Arabian Farms

Implementing Netsuite ERP To Streamline
Communication & Optimize Business Processes


Communication gaps and process delays were leading to inefficiencies in production and performance.


The client needed visibility and better communication to be able to streamline performance as well as operations, which could only be achieved with an ERP system.


Folio3 helped implement the NetSuite ERP, along with migrating their data and integrating their existing applications, which helped the client automate processes, improve reporting, reduce costs, and gain the necessary visibility.


Arabian Farms

Operating successfully for more than 40 years, Arabian Farms is known to be the largest poultry products provider in the UAE. With a bird management capacity of over 8.7 million birds per year and an egg production capacity of more than 270 million, the company shares a feed mill capacity of more than 3000 tons between Dubai, Al Kharj, and Al Ain.

Understanding the Challenge

Difficult to Communicate and Share Data Between Functions

The existing setup and lack of integration between different functions and departments within the organization made it hard to communicate effectively and share data and resources. This made it difficult to manage different aspects of the business such as raising poultry, production and planning, sales and distribution, and even accounting and customer service.

  • The client has a huge production line with a massive amount of data, which made migration a big challenge.
  • They also needed to implement the Van Sales system and integrate it with their ERP.
  • They needed custom modules for quality management and also fixed asset maintenance and management.

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Why is Digital Transformation

Successful meat producers and processors in the 21st century need to be extremely productive, efficient, and resilient if they are to stand the test of digital, the data driven, revolution in the sector. It plays a pivotal role in driving optimum outcomes by controlling and managing data across the value chain.

Enhanced Efficiency

Digital transformation facilitates the automation of workflow processes that help optimize internal workflows in an organization.


Streamlined Data Management

With the use of automated data management tools KPIs can be tracked effectively for proactive decision making.

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Increased Productivity

Digital transformation helps increase employee engagement by forming a collaborative work environment.

Building the Solution

Implementing the NetSuite ERP & Building Custom Modules

Folio3 set up and implemented the NetSuite ERP system for three of the client’s subsidiaries. We also developed and deployed custom modules such as HR Payroll, Quality Management Solutions (QMS), and Fixed Assets. Furthermore, we integrated the new ERP with their CRM and helped them with data migration.

Our Approach

  • Understanding The User Journey

    We went through an intensive product discovery phase with the client where we tried to understand and dissect the challenges they were facing and get to the root cause behind them.

  • Building Wireframes & Designs

    After detailed discussions with the client on their requirements and mapping the workflow according to their needs, we showed them wireframes of the extensions and modules we created and got them approved.

  • Development & Implementation

    We developed the new modules and implemented the NetSuite ERP for them after customizing it according to their exact requirements.

  • Training

    We offered the basic training to help them understand the new ERP and modules so they could leverage NetSuite and the powerful functionality and features associated with it.

The Solution

Fixed Asset Management

This module allowed them to maintain accuracy in their profit and loss calculations when it came to fixed assets. It calculated depreciation for them and let them know how favourable it would be to purchase or sell fixed assets.

Quality Management

This very important module helped the client inspect the quality of eggs and chicken and also maintain the quality that matches the standards they have to meet for certification.

Inventory Management

This module allowed them to manage and maintain their egg and poultry inventory along with the rest of their operations. It streamlined inventory management for them and updated everything in a centralized database.

Data Migration

We helped the client with a smooth and seamless migration by transferring all their data into a single central database without any loss.


We helped the client integrate the new ERP system with their existing systems, including their Van Sales system as well as their HR payroll system.

The Resulting Transformation

A Seamless Experience With The Custom ERP

The solution helped the client achieve total visibility over the company operations and leverage seamless communication and data sharing between functions. Moreover, the integration with their existing systems helped them leverage the ERP and their applications to the max.

The solution had one integrated database and gave them access to better reporting tools as well as real-time information, which added up to superior quality reporting.
The inventory management module helped avoid common issues and areas such as too little inventory and too much inventory, both of which can lead to higher costs.
The solution helped them automate their routine tasks and also gain efficiency by creating smarter workflows.
It helped them with more cash on hand with the help of better collection tools and advanced invoicing and budgeting.
The solution helped minimize production bottlenecks and maximize transparency in the organization. It even helped with better demand forecasting.

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