ERP for Meat Processing Plants

Gain a 360° View of Your Meat Processing Business

We help meat processors and packers comply with global food safety regulations, simplify operations and manage business growth.
Over 20 Years of Proven ERP Expertise

Get an ERP Module that's Just Right For You

Choose a modular meat processing ERP system that allows you to tailor your solution to your specific needs. This cost-effective and scalable solution ensures you get the most out of your ERP.

Quality Control

  • (HACCP) Management

    Automate record-keeping for HACCP plans, ensuring all critical control points are monitored and have trigger alerts for potential HACCP deviations for immediate corrective actions.

  • Compliance Management

    Keep your business in line with local and international regulatory requirements, updating processes as regulations change.

  • Internal Audit Management

    Assign audit tasks to specific personnel within the ERP software designed for the meat industry, generate audit reports, and track corrective actions for identified issues.


  • Real-Time Lot Tracking & Lineage Management

    Tracks each animal (or batch) through every processing stage. Have instant access to detailed lot information, including origin farm data, slaughter date, processing line details, and cut specifications.

  • Recall Management

    ERP software for meat processors allows you to identify all potentially impacted products based on specific lot numbers and processing dates, managing recalls and minimizing product waste.

  • Automated Labeling

    Incorporate relevant traceability information (e.g., lot number, origin farm data) onto labels automatically, ensuring transparency throughout the supply chain.

Supply Chain Management

  • Inventory Management

    Meat ERP systems, as integral components of meat processing software suites, enable precise tracking of raw materials, finished products, and packaging materials in real time, facilitating optimal inventory levels.

  • Production Planning and Scheduling

    Empower efficient production planning and scheduling by analyzing demand forecasts, production capacities, and inventory levels.

  • Supplier Collaboration

    Collaborate with suppliers through integrated communication channels and collaborative tools to promote proactive decision-making and nurture partnerships with suppliers.

Financial Management

  • Financial Reporting

    Access customizable, real-time reports to monitor performance, identify trends, and optimize profitability effortlessly.

  • Accounts Payable and Receivable Management

    Keep track of invoice processing, payment approvals, and cash flow management, enhancing financial liquidity and vendor relationships.

  • Asset Management

    Optimize asset utilization and maintenance activities, safeguarding investments and improving operational efficiency.

  • Profitability Analysis

    Conduct detailed analysis to identify high-performing areas and optimize profitability and competitive advantage.

Sales & Distribution Management

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Build stronger customer relationships and personalize your sales approach through a centralized CRM module where you can store customer data, track order history, and manage communication.

  • Warehouse Management & Inventory Control

    Gain complete control over your inventory with an all-in-one ERP system for the meat industry. The WMS module provides real-time insights into stock levels, product location within the warehouse, and expiration dates.

  • Sales Performance Analysis

    Get comprehensive sales performance reports, allowing you to analyze sales trends by product, customer segment, and sales representative to plan better and achieve greater.

Human Resources Management

  • Workforce Scheduling

    Create data-driven employee schedules based on production needs, worker skill sets, and labor regulations to reduce labor costs.

  • Performance Management & Feedback Automation

    Set clear performance goals, conduct regular performance reviews, and provide constructive feedback to employees within the system.

  • Time & Attendance Management

    Ensure efficient payroll processing and accurately record employees' work hours and breaks to reduce manual data entry and enhance efficiency.

  • Onboarding & Training Management

    Simplify the onboarding processes, automate tasks, manage training, assign training modules, and track employee progress within a single ERP system.

Maximize the value of your Business

Enhance customer confidence while simplifying HACCP compliance and recall management. Optimize yield management with precise carcass utilization, reducing waste and boosting profitability. Experience simplified operations with automated workflows and detailed analytics.  

Achieve operational transparency with detailed reporting and analytics.

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Reduced Waste

Decrease product waste through precise inventory management and spoilage tracking.

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Cost Savings

Automate repetitive tasks and optimize workforce allocation.

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Solve Perishability Issues

Go beyond basic systems and manage product lifespans to ensure long-term success.

Tackle Recall Smartly

Our system tracks batches and allows for instant recall initiation from anywhere.

Stay USDA Compliant

Automate documentation, track inventory, and generate compliant reports, making audits a stress-free experience.

Avoid Spoilage

Track your meat from farm to freezer, automating cold chain management and keeping your profits fresh.

Embrace Precision Meat Processing with a Next-Gen ERP

Our data-driven ERP empowers you to track everything - from farm to fork - maximizing profits and minimizing waste.
IOT Traceability

Track every step with pinpoint accuracy. Build trust and transparency with complete lot traceability.

