Vytelle Network

Unlocking the Power of Data Sharing For Breeding Efficiency


Vytelle Network found difficulty managing its breed efficiency database using a third-party application. Limited control and the inability to add features hindered user experience and growth.


Vytelle desired ownership and control of its breed database, aiming to design a web-based application that enhances decision support and marketing. This would drive user engagement and increase sales.


Folio3 developed Network 2.0, a customized web application that empowers Vytelle with full control of its breed database. The solution provides a seamless user experience, increases engagement, and facilitates BGP sales growth.


Vytelle Network®

Vytelle Network is a progressive group of breeders enrolled in the BGP program, sharing pedigree information on tested cattle. With the world’s largest standardized beef cattle multi-breed efficiency database, featuring 25 breeds collected globally and curated by Vytelle, the network offers valuable data for benchmarking, genetic selection, and marketing.

Understanding the Challenge

Core Challenges Hindering Efficiency and Growth

The Vytelle Network encountered significant challenges in managing its breed efficiency database, hindering efficiency and growth. These challenges included reliance on a third-party application, limited control, feature enhancements, and improving user engagement and BGP sales.

  • Third-Party Application Dependency:
    The network faced limitations and lacked control over the third-party application, preventing customization and feature additions.
  • User Experience Enhancement:
    Enhancing the user experience was crucial to increase engagement and drive BGP sales growth.

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Building the Solution

A Custom Web Application for Better Control and User Experience

Folio3 developed Network 2.0; a customized web-based application tailored to address the unique challenges faced by the Vytelle Network. The solution provided complete control over the breed efficiency database, empowering users with a seamless experience and increasing engagement.

Our Approach

  • Understanding The User Journey

    Our team carefully analyzed the issues, focused on key areas for improvement, and distinguished pain points for every user persona.

  • Wireframes & Designs

    With a collaborative approach, we mutually chose to tweak an existing item, making wireframes and designs for additional features.

  • Customizing the Solution

    Our skilled developers incorporated the client’s particular requirements into the solution, utilizing the approved wireframes and design as a foundation.

  • Deployment

    After seamlessly synchronizing and integrating the solution with the Vytelle Network’s data and needs, we carefully executed the solution.

The Solution The Solution

Empowering Breeders with Data-driven Decision-making

Network 2.0, the customized web application developed by Folio3, revolutionizes the Vytelle Network’s operations. 

Animal Performance Dashboard

The interactive dashboard offers breeders access to comprehensive information, including EPDs and EBVs for sires and dams. This enables informed genetic selection, improving breeding outcomes.

User Management and Access Levels

Role-based access control ensures data security and provides different levels of access to users based on their roles. This enhances data confidentiality and integrity.

Location Management

Efficient location management features enable breeders to track and manage cattle information across different locations. This enhances operational efficiency and data organization.

Efficient Data Management

The application simplifies animal pedigree management, ensuring accurate and up-to-date data for breeding decisions. This eliminates errors and enhances breeding efficiency.

Customer Management and Self Sign-Up

The application streamlines customer management and allows public users to self-sign up. This expands the network's reach and fosters engagement.

Data Export

The solution offers easy data export functionality, enabling breeders to analyze and report data externally as needed.

The Resulting Transformation

Empowering Breeders, Enhancing Efficiency

Folio3’s Network 2.0 solution revolutionized the Vytelle Network’s operations, empowering breeders and enhancing efficiency. With enhanced control over the breed efficiency database, breeders can make data-driven decisions, improve genetic selection, and effectively market their offerings. The solution streamlines operations, increases user engagement, and facilitates BGP sales growth, positioning the Vytelle Network for continued success.

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