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Made for Processors & Packers by Ag Experts.

  • Convert paper-based forms into digital tasks
  • Minimize human errors and keep track of your teams
  • Get instant, real-time multilingual reports
  • Work anytime, anywhere even without internet
An Image shows how USDA audits optimization for processors and packers

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Make Your Quality Compliance
Team’s Life Paper-Free!

USDA and FSIS Auditor

Always Be Prepared for Audits With USDA Compliance Software

  • Meet regulatory requirements with ease and be FDA, BRC, USDA & FSIS certified
  • Correct critical errors in time with corrective actions
  • Perform important activities on your phone like SPS, CCP, SOP & SSOPs
  • Create and manage an HACCP plan for your facility

Helping You Ensure Safe, Compliant &
Traceable Meat, From Farm To Fork

Plan Your Day Ahead With Complete Visibility At Your Fingertips!

  • Create plans, schedule tasks & stay informed of daily progress
  • Get instant multilingual reports via email after a task is completed
  • Ensure complete inspections on the ground and become USDA approved even without internet
Image showcasing how to Enhance productivity with offline USDA approved
Image illustrating how USDA compliance can be managed efficiently digitally

Simple Tasks & Violations Tracking With Custom Alerts!

  • Digitize Pre-shipment, record reviews & other forms to manage USDA approvals with ease
  • Create your own internal and external approval workflows
  • Give control to USDA auditors to review compliance reports in real-time 

Keep Years Of Important Data
Secured, Retrievable & Traceable!

  • Ensure total Traceability and maintain quality assurance standards and USDA audit compliance
  • Keep your data safe and secure on a cloud server
  • Retrieve any important report at any time from your phone
A picture showing how USDA audit compliance standards can be managed.

Digitize Your Food Safety Process
In Less Than An Hour!

  • Use HACCP templates or customize plans as per your need
  • Save time on supervising tasks with a real-time dashboard
  • Receive corrective action suggestions on smartphones in case of non-compliance

From Confusion to Clarity at the click of a button!

Get Total Transparency of Your Facility’s Compliance, Deviations, Productivity and more.

Digitized 300+ FSIS Review Forms

Case Study

Superior Farms

A renowned market leader in the meatpacking industry with more than 1000
family ranch partners.

What’s the challenge?

To improve operational efficiencies by eliminating paper-based reviews & forms that delayed incident reporting.

How EcoDocs Helped Them

Automate & digitised Pre-shipment, record reviews & other forms to save time and take preventive measures against violations with automatic reminders & alerts.

Resultant impact

The implementation of Ecodocs provided Superior Farms with significant benefits.

  • Digitized 300+ Paper Based forms to be used by QC staff and workers
  • 15% reduction in the time taken to manage compliance processes.
  • Achieved a 40% increase in efficiency
  • 10% increase in productivity with the real-time visibility of animal welfare, medication use, environmental factors, and food safety.

Easy To Use USDA Compliance Software For
All Your Devices

Connect your workforce, working on multiple locations, on Multiple Devices – Seamlessly!




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