Label Generation

Generate compliant labels in seconds. Eliminate errors, streamline processes, and keep your products moving.

Quality Assurance

Monitor and manage every step of production, ensuring consistent quality that builds customer trust.

Shelf Life Management

Track expiration dates, predict spoilage, and minimize waste to ensure maximum profitability.

Bill of Material

Track ingredients, usage, and costs accurately for informed pricing and improved cost management.

Serial Tracking

Gain complete visibility into your inventory and streamline recall processes if necessary.

Safety Audits Management

Ensure adherence to regulations, protect your workers and consumers, and streamline the auditing process.

Variable Weight Management

Effortlessly manage cuts of any size. Eliminate discrepancies and ensure accurate costing. Every ounce counts.

Yield Management & Tracking

Identify areas for improvement, optimize processing techniques, and minimize waste to maximize profitability.

Don’t Underestimate the Real Price of Not Having an Integrated System

Discover the ROI-generating power of integrated and just-in-time ERP Systems.

Make your Meat Processing Flows Flawless

Achieve operational excellence with seamless automation, real-time data, and intelligent planning.

One ERP System, Endless Possibilities

Our robust ERP system adapts to your meat types and business needs, empowering you with real-time data, streamlined workflows, and superior control for operations.


  • Yield Management & Marbling Analysis

    Optimize cutting yields, leveraging marbling score data within the ERP for accurate pricing and product differentiation.

  • Aging & Tenderization Tracking

    Maintain precise control over aging processes, ensuring consistent quality for premium cuts.

  • Cattle Traceability

    Track cattle origin and movement history and process data seamlessly to ensure compliance with strict regulations.

  • By-Product Management

    Optimize the utilization of by-products by integrating sales channels with your ERP, maximizing revenue from every animal part.


  • Hatchery Integration

    Enhance flock management with hatchery data, tracking chick placement, growth performance, and feed conversion ratios.

  • Grading & Sorting

    Automate chicken grading systems integrated with the ERP, ensuring consistent product quality and efficient sorting.

  • Value-Added Processing

    Manage various value-added products to optimize production planning and inventory control for diverse offerings.

  • Temperature Control

    Maintain processing temperatures throughout the production chain with real-time monitoring.


  • Disease & Biosecurity Management

    Mitigate disease risks by tracking animal health data and implementing biosecurity protocols.

  • Curing & Smoking Control

    Ensure consistent quality for cured pork products with precise temperature and humidity control integrated with the ERP.

  • Production Management

    Handle a vast range of processed products efficiently with the ERP, seamlessly managing inventory, production planning, and order fulfillment.


  • Quality Control

    Implement strict quality control measures to maintain lamb products' tenderness and flavour profile.

  • Slaughterhouse Integration

    Integrate ERP with slaughterhouse operations to streamline lamb procurement processes and ensure timely delivery of raw materials.

  • Production Planning

    Optimize production schedules based on seasonal demand fluctuations and cut preferences.

  • Cost Analysis

    Conduct detailed cost analysis for processing operations, identifying opportunities for cost reduction and profit optimization.


  • Production & Process Management

    Ensure consistent quality, maximize yield, and optimize production planning for your entire turkey product line.

  • Optimize Cutting Yields

    Based on breed and weight variations, optimize cutting yields and processing techniques for maximum profitability.

  • Seasonal Demand Forecasting

    Anticipate peak turkey demand periods like Thanksgiving and optimize inventory levels accordingly.

Seafood Meat

  • Cold Chain Management

    Monitor temperature and humidity levels during seafood processing and storage.

  • Export Documentation

    Generate accurate export documentation for seafood shipments, including certificates of origin and compliance with international trade regulations.

  • Labeling Compliance

    Ensure compliance with labeling regulations to generate accurate and compliant labels, including ingredient lists, nutritional information, and more.

  • Resource Management

    Effectively manage seafood processing resources such as labour, equipment, and facilities, optimizing resource utilization.

