-to-date and integrated view of the business processes starting from breeding to distribution management.

  • The Solution

    AgriERP powered with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain improved business process from master planning to dispatch & shipments. The solution-eliminated paper based siloed data and provided a consolidated vie

  • Results

    AgriERP enabled managers to have instant access to information to track inventory,  sales, field attendance, production orders, in’s and out’s from multiple warehouses anywhere, anytime.

  • About Customer

    Vytelle is a provider of biotechnology services to cattle producers in more than 20 countries in the world. It is a Wheatsheaf company that raised a total of $13 million in funding over 1 round.

  • The Challenge

    Vytelle was using systems that required manual data entry at the time of Ovum Pick Up (OPU) and at the labs for inventory management, mating, semen sorting & grading. Getting embryo production and transfer reports required more human efforts.

  • The Need

    They needed an automated solution that simplifies data capturing and maintaining to make OPU more quick and reliable. They wanted to digitize donor forms that could reduce manual efforts to perform IVF.

  • The Solution

    A React JS web app enabled QC techs & vets to perform timely OPUs, update inventory, and allocate labs as per the activity type.  OPU event management, Prefilling donor forms, advance analytics reports, and offline support got the client covered throughout the process.

  • Results

    A custom-built app helped them to onboard new satellites and enabled them to perform more OPUs in less time. Process automation brought clients, satellite owners and vytelle on single platform, increasing process visibility.

  • About the customer

    Cactus Feeders, Inc., a producer of commercial fed cattle and market hogs, produces a million fed cattle and 700,000 market hogs annually with gross revenues of over $1 Billion.

  • The Challenge

    Cactus Feeders’ existing solution, based on KENDO, was very slow and complex in managing operational procedures that affected productivity and caused delays in performing tasks.

  • The Need

    Cactus Feeders wanted to speed up operational processes such as entering and managing data to reduce time to perform tasks and enhance user experience by using updated set of technologies.

  • The Solution

    Folio3 revamped and upgraded the existing systems to boost up productivity and to enhance user experience across the value chain. The stack of .NET and ReactJs made it possible to perform tasks in a matter of seconds.

  • Results

    The updated set of technologies reduced 80% of delayed time on some specific screens while making users more efficient in managing data. The overall productivity has improved throughout the processes.

  • About the customer

    Superior Farms is the leader in the retail and food service market. They operate lamb processing plants in the US and 10 more countries, having revenue of around $280 million.

  • The Challenge

    Superior Farms wanted to improve operational efficiencies by eliminating paper-based forms as it was time-consuming, not actionable and delayed incident reporting that risked compliance deviations. Managing paper was a hassle while dealing with the USDA compliance officer.

  • The Need

    They needed a digital solution that could help them acquire, organize, monitor and use day-to-day records to ensure USDA standards compliance from their desks & smart devices.

  • The Solution

    A web and iPad application was developed to automate & digitize paper-based forms to save time and take preventive measures to violations. All 5 departments and 4 locations were configured to have consolidated view of tasks and performance in real time.

  • Results

    Early results show a quick adoption of the digital platform, with over 19,000 forms filled digitally in a span of three months only, helping management to track and benchmark productivity across their four locations.

  • About the customer

    American Angus Association is the largest beef registry association with more than 30,000 members. It aims to maximize the production of high-quality beef through a sales and marketing solutions to ranchers.

  • The Challenge

    Angus Media was using paper-based processes to produce Angus Sale Books. User role synchronization and publishing books with updated EPD numbers were difficult as manual processes were causing inefficiencies.

  • The Need

    Angus Media wanted to digitize and automate their sale book operations such as filling animal related information, designing book layouts, & communicating with multiple users via a single platform.

  • The Solution

    Our web app automated the life cycle of sale book creation and publishing from start to end. The portal supports various roles that participate in creating the sale book and automates their work flows that drove efficiency and accuracy in the processes.

  • Results

    They can now produce more books and are now able to generate more business in less time. More than 1100 books have been published by automating and goig paperless.

  • About the customer

    Galvmed is a project funded by DFID as well as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and they work towards making veterinary diagnostics accessible and affordable for developing countries around the world.

  • The Challenge

    Galvmed was finding it difficult to manually store data and calculate the market potential for veterinarian pharmaceutical vaccines and drugs for various different regions in developing countries.

  • The Need

    Galvmed felt the need to digitize operations to make it easier and more convenient for research organizations and pharmaceutical companies to calculate market potential and subsequently introduce relevant drugs and vaccines.

