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Simple, Fast, & Efficient ERP for the agriculture Industry

Connect finance, supply chain, operations, sales, and HR with a solution trusted by small and medium-sized businesses across the globe.
Over 20 Years of Proven ERP Expertise

Effortless Management Means No Mismanagement

Streamlining the processes is a key to modern agriculture. Data from all business functions are automatically added to one system, and all your operations from crop to livestock are managed from a single place, ensuring easy access to information at all times.

Supply Chain Management

  • Automate Warehouse Operations

    Enhance workforce productivity and support essential inventory functions with a mobile app tailored to agriculture professionals.

  • Supply Smartly

    Leverage IoT sensors to automate data collection and gain digital insights. Get unprecedented information to optimize supply chain processes efficiently across the value chain.

  • Procure Inventory Wisely

    Gain real-time visibility into seed, feed, fertilizer, and medication inventory across locations. Optimize purchasing decisions based on demand forecasts.

  • Optimize Transportation and Logistics

    Match product types with ideal transportation methods (refrigerated trucks, ventilated containers) to minimize spoilage and optimize delivery costs.

Operation Management

  • Resource & Labour Management

    Utilize a user-friendly interface to manage resources smartly and enhance your farm labor productivity.

  • Marketing and Sales

    Boost your farm's sales & performance with advanced marketing tools.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Stay compliant with industry best practices to provide your best offerings to the end users.

  • Site Management

    Monitor multiple locations’ progress digitally and make informed decisions based on insightful data.

Financial Management

  • General Ledger Management

    Optimize your farm's financial operations with an intuitive General Ledger management system.

  • Accounts Payable & Receivable

    Manage farm invoices effortlessly to have complete visibility of all your receivables and payables.

  • Procurement & Sourcing

    Predict required inventory to align sources and simplify procurement processes.

  • Budgeting and Reporting

    Track farm finances accurately and make informed decisions using budgeting and reporting features.

Inventory Management

  • Inventory Handling & Management

    Effortlessly monitor inventory in real-time with a tracking feature.

  • Low-Stock Alerts

    Never experience inventory shortages and get timely alerts to stay updated and ready.

  • Purchase & Supplier Management

    Centralize procurement activities and track supplier performance to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

  • Inventory Reporting

    Generate customizable reports and dashboards, and identify trends to make informed inventory management decisions.

Shipping & Packaging Management

  • Packing Operations

    Optimize packing workflows and minimize packaging waste to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Production Efficiency

    Boost farm production efficiency with a live performance tracking system.

  • Deport Date Management

    Coordinate logistics and schedule shipments to ensure on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.

  • Production Forecasting

    Analyze historical data and market trends and forecast demand accurately to optimize production schedules.

HR & Payroll Management

  • Payroll Management

    Manage compensation plans, commission templates, employee benefits, and deductions easily.

  • Human Resources Tasks

    Create and assign roles, manage employee skills, performance plans, and benefit plans.

  • Tax Management

    Create and manage tax authorities, tables, and reports effortlessly for submission.

  • Training and Development

    Track and manage training programs, certifications, and skill development for your agricultural workforce, especially for roles involving operating machinery or handling hazardous materials.

Sales & Contract Management

  • Sales Order Processing

    Automate order entry, tracking, and fulfilment processes in a single system.

  • Contract Management

    From contract creation and negotiation to tracking and renewal, our solution simplifies the entire contract lifecycle, ensuring compliance and reducing risk.

  • Price Management

    Understand market trends, competitor pricing, and customer demand, to maximize profitability.

  • Facilitate Direct-to-Consumer Sales

    Integrate with e-commerce platforms and manage online orders, inventory, and customer communication within the ERP system.

The Perfect Solution for Agriculture Industry

Benefit from the scalability, flexibility, and security of an ERP that integrates your data from farm to fork on a single platform.
Grow like a pro

Offers the rock-solid stability and scalability to grow your business, no matter where you are in your journey.

Manage from anywhere

From your field to your home, full functionality is always at your fingertips across all major operating systems.

Rapidly deploy & onboard

Role-based dashboards, user-friendly training, and intuitive guidance make onboarding easy and quick.

Global Reach, Great Impact

Expand internationally with multiple language feature available. 

Easily Tailored with Pre Built Apps

Enhance your toolbox with industry-specific apps and extensions available to meet your specific industry needs.