Power Up Meat Processing Operations with Integrations & Customizations

Effortlessly integrate your existing tools and tailor your seed management experience. Unlock the full potential of your seed operation and achieve unmatched efficiency


  • CRM Systems integrations
  • Logistics and Courier Services
  • E-commerce Platforms
  • Payment Gateways
  • Traceability Systems
  • Labeling Systems
  • QMS Systems
  • Accounting Software
  • HR and Payroll Systems
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Food Safety Compliance
  • Inventory Management Systems
  • Temperature Monitoring Systems
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Automation and Robotics

Quality Control

  • Automated inspection and testing protocols
  • Real-time data collection and analysis
  • Defect tracking and reporting
  • Compliance auditing tools
  • Statistical process control (SPC)
  • Supplier quality management
  • Non-conformance management
  • CAPA tracking
  • Document control and versioning
  • Lab management integration
  • SOP management
  • Batch and lot tracking

Compliance Management

  • Automated compliance auditing
  • Real-time compliance tracking
  • Document management systems
  • Compliance training modules
  • Regulatory change management
  • Traceability systems for compliance
  • Reporting and documentation tools
  • Compliance workflow automation
  • Risk assessment tools
  • Record-keeping and archiving solutions
  • Non-compliance alerts
  • Compliance dashboard and analytics
  • Employee certification tracking
  • Incident management systems

Hygiene and Sanitation Equipment

  • Sanitation scheduling and tracking
  • Cleaning validation systems
  • Hygiene monitoring and reporting
  • Compliance documentation
  • Employee hygiene training modules
  • Sanitation equipment maintenance scheduling
  • Real-time sanitation alerts and notifications
  • Sanitation SOP management
  • Chemical usage tracking
  • Record-keeping and archiving solutions
  • Cleaning effectiveness assessment tools
  • Pest control management
  • Wastewater management
  • PPE management
  • Incident reporting and analysis

Efficient Processing Machinery

  • Equipment performance monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance scheduling
  • Machine integration and control systems
  • Production line optimization tools
  • Downtime tracking and analysis
  • Real-time machinery diagnostics
  • Automated workflow management
  • Sanitation SOP management
  • Spare parts inventory management
  • Energy usage monitoring
  • Integration with MES
  • Remote equipment control and monitoring
  • Customizable machinery dashboards
  • Performance benchmarking tools
  • Historical data analysis

Cold Storage Facilities

  • Temperature monitoring and control
  • Energy efficiency optimization
  • Cold chain logistics tracking
  • Alert systems for temperature deviations
  • Environmental monitoring systems
  • Predictive maintenance for refrigeration units
  • Data logging and compliance reporting
  • Space utilization optimization
  • Integration with supply chain systems
  • Historical temperature data analysis
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Energy usage analytics
  • Temperature zone management
  • Compliance with food safety standards

LMS Integration

  • Employee training and development platforms
  • Workforce scheduling and management
  • Performance tracking and analytics
  • Skills assessment tools
  • Certification and compliance tracking
  • Recruitment and onboarding systems
  • Employee engagement tools
  • Payroll and HR management integration
  • E-learning and training content management
  • Competency management systems
  • Real-time communication tools
  • Health and safety training modules
  • Workforce productivity analytics
  • Career development planning
  • Employee feedback systems
  • E-learning platforms
  • Gamification of training
  • Training cost tracking

Waste Management Solutions

  • Waste tracking and reporting systems
  • Recycling management tools
  • Compliance with waste disposal regulations
  • Waste reduction analytics
  • Real-time waste monitoring
  • Integration with environmental management systems
  • Waste collection scheduling
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Waste audit tools
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Cost tracking and reduction tools
  • Resource recovery systems
  • Inventory management for waste materials

Packaging Solutions

  • Packaging design and management tools
  • Automated packaging systems integration
  • Packaging material tracking
  • Quality control for packaging
  • Sustainable packaging solutions
  • Real-time packaging line monitoring
  • Packaging compliance tracking
  • Cost optimization tools
  • Inventory management for packaging materials
  • Traceability of packaged products
  • Packaging performance analytics
  • Integration with ERP systems
  • Packaging waste reduction tools
  • Customizable packaging dashboards

Safety Protocols

  • Safety training modules
  • Incident tracking and reporting systems
  • Risk assessment tools
  • Safety compliance auditing
  • Emergency response management
  • Employee safety certification tracking
  • Health and safety dashboards
  • Safety policy management
  • Workplace safety analytics
  • Automated safety alerts

Traceability Systems

  • End-to-end product traceability
  • Batch and lot tracking
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring
  • Integration with ERP and SCM systems
  • Traceability compliance management
  • Recall management tools
  • Recall management tools
  • Historical data analysis
  • Supplier traceability
  • Consumer access to traceability data
  • RFID and barcode integration
  • Traceability reporting and analytics
  • Data integrity and security tools
  • Automated traceability workflows
  • Geographic tracking

Labeling Systems

  • Automated labeling solutions
  • Compliance with labeling regulations
  • Customizable labeling templates