  • The Solution

    The solution is easily accessible and scalable and supports all species of livestock. It helps users perform advanced condition-based calculations using default market numbers provided or even after editing any assumptions.

  • Results

    The solution helped different users calculate the market potential accurately for specific drugs catering to specific livestock animals. It also helped them make decisions based on the resulting numbers and predictions.


A Premium Quality Meat Producer

  • About the customer

    Agribeef products are available at America’s best restaurants and retailers. Being involved in every step of the beef cattle lifecycle, the company also exports to more than 30 countries across the world.

  • The Challenge

    It was getting more and more difficult to rely on spreadsheets and manual processes. Paper-based processes made it hard to capture and manage the activities, as well as the movement of the cattle.

  • The Need

    They needed to digitize to remain competitive and manage data optimally across the value chain. A digital transformation allowed them to streamline their processes and make data-driven decisions.

  • The Solution

    The web application facilitated the client in gaining total visibility over the cattle in the fields and helped manage traceability over all the processes from “ranch to table”.

  • Results

    The solution helped the client maximize business effectiveness and productivity for every location and ranch. It also saved time by speeding up the process and facilitated the client in taking timely action.

  • About the customer

    With more than 650 employees spread across 7 states, Hanor farms is one of the leading hog manufacturers in the United States, marketing and selling nearly 1.5 million market hogs each year.

  • The Challenge

    Hanor was using manual paper-based processes and spreadsheets to organize and manage tasks, which meant they found it difficult to track missed tasks and violations, and even took long in updating the task status.

  • The Need

    Manual processes were slowing them down and also demotivating the workers. They needed a digital solution to be able to streamline their processes and maximize productivity as well as efficiency.

  • The Solution

    The solution helped the client digitize their workflows and automate task scheduling and management. This helped reduce the burden on the management and workers, who no longer had to take care of paper-based work orders.

  • Results

    The automation helped save time and helped maximize visibility and accountability, which resulted in fewer missed tasks and fewer violations. It helped them streamline daily tracking of tasks and helped improve productivity.


A Leading Processing Plant in Washington

  • About the customer

    The client is a well-known modern beef processing plant in Washinton and has a reputation for prioritizing cattle welfare. With numerous food safety interventions, they take significant measures to ensure food safety and quality.

  • The Challenge

    The existing solution was outdated and basically used paper-based forms and later spreadsheets to enter data for inspections. These manual compliance processes made audits difficult and caused quality deviations and delays.

  • The Need

    The client needed an automated quality and compliance solution to save time, improve food safety and quality, minimize errors and reduce the workload. Manual processes were slowing down the processes.

  • The Solution

    The solution helped automate audits and inspections and facilitated the client in tracking the processes and activities. It helped the management get total visibility over the processes in the fields so that they could take faster data-driven decisions.

  • Results

    The solution helped streamline food quality and safety management for the client and helped them improve overall business effectiveness. It made audits faster and easier, and also resulted in fewer delays.


A Leading Farmer Services Provider

  • About the customer

    One of the oldest and largest corporations in the world, the client has offices spread over 70 countries with over 155,000 professionals. They help farmers and ranchers scale and connect with wider markets.

  • The Challenge

    The UI and UX for the client’s existing solution had usability issues and made navigation difficult for less tech-savvy users. There was a constant risk of losing data and the application crashed frequently.

  • The Need

    They needed to revamp the UI/UX for the application so the farmers found it easier to streamline their daily operations and manage long-term planning without being in constant fear of data loss. 

  • The Solution

    The new and improved solution was powerful yet had a user-friendly and intuitive interface, so even the users with a lack of technical knowledge found it easy to use. 

  • Results

    The improved solution increased the user base as more users leveraged the convenience the app provided. The intuitive interface helped the user capture data in one attempt and also gave the user more control. 

  • About Customer

    Serving over 25000 members across the globe, American Angus Association is one of the largest and oldest beef breed organizations in the USA and beyond. Nearly 140 years old, the registry continues to grow each year by more than 300,000 cattle in number.

  • The Challenge

    Paper-based processes were making it difficult for the client to manage and maintain record-keeping for the cattle registry. It was also hard for the client to keep track of what was happening in the ranches and fields.

  • The Need

    There was a huge need for a cattle management and record-keeping solution because manual processes were slowing the processes and affecting ROI. A cattle management solution could help improve herd value and in turn the ROI.