Custom Flows to Avoid Flaws

Boost productivity with built-in templates or create your own custom workflows specific to your needs.

Connect existing Systems

Integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, ensuring efficient operations across all platforms.

Seamless Collaboration with a team

Enhance Productivity & Collaboration with Folio3 AgTech's Microsoft Teams and Business Central Integration.

Gain Real-Time Visibility into Your Entire Farm Operations

Track everything from your farm to fork with an integrated ERP system.

Grow Your Profits, Not Just Crops

Whether you are a row crop producer or a crop processor, every step of your crop business is fully integrated to exchange valuable data, driving growth, maximizing yields and saving costs.

Row Crops

  • Cereal Grains

    Wheat, Rice, Oats, Corn, Barley, Quinoa, Millet, Rye, Sorghum.

  • Legumes

    Lentils, Peas, Broad, Beans, Chickpeas, Soybeans, Beans (Lima, Common), Peanuts.

  • Roots, Bulbs, Tubers

    Potato, Yams, Sweet Potato, Taro, Cassava, Ginger, Jerusalem Artichoke, Arrowroot, Chinese Yam, Dasheen

  • Oilseeds

    Oilseeds such as canola, sunflower, flaxseed, peanuts, and sesame seeds.


  • Tomato Farms

    Digitize advanced techniques like hydroponics and drip irrigation to help farmers increase yields while reducing water usage.

  • Broccoli farms

    Track planting and harvesting schedules, monitor crop health, and optimize irrigation and fertilization processes.

  • Lettuce Farms

    Control cultivars, manage hydroponics, and implement pest management to scale your business and simplify operations.

  • Carrots Farms

    Gain real-time insights to track soil and weather conditions, enabling efficient irrigation and fertilization.

  • Cauliflower Farms

    Track growth, manage resources, and ensure compliance. Optimize harvests & finances, and gain insights.


  • Almond

    Simplify almond operations from farm to store. Manage yield forecasts, hulling & shelling, and effortlessly track industry certifications.

  • Pistachio

    Enhance pistachio processing with batch tracking, automate aflatoxin testing, and guarantee smooth compliance for global exports.

  • Walnut

    Boost efficiency with crop planning, hulling & drying operations, and gain real-time insights into orchard performance.

  • Pecan

    Track shelling activities and ensure consistent quality with batch tracking and reporting. Make informed decisions for a thriving business.

  • Hazelnut

    Take charge with integrated inventory management. Optimize roasting & shelling processes to meet quality standards.

Citrus Farms

  • Oranges

    Maximize orange grove profitability by utilizing real-time data on Brix levels, canopy cover, and fruit size to optimize fertilization and harvest timing.

  • Grapefruit

    Track disease incidence, manage vector control efforts, and ensure timely application of preventative measures with an ERP.

  • Tangerines

    Track maturity levels, optimize controlled atmosphere storage conditions, and streamline packing line operations.

  • Lemons

    Leverage ERP to manage integrated pest management (IPM) programs, track pack house efficiency, and ensure adherence to strict food safety regulations.

Crop Processors

  • Cleaning and Sorting

    Digitize foreign material separation and efficient size grading. Achieve superior consistency for every batch.

  • Grading

    Simplify product classification based on industry standards and customer needs.

  • Processing

    Track key metrics like processing speed and energy use for continuous improvement.

  • Packaging

    Standardize packaging with real-time inventory visibility and integrated labeling to ensure traceability.

  • Distribution

    Take control of your supply chain with efficient route planning and account management for on-time deliveries.

Still Managing Your Herd the Old Way?

Have a digital yet singular platform for your day-to-day livestock operations. With access to real-time data and analytics, you can ensure that your production is always off the charts.

Beef Producers

  • Breeding & Genetics

    Select high-performing breeding stock for improved herd genetics and profitability. Leverage expected progeny differences (EPDs) for informed breeding decisions.

  • Herd Management

    Track animal health, breeding cycles, and growth performance for informed decision-making.

  • Pasture Management

    Optimize grazing strategies, minimize overgrazing, and improve overall pasture sustainability.

  • Facility Management

    Simplify your facility operations like hygiene, feed, and equipment management.

  • Pen Management

    Optimize pen configurations for different cattle groups based on size and weight.

