Vytelle Advance

Accelerating Digital Transformation to Reduce Manual Efforts



Vytelle was using systems that required manual data entry and human efforts at the time of Ovum Pick Up (OPU) and at labs for inventory management, mating, semen sorting & grading.


They needed an automated solution that simplifies data capturing and maintaining to make OPU more quick and reliable.


The web app enabled QC techs & vets to perform timely OPUs, update inventory, and allocate labs as per the activity type. The solution got the client covered throughout the process.



Vytelle Advance

A precision livestock solutions company, Vytelle is serving cattle producers in more than 20 countries and is a gamechanger for the entire cattle industry. Its product Vytelle Advance leverages high-performance reproductive technology to offer a hormone-free IVF genetics process to help produce a more sustainable and high-performing cattle yield while simplifying the process for livestock companies.

Understanding the Challenge

Manual Processes Causing Inefficiencies

As the operations for (IVF) processes expanded, the paper-based manual processes were causing inefficiencies and slowing down the performance at all levels.

  • The location partners were contacting the clients via traditional mediums like email and phones to book OPU events, which were very difficult to manage.
  • Vytelle clients didn’t have any visibility on the number of semen and oocytes that have been used and couldn’t prepare for the next OPU.
  • The client’s customers were not filling out the paper-based donor forms that had the details about the donor cows, sires, time of collection etc. The technician conducting the oocyte collection had to write down all the information, which takes up a lot of time, and then later had to enter it into their system.
  • The semen-packing checklist was in the form of a spreadsheet that had to be manually updated every time.

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Why Digital Transformation is

Successful meat producers and processors in the 21st century need to be extremely productive, efficient, and resilient if they are to stand the test of digital, the data driven, revolution in the sector. It plays a pivotal role in driving optimum outcomes by controlling and managing data across the value chain.

Enhanced Efficiency

Digital transformation facilitates the automation of workflow processes that help optimize internal workflows in an organization.


Streamlined Data Management

With the use of automated data management tools KPIs can be tracked effectively for proactive decision making.

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Increased Productivity

Digital transformation helps increase employee engagement by forming a collaborative work environment.

Building The Solution

Building a Digital IVF Platform to Connect Farmers, Veterinarians, and Lab Managers

The client needed one digital platform where all the stakeholders could be connected virtually and have appropriate access to the information they need to make decisions. The solution we helped implement includes an advanced web application that facilitates the entire process and solves the client’s pain points.

Our Approach

  • The Strategy

    We started off with a 4-5 week Discovery where we understood how they conducted their process. We dug deep into their pain points and the challenges they were facing and after the requirements became clear, we devised custom features to solve the minutest issues. We then created wireframes and designs and worked on developing the web application after getting approval from the client.
  • Understanding The User Journey

    We started off with a 4 to 5 week Discovery where we understood how they conducted their process. We dug deep into their pain points and the challenges they were facing and created user roles. We then devised custom features to solve the minutest issues.
  • Building Wireframes & Designs

    We then created wireframes and designs and worked on developing the web application after getting approval from the client using the lean startup approach and user-centric design.
  • Development & Training

    We then developed an end-to-end web application for the client that helped digitize all of their manual procedures and conducted a demo to show them how to train their users on how to benefit from the application.

The Solution



The solution has an advanced dashboard where the client can keep track of fresh and frozen embryos and see other statistics like OPU collection statistics, cleavage percentage, etc.


Inventory Management

The solution allows for managing inventory for all the customers for their frozen embryos and semen placed in tanks and canisters. The customers can access their inventory information and manage it accordingly.


Event Management

We enable the client to manage OPU events from location partners to the event calendars to donor registrations. The customers can fill out digital donor forms before the event to save time. The solution also enables digitizing oocyte grading and mating finalization.


IVC, Cleavage, Prediction

The solution records the data for in vitro culture (IVC), cleavage, and prediction ranges. The prediction data helps customers stay informed about how many embryos may be finally produced


Location Management

The solution allowed the client to manage all the various location partners in one place, assign user roles to them, and also manage locations for upcoming events.


Customer Management (Companies & Customers)

The solution enabled the client to create, view, update, and delete customers, and also update their locations. They could also apply filters and search for or sort the customers accordingly.


Offline Support

The web application offers offline support so that relevant data can also be captured when there is no internet availability, and data can be synced later.



We facilitate the sorting of qualified and disqualified semen and whether fertilization takes place using the mating combination decided, or a backup is used because of qualification issues. The web application helps auto-assign backup semen.


Cattle Management

The donor cows and sires are sorted using their unique IDs along with the recipient cows if any.


Lab Management

Since not all laboratories offer semen sorting services, the solution enables auto-assigning of labs on the basis of whether the semen was conventional, pre-sorted, or had to be reverse-sorted.


The Resulting Transformation

Enabling Complete Tracking from Oocyte Collection to Embryo Production

By offering a full-featured, flexible, and responsive solution, we helped solve every challenge being faced by the client, down to the nuances. The solution offered them convenience and accuracy in recording data and maintaining transparency. It helped the client capture data & track the entire IVF process, from managing OPU events to finally delivering the embryo. Here are a few ways that the digital solution added value to the client’s business:
Digitizing and automating a lot of processes such as auto-assignment of labs and backup semen saved the client a lot of time and effort.
Enhanced visibility of inventory including remaining semen as well as embryos enabled customers to be prepared for future OPU events & embryo transfers accordingly.
The customers are also able to track the entire IVF process & what stage their embryos are at.
A proper inventory management system helps them maintain and update their records in real-time.
All the stakeholders have role-based permissions and access the application according to their needs.

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