Feedlot Management System

Future of Feedlot Management is here!

Our Ag Experts build a Custom Feedlot Management Software that gives real-time data reports, automates maintenance processes, and gives visibility of critical quality metrics, making feedlot operations truly paper-free.

Feedlot Management Software
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Get a custom feedlot management software to manage and scale your feedlot:

Cattle Feedlot Management Software

Digital Feedlot Automation Software

Digitize feedlot record keeping and experience the power of automation

Revolutionize Feedlot Management With Features Made Keeping Your Needs in Mind

We understand the need for effective solutions for feedlot management, and we deliver them to you. With a custom feedlot management system, you can:

Feedlot Task Management

Assign Tasks

Get hold of your daily processes to ensure that the optimal level of feed is being assigned to your cattle.

Create Dynamic Forms

Digitize any paper-based form into a digital form. Stay on top of your workflow & ensure smooth operations.

Feedlot Checklist Management

Update Checklists

Digitize maintenance checklists to ensure that you are up to date with regulatory compliance.

Feedlot Compliance Management

Rule Based Alerts

Be ready for disasters by automating the alerts such as high stock usage or low consumption of feed.

Live Analytics At Feedlot

Constant Analytics

Get real-time feedlot performance monitoring with feedlot data analysis tools and reports.

Timely Completion Rate

No more sending reminders for completion. Makes sure that you meet deadlines and stay on budget.

The Ultimate Feedlot Solution

Let’s create an integrated feedlot management software to fullfil all your requirements
Digitize Feedlot

Take The First Step To Digitize Your Feedlots

Transform your feedlot into a centrally controlled environment where you have the power to manage everything!

Upgrade Your Feedlot Management With A Digital Software Solution

Managing feedlot operations can be daunting, that's where our AgTech experts come in to help you create cutting-edge feedlot management software that provides:

Digitizing Feedlot Processes

Digital Data Records

Say goodbye to manual records that can be easily lost or tampered with. Have your laborers submit action logs digitally.

Offline Image Capturing at Feedlot

Capture Photos

Capture photos and record videos at your feedlot, keep a close eye on livestock and their feed behavior to identify gaps and improve them.

Offline Digital Signatures at Feedlot

Digital Signatures

No more compromises on security due to our computer signature. Get the safest and most professional possible system for your animals.

Offline Feedback at Feedlots

Real-Time Feedback

Eradicate the communication gap between your on-field resources and managers with real-time communication and feedback.

Revolutionize Feedlot Management With Cutting-Edge Software Solution

Feedlot Management solution

Digitize Your Feedlot With an Integrated Feedlot Management Solution

Get the most out of feedlots with a feedlot tracking system and revolutionize the management practices.

Feedlot Management Software

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