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Embrace the convenience, and track your cattle every season with a fully integrated Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision based software.

cattle counting software
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With a livestock counting solution, we empower ranchers to keep track of their livestock:

cattle counting with drone

Count Better, Faster & Accurate

Our AgTech Experts are here to help you create a customized cattle tracking software

Use HD Live Video From Mounted cameras & Drones In Real-Time - Make Life Calm At Farm!

Increase your efficiency and add value throughout the operations with a customized cattle counting solution

Faster Counting With AI

Faster Counting

Powered by AI, our livestock software helps you keep track of your cattle in real time without any hassle.

Error-Free Results

leave no room for error while maintaining an accurate data set of your cattle and inventory.

Accurate Reports with AI

Accurate Reports

Maintain accurate records with ease. Generate insightful reports and manage cattle counts easily.

Algorithms Based AI

Superior Algorithms

Using industry proven AI based algorithms, a custom solution can help ensure consistency and precision.

Integrations with AI

Hassle-Free Integration

Easily connect with any drone or mounted camera to prepare reports and perform counting activity.

Count Smarter with a Cattle Counting Software!

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Computer vision Cattle Counting Software

Save Your Time & Money - with AI & Computer vision!

Harness the power of technology and manage your herd and feedlot with a fully customized, integrated and easy-to-use cattle counting solution, experience:

Use AI Based Image Recognition To Track Cattle & Inventory At Multiple Locations - Anytime, Anywhere!

Benefit from the latest field-proven Artificial Intelligence & machine learning based technologies, say goodbye to the error-prone manual processes of the past.

Image Capturing with AI

Image Capturing

Easily integrate with any drone or mounted cameras to capture high-resolution images even if the pastures are inaccessible on foot. 

Image processing with AI

Image Processing

Leveraging the latest AI & computer vision technology, easily processes visual data and derive meaningful information.

Analysis with AI

Instant Analysis

Compile collected data, including total livestock count, area-wise distribution, and other relevant metrics.

Efficient. Reliable. Scalable - Deploy A Seamless Cattle Counting System At Multiple Locations

Say goodbye to manual tracking & efficiently track and maintain your livestock, a custom counting solution can help you be in total control:

Cattle Counting With Machine Learning

Personalized & Tailored Cattle Counting Solutions

Not only do we offer affordable services, but we also work as your partners to develop custom solutions for you that solve your challenges and are made according to your requirements.

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