  • Ration formulation and optimization

    Create custom feed rations based on animal needs and market prices, minimizing feed costs.

  • Animal growth tracking and performance analysis

    Monitor animal growth, identify underperforming animals, and adjust feeding strategies for improved efficiency.

  • Manure Management and Waste Disposal

    Track manure volume by pen and explore options for composting or waste-to-energy conversion.


  • Pond And Tank Management

    Monitor water quality, feeding schedules, and fish health to provide the best habitat for desired outcomes.

  • Inventory And Traceability

    Track fish growth stages, and inventory levels, in a single ERP solution.

  • Proactive Biosecurity

    Manage preventative measures and track all medication usage. ERP facilitates compliance with strict food safety regulations.

  • Precision Aquaculture and Sensor Integration

    Integrate with precision aquaculture technology like underwater cameras and environmental sensors. Analyze data on fish behaviour, feeding activity, and water flow patterns.


  • Farm Management

    Manage day to day farm operations without hassle with a single software solution.

  • Milk Production Monitoring

    Track individual cow performance, identify potential health issues early, and optimize milk production.

  • Quality Control and Regulatory Compliance

    Ensure consistent milk quality and adherence to food safety regulations to provide safe food to the end users.

  • Cow Comfort and Welfare Management

    Monitor stall design, bedding quality, and cow behavior to assess and improve cow comfort. Track lameness incidents to identify potential causes and implement preventative measures.

  • Gestation & Farrowing Management

    Monitor sow condition, track due dates, and manage farrowing house environments for minimal piglet mortality rate, and optimized sow health.

  • Slaughter & Processing Optimization

    Manage HACCP plans, track slaughter line efficiency, and ensure consistent product quality.

  • Maximizing By-Product Value

    Track rendering processes, manage hide and offal processing, optimize use of blood and bone meal, and much more.

  • Biosecurity And Disease Prevention

    Implement stringent biosecurity measures and track disease outbreaks to protect your pig.

Goat & Sheep

  • Health and Performance Tracking

    Keep track of animal treatments, vaccinations, and health progress with each goat & sheep management data.

  • Pasture Management

    Optimize grazing rotations and manage feed rations.

  • Shearing & Fibre Management

    Schedule shearing based on fleece growth, track fiber quality, and manage wool/mohair sales.

  • Flock Management And Performance Monitoring

    Track flock health, egg production, and feed consumption for exponential growth.

  • Biosecurity And Disease Prevention

    Implement comprehensive biosecurity measures to protect your poultry from diseases.

  • Contract Farming & Integration

    Manage contracts with growers, track feed deliveries, and monitor bird health on contract farms for communication across the supply chain.

Meat Processors

  • Slaughter & Dressing

    Manage humane slaughter procedures, track carcass weights and grades, and optimize slaughter line efficiency.

  • Deboning & Cutting

    Manage cut specifications, track primal and sub primal cuts, and minimize trim waste. ERP optimizes cutting processes and improves overall processing yield.

  • Processing

    Manage grinding, marinating, and other processing activities.

  • Packaging & Labeling

    Integrate with labeling systems for accurate weight declarations and ensure compliance with food safety regulations.

Many Needs, One ERP Solution

Get rid of juggling separate software for different farming needs and experience the full suite of ERP for the agriculture industry with minimal effort.

Efficiency Mastered with Efficient Solutions

See how real farmers are mastering efficiency with these solutions in action!
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Why to Choose Folio3 AgTech for ERP Services

Don't just believe in words, believe in numbers, and impact on businesses.
  • 20+ years of experience in Agricultural software development.
  • Microsoft partners:  Gold Partner, Silver Partner.
  •  Salesforce Partner for years.
  • NetSuite Alliance Partner, NetSuite Success Partner, NetSuite Commerce Partner.
  • 600+ Projects completed worldwide.
  • Mature quality management confirmed by an ISO 9001 certificate to meet our enterprise clients' highest and specific quality needs and expectations.
  • Strong background in microservices, DevOps, etc.
  • Experience in creating complex ERP systems.

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Let ERP Take Over Your Tedious Tasks

Free Up your time and grow your profits exponentially with a comprehensive ERP designed for ag businesses.

Our Process

Our process ensures your ERP implementation is smooth, efficient, and delivers the results you deserve.

