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Cattle Management Software
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Complete visibility of your cattle farm on your fingertips

Cattle management operations

Cattle Compliance Software

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Digitize Flock Management with a One-Click Cattle Management Solution!

Breeding History

Track and document cow offspring's birth, weaning, packaging, sales, and create pedigree trees for enhanced traceability, all in one interface.

Cattle Breeding Metrics

Breeding Metrics

Effortlessly monitor and record crucial breeding metrics such as calving VIGOR, ease, docility, and birth weight, aiding informed breeding decisions.

Cattle Breeding Reports

Breeding Reports

Easily track and manage lists of mature animals with birth details and breeding dates, facilitates pregnancy tracking and forecasting.

Livestock Feed Management System

Livestock Feed

Effortlessly monitor grain feed usage, pasture exposure, and track feeding details with a software made just for you.

Cattle Farm Artificial Insemination

Artificial Insemination

With a software solution, you can easily track AI conception rates and determine required cleanup bulls for breeding and artificial insemination. 

Performance Statistics

Improve livestock performance by assessing postpartum intervals, AI success rate, and average calving rates.

Cattle Breeding Management

Our AgTech Experts can help make lineage tracking and breeding management quick & efficient

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Helping create Cattle Management Solution For Non-Commercial and Commercial Cattle Producers

No matter the size of producer, our AgTech experts can help build a software solution that is tailored-made to meet all your expectations, with a software soltuion, you can:

Improved Cattle Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Digitize cattle inventory spreadsheets for real-time records by individuals, groups, and batch numbers.

Livestock Record Management

Record Management

Update cattle records for breeding, calving, measurements, and health of animals. Capture photos on-the-go.

Cattle Group Management

Group Management

Assign animals to various groups based on type, pasture, status, category, etc., with automatic updates to group records.

Cattle Movement Management

Movement Management

Track livestock movements and receive instant alerts for pasture changes with our livestock inventory software.

Complete visibility of your cattle farm on your fingertips

Improved Cattle Management Workflows

Digitize Your Operations to Minimize Costs, Maximize Performance, and Save Time!

Not only do we offer affordable services, but we also work as your partners to develop livestock management software custom solutions for you that solve your challenges and are made according to your requirements.

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