  • The Solution

    Angus Black Book digitized cattle management for the client and the users of the application. It helped automate the processes and streamline cattle record-keeping so that it was easier to manage and track field activity.

  • Results

    The solution helped maximize productivity as well as compliance with regulations, which helped in quicker and better decision-making and increased profitability.

  • About Customer

    Zoetis, the world’s largest pharmaceutical company for veterinary medication and animal-health vaccinations, currently operates in more than 70 countries across the world and generates nearly $8 million in revenues.

  • The Challenge

    Manual processes and a lack of visibility were making it difficult for swine farm owners to manage different healthcare issues and procedures.

  • The Need

    There was a need for digital transformation because the farm owners needed more visibility and needed to automate procedures to get better healthcare outcomes, which was something that only a digital solution could help them with.

  • The Solution

    PigWise transformed healthcare management for the client as it helped automate disease management as well as medication management. The end-to-end solution helped the caregivers and farmers manage and track swine healthcare data easily in real-time.

  • Results

    The solution helped the client with better health outcomes, improved productivity, streamlined management as well as quick decision-making.

  • About Customer

    Known as the largest poultry and poultry products provider in the United Arab Emirates, Arabian Farms has an annual bird management capacity of nearly 9 million as well as an egg production capacity of nearly 300 million.

  • The Challenge

    Communication gaps and process delays were leading to inefficiencies in production and performance.

  • The Need

    The client needed visibility and better communication to be able to streamline performance as well as operations, which could only be achieved with an ERP system.

  • The Solution

    We designed and built custom modules and helped implement the NetSuite ERP for them, along with migrating their data and integrating their existing applications.

  • Results

    The solution helped the client automate processes, improve reporting, reduce costs and gain the necessary visibility.

  • About Customer

    Founded in 1885, Boehringer Ingelheim is the world’s largest private pharmaceutical company. With more than 52000 employees overall, their goal is to impact and improve the lives of animals as well as humans.

  • The Challenge

    Manual paper-based processes were causing inefficiencies and delays in the field service management process, making it difficult and time-consuming.

  • The Need

    There was a need to digitize the field force workflow and simplify the data that was captured in the farm fields and ranches. There was also a need for visibility to ensure optimal performance of the field service team.

  • The Solution

    We built a well-designed, clickable prototype for an application that would help automate field service management and would allow the team to conduct their surveys and manage them on smart devices.

  • Results

    The prototype helped the client discover the effectiveness as well as the usability of the suggested application and how it would help them reduce costs and automate processes.

Our Process

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ic_discover (1)


A series of brain storming sessions where we assess business needs, discuss potential solution concepts that can fulfill wire-framing and prototyping needs.

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ic_design (1)


This phase mainly comprises of clickable mock-ups of the proposed digital solution ideas that simulate the actual solution’s user experience.

ic_develop (1)


The final clickable prototype of the digital solution (whether web or mobile), along with a proposal and architecture for the actual solution’s build out.


Who We Have Worked With

Boehringer Ingelheim
Agri Beef
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cactus feeders logo
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What Our Customers Say

cactus feeders logo

Folio3 has a very good understanding of animal production business and is an expert in software design and development industry. The level of detail given to the project build strong trust with the team. The volume and quality of work that has been accomplished in a short amount of time is truly amazing. There are an endless supply of ideas on how technology can help drive our business, and I know that Folio3 can help make it happen

Corey White

Director of Technology

agri beef logo

The team has done a tremendous job from testing and deploying our DAX applications to go live. They have also helped develop a reusable pattern for scheduling processes used by multiple workers. We will definitely continue to lean on folio3 for future support of these applications.

Agri Beef

Progressive Beef Logo

The inefficiency of paper based animal records was taking time to perform audits and demonstrate compliance. Foilo3 built a solution for us to streamline records that allow us manage specific areas of the Progressive Beef program to demonstrate good animal welfare. As Progressive Beef continues on the journey of verifying food safety, and animal welfare technology is key for continuous improvement and Folio3 is a great partner for it.

Heather Donley

VP of Operations

cactus feeders logo

Cactus is very happy with the progress that has been made on the projects: Handheld application and Market Utility for PorkView and now starting CattleView. Folio3 has also addressed and corrected issues with the current software that allows Cactus to provide continued support for the business operations. There is a free and easy exchange of ideas to help push the projects forward.