We start by understanding your company's needs and what you're looking for in ERP software.

ERP Project Planning

We outline what the project will include, such as the goals, the schedule, costs, potential issues, and how to address them.

ERP Development

We either create a brand-new system, update your current one, or add specific features to existing software to meet your needs.

Quality Assurance

We test everything thoroughly alongside the development process to make sure it all works as expected.


We connect the ERP software components with any other systems you use to ensure smooth operation.

Data Migration

We move all your important data from old systems or spreadsheets into the new ERP system carefully and accurately.


We set up the ERP software in your actual work environment, making sure everything is running well.

Training & Support

We offer training, either face-to-face or online, and support you with any software updates. 

Recognized for Excellence

Folio3's Agriculture ERP, backed by industry awards and real-world data, translates into concrete results, improved performance, and user satisfaction.

Sustain Your Success Through Every Season

Our Solutions Stand the Test of Time, Ensuring Your Success Every Step of the Way!

How Folio3’S ERP For Agriculture Is Better Than Other ERPs

Customization Level
High customization to fit specific farm operations, crop and livestock management needs.
Limited customization options.
Customization Level
Folio3 Agriculture ERP
High customization to fit specific farm operations, crop and livestock management needs.
Other Ready-Made ERP
Limited customization options.
Integration Capabilities
Integration with agricultural IoT devices, drones, & remote sensing technologies for real-time data.
Limited to standard devices' integration.
Integration Capabilities
Folio3 Agriculture ERP
Integration with agricultural IoT devices, drones, & remote sensing technologies for real-time data.
Other Ready-Made ERP
Limited to standard devices' integration.
Data Analytics & Reporting
Advanced analytics for predictive farming, crop yield forecasting, and soil health with custom reports and dashboards.
Basic reporting tools, with generic analytics.
Data Analytics & Reporting
Folio3 Agriculture ERP
Advanced analytics for predictive farming, crop yield forecasting, and soil health with custom reports and dashboards.
Other Ready-Made ERP
Basic reporting tools, with generic analytics.
Supply Chain Management
Clear visibility from seed procurement to market delivery. Blockchain integration for traceability.
Standard supply chain management features.
Supply Chain Management
Folio3 Agriculture ERP
Clear visibility from seed procurement to market delivery. Blockchain integration for traceability.
Other Ready-Made ERP
Standard supply chain management features.
Compliance & Regulatory Support
Digitized compliance management for global agricultural standards, including organic, non-GMO, and sustainability certifications.
Limited or manual compliance management.
Compliance & Regulatory Support
Folio3 Agriculture ERP
Digitized compliance management for global agricultural standards, including organic, non-GMO, and sustainability certifications.
Other Ready-Made ERP
Limited or manual compliance management.

Hear from our Satisfied Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

How can an ERP benefit my agriculture business?

Answer: An ERP allows for better resource management, real-time data analysis, and planning of your business. By integrating various business processes, it can also improve visibility across your operations, leading to improved productivity and profitability. An ERP system can streamline your agricultural operations by improving efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing decision-making.

Key features to look for are: inventory management, supply chain management, financial management, human resources, compliance management, and analytics and reporting for both crop and livestock businesses. Advanced systems may also offer features like precision farming, IoT device integration, and weather prediction tools.

Implementing an ERP system involves several steps: defining your requirements, selecting an ERP provider, planning the implementation, configuring the system, migrating data, training users, and going live. It's crucial to partner with a vendor having extensive experience in the agricultural sector to ensure a smooth transition and effective training.

Costs can vary widely depending on the size of your operation, the complexity of your processes, and the specific features you require. Expenses can include software licensing fees, hardware costs, implementation services, training, and ongoing support and maintenance. It's essential to obtain detailed quotes from vendors to understand the total cost of ownership.

Folio3 is the ultimate choice for agriculture ERP solutions due to its features specifically designed for the agricultural industry. We offer advanced functionality for managing livestock, crop cycles, inventory tracking, supply chain management, financial reporting, and more. With over two decades of experience serving the agriculture sector, we understand the unique challenges and requirements of farmers, agribusinesses, and food producers. Our dedicated support team ensures careful ERP implementation in agriculture domain, knowing the ins and outs of the businesses and provides ongoing assistance to optimize their operations.

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