Gro Alliance

Automation & Digitization of Crop Management Life cycle for Seed Corn & Soybean


Gro Alliance’s application had runtime bugs and system glitches. Also, it lacked customizability with limited operations, which affected productivity and data accuracy.


Gro Alliance needed an improved system that overcame one’s network, compatibility, and calculation issues, which would boost the company’s operation and decision-making efficiency.


Folio3 developed an application with solid compatibility while also addressing the employee-location-tracking, task-history, and bulk import issues faced by Gro Alliance.


Gro Alliance

Gro Alliance is a leading provider of agricultural products and services. The company has seed production facilities in seven states, and it generates around $23.7 Million in annual revenue. Gro Alliance is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality products and services and helping them achieve their agricultural goals.

Understanding the Challenge

Managing Crop Cycle Processes With Limited Resources

  • Runtime Task Calculation Bugs: Inaccurate calculations during task execution compromised data.
  • Limited Compatibility with iOS Devices: Restricted device options for field workers, potentially impacting.
  • Dependency on Network Connectivity: Hindered task execution in areas with poor or no network.
  • Inability to Fetch Accurate User Locations: Difficulties verifying users’ locations due to unreliable location.
  • Faulty GDU Graph feature: Bugs prevented the graph from displaying proper results concerning seed plantation.
  • Lack of Customization for Notifications: Users received irrelevant notifications, reducing efficiency.
  • Challenges in Tracking Worker Performance and Real-time Updates: Limited monitoring and feedback capabilities when it came to tracking worker performance.
  • Absence of a Bulk Import Option: Manual data entry for fields, inbred, and hybrids slowed workflow.

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Building the Solution

Streamlining Crop Management Processes 

Folio3 Agtech meticulously analyzed all the issues that Gro Alliance’s current system faced, including runtime bugs, limited compatibility, location tracking issues, and much more. Folio3 then followed the following steps to make the system for Gro Alliance.

Our Approach

  • Understanding The User Journey

    To create an effective solution, we thoroughly understood the challenges faced by Gro Alliance. We meticulously analyzed the problems, prioritized them, and identified critical areas that required attention. By creating user personas, we gained insights into the pain points experienced by each persona.

  • Building Wireframes & Designs

    Collaboratively, we developed wireframes to visualize and refine the additional features required by Gro Alliance. Through an iterative process, we obtained approvals on the wireframes before proceeding to the design phase.

  • Customizing the Existing Solution

    Leveraging an existing product, our developers seamlessly incorporated Gro Alliance’s specific requirements into the solution, fixing all the issues the previous system had while enhancing the new one. The wireframes and designs served as blueprints for customization, ensuring the solution catered precisely to their needs.

  • Deployment & Training

    Once the solution was synchronized and integrated with Gro Alliance’s data and requirements, it was deployed for implementation. Our team provided comprehensive training to empower Gro Alliance’s workforce, enabling them to leverage the solution effectively and maximize its benefits.

The Solution The Solution

The Resulting Transformation

Expanding Crop Type for
Increased Efficiency

Through collaborative efforts, Gro Alliance is thriving with its new system that solves all the company’s productivity, data accuracy, and compatibility issues, resulting in a noticeable increase in number of fields handling. The client is bringing soybean operations on the system as well. 

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