John Studebaker

Application Lead Developer

angus media

Folio3 helped us create pasture to publish which allowed us the ability to push sale books quicker and easier and allowed ranch owners to get done a portion of the book to save them cost. Our process have streamlined and speed up. We are able to have more business now. We have been more than pleased about our experience with folio3.

Gail Lombardino

Print Services Team Lead


We are very excited to see the new PigWise app rolling out to production. When we had discussed the initial idea with Folio3 we had no idea that the final build would look this good. You guys rock!.

Matthew Helpern

Division Owner


We are beyond impressed with the solution Folio3 created. Having seen the solution evolve from the initial idea to wireframes, to a fully functioning app in such a short time is simply amazing. I’m grateful to the Folio3 team for all the effort they’ve put in, it truly shows in the end product’s function and creativity.

Ginette Gottswiller

Director of Commercial Programs & Angus Source


Folio3 has done a fantastic job! Thanks to their efforts, we were not only able to bring our idea for the Petzam app to life, but have also managed to get it approved for usage by two leading multi-national animal health companies.

Eric Shank



The Folio3 team did an amazing job. They really look out for the customer and try and do the best for them. Very impressed with the final product they delivered. I really enjoyed working with their team and would highly recommend them.

Sarah Schumacher

Progressive Beef Program Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

It is an effective system that comprises of numerous safety precautions’ protocol, which helps in controlling various hazards (biological, chemical, and physical) and risks, which could be associated with food, during food processing. Thus, this system ensures that the food, to be consumed by the consumer, is safe till the time it reaches their plate, i.e., from the farm to the fork. All of these precautions are taken, and protocols are followed strictly from the time of raw material production to its handling, processing, and the final product’s manufacturing. The food safety management does not end here; it also involves the final products’ distribution and consumption by the consumer. It should be the center of all the goals of all the food and beverage companies, and it should never be neglected.

The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a software that helps various food and beverage companies to manage, follow, and analyze the food safety protocols effectively and smoothly. It helps in ensuring that the food provided to the consumer is in its safest form. This management system is updated regularly, addressing all the biological, chemical, and physical hazards, ensuring that the final product is always safe for the consumer. The HACCP software also covers outbreaks of pandemics. Hence, it is a competitive, updated, and reliable system.

The food safety software programs are the most important feature in ensuring that the food provided to the consumers is in its safest form. Since these programs follow all the protocols issued by various regulatory authorities, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), these systems make controlling the food quality absolutely hassle-free. It is because of these competitive food safety software programs, that different types of foodborne diseases can be easily tracked and be kept at bay. These programs are updated regularly and are always regulated by internationally recognized food regulatory authorities.

The Brand Reputation through Compliance (BRC), formerly known as the British Retail Consortium, is an internationally recognized UK organization. Just like other food authorities, the BRC also has significant input in food safety management. It also includes labeling and packaging control. The BRC helps in monitoring gaps in the company’s processing procedures, making it easy to rectify those errors. Hence, their protocols are also taken into consideration in the food safety management software.

The food safety analytics serve the food industry by providing certain tools and skills, which help in various food safety measures. These include physical property testing, microbiological tests, pasteurization, and validation studies for sterilization. They follow all the guidelines laid down by the HACCP. The food safety analytics provide valuable transparency and insight into a company’s safety precautions practiced during the entire production procedure.

The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) software focuses on a general plan for food safety. In contrast, the Food Safety Modernisation Act (FSMA) software focuses more on specific risks associated with food safety, such as risks associated with microbial contamination. The FSMA was started after an increase in outbreaks of foodborne diseases and bioterrorism concerns after 9/11.

The food safety system, also known as the food safety management system, is a system that identifies all the possible hazards and risks which could be associated with the process of food production. This system helps in reducing these risks and making the final product safe for the consumer. The mission of this system is to improve public health by ensuring that the food produced meets all safety standards set up by the various food regulating authorities.

Absolutely. Whether you run a small scale business or a large scale business, it is essential for you to have these documents, including your records. Every step of the production cycle has to be documented, along with the food safety management system. This part of the system covers all the legalities set up by the regulating authorities

The HACCP management software is an effective system used in analyzing and monitoring of all the safety precautions, which make the food safe for consumption. This system makes accessing and monitoring your food production hassle-free. The HACCP system pays particular attention to hazard analysis, critical control points, critical limits, monitoring procedures, corrective actions, verification, and documentation.

Yes, food tracking software is a part of the food safety management system. Since the food management system helps in ensuring that the food produced is safe from the field to the fork, the food tracking software becomes a part of the system.

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