Best Dog Walking Apps for Walkers

Best Dog Walking Apps for walker

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Nothing can make a dog lover happier than the possibility of making their love for canines into a tangible living. A decade ago, finding a job as a dog walker in the pet care industry was not a possibility. Today these best dog walking apps for walkers has brought hope in the lives of the dog lovers.

If you have always dreamt of spending time with dogs, well, you can now do that and even make a living out of it. There are so many dog apps in the market today, that landing on the perfect job for a dog lover is no more a problem!


What is a Dog Walkers App, and How Does it Work?

At some point in life, every dog owners need the services of a dog sitter and a dog walker, especially for those working pet parents. The demand for dog sitters and walkers is highest during summer and winter vacations as most families plan their trips.

Dog Walkers apps bring ease and convenience in the lives of not just the dog walkers but even the lives of dog owners. Dog sitting and walkers apps offer a vast pool of individuals who are willing to provide their pet care services. Dog owners can read the reviews and choose the one that best suits their requirements. These apps even let the pet parents choose a dog sitter from their neighborhood. Moreover, a dog walkers app provides a dog owner with an entirely secure mode of payment.

How does a dog walking app work

In these five simple steps, a dog owner can book a dog walker that will keep the dog safe and responsibly take the furballs out on a walk!

Some of the Best Dog Walking Apps for Walkers

Ready to provide your services as a dog walker? Well, here is a list of some of the best dog walking apps for walkers that will help you get started with your job!


If you are thinking of offering your services as a dog walker to pet parents, you need to consider Rover. It is, by far, the most popular platform for dog owners to find the perfect dog walker for their four-legged furry buddies. Therefore, if you want to land in the right spot as a dog walker, Rover is the ideal option for you.

It is a small app for the United States of America and Canada that brings innumerable work opportunities for those willing to provide their services to dog owners. You do not even have to make an effort to get a job as a dog walker because, at Rover, there is always a dog owner in need.

Unlike other freelance apps, Rover offers a full insurance package to all the dog walkers it employs. It is a facility that no other freelance work apps or websites provide. With Rover, you not only get paid for doing what you love, but you even get to enjoy employment benefits if you stay consistent with the work, you can earn more than $25 per hour, which is fantastic. You will never be out of work when you choose Rover to provide your services as a dog walker to pet owners in need. The minimum rates that you can charge for a 30-minute walk are $15. You can set your rates!


The next app that can help you land the job of your dreams is Wag. It lies second to Rover in terms of popularity, which is what makes it a smart option for people looking to make money with their passion for dogs. The team of Wag is determined to make dog-owning stress-free and full of convenient for dog owners. They want to provide users with exceptional service, and that is why it offers training to its employees to excel in the field.

By becoming a dog walker at Wag, you not only get a chance to make money for walking dogs, but you even get a chance to groom your skills. After you complete the training from Wag, you get a certification. With certification, you get more opportunities to find work. In addition to this, by becoming a part of the walk people’s dog app, you even get insurance.

A dog walker at Wag can expect to earn $15 to $17 per hour. The rates depend upon the locality, reputation, and competition. The app sets the prices by the market; therefore, asking for rates of your choice is not an option here.

To start earning as a dog walker with Wag, you have to be at least 18 years old with a lot of affection for dogs in your heart. The more experience you have, the better the chances of you making good money with the app.

One feature that makes this dog walking app a perfect choice for dog walkers is that they can schedule their own work time. You can become a full-time dog walker with the app, or if you want to use the app as your additional stream of income, you can become a part-time dog walker.


Love spending time with four-legged furballs? Well, you can spend time with your favorite animals and make good money by becoming a dog walker with PetBacker, one of the best dog walking apps for walkers. It is a fun and flexible way to make money by doing something you love.

The app allows you to choose your working schedule and even choose the service of your choice. Whether you want to become a dog walker or a dog sitter, PetBacker is the platform that will help you get started. You can provide your services to dog owners in your area. It will help you save money and time.

You can design your profile and write a compelling description that will help you attract dog owners. The more impressive your description, the better the chances of you getting work opportunities. Moreover, the payment system of the app is seamlessly designed and fully secure.

Whenever there is a new job opportunity nearby, you will receive an instant notification. You will even receive messages from dog parents who are interested in hiring you as their pet dog’s walker. The services of PetBacker extend to the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, and Singapore. You can become a dog walker if you are living in any of these countries.


For dog lovers looking for an easy way to start earning money with their passion and affection for dogs, Care is a smart option. It is one of the most well-known and well-reputed walk people’s dog apps. What makes the app an excellent choice for dog owners is its massive user base. With this app, you will have work whenever you need it.

Finding work with Care is easy, and it can help you make $11 per hour and more than that if you dedicate five to eight hours of your day to this work. All you have to do is create an attractive profile that can convince the dig lovers that you are the perfect choice for their pups. It is essential to understand that the quality of your profile is the only way you will be able to get excellent job opportunities.

It is a reliable source of employment for people who want to pursue pet care as their career. All you need is a heart full of love and affection for dogs to become an employee at Care!


If you want love dogs and really want to pursue pet care as a career but do not have the required knowledge, the self-explanatory app, DogWalker, is what you need. You will find numerous articles and resources that will provide you with all the information you need to become an expert dog walker.

The articles will help you develop skills that will make you start earning by offering pet care services such as dog walking and dog sitting. Once you are ready to provide your services, you can create a profile on the app. You can even promote your services on the app by paying as little as $1 per week.

The promotion of your services will help you get more job opportunities as a dog walker.

You can choose a service of your choice and set your rates. It is a platform that makes it easy for you to make a living doing something that you are good at! If you are considering a career as a dog walker, this is one of the first places you can try to offer your services.


PetSitter is another app that makes it easy for dog lovers to find their dream job. It offers a lot of features that dog walkers and sitters can enjoy. It is easiest to get work using PetSitter as it currently has more than 120,000 users. With such a vast community of dog owners, finding the perfect dog walking is not difficult. You do not have to pay a fee or undergo training to provide dog walking services to dog owners in need.

It is the right place for beginners to start, as it is one of the few dog walking apps that do not require experience. Also, it has a large pool of dog owners that need dog walkers and sitters. You can scroll through the jobs available and choose the one that you think is the best option for you. It lets you compare different job opportunities.

PetSitter offers a large community of dog lovers where dog owners in need can find the right kind of help from people who will love their dogs like their own.


With a community of more than 100,000 dog owners, Swifto is precisely where you would want to start your career as a dog walker. It is one of the best platforms that helps dog owners find the right help and lets the dog lovers land on the perfect job.

It is an excellent option as it lets you walk the same dog again and again if you follow a consistent schedule. It will help you find a furry friend that you can spend time daily as 90% of the walks the app provides are repeating. It allows you the flexibility to work as a part-time dog walker. It is an excellent option for dog walkers looking for a full-time job.

You are required to complete 15 dog walks at least every week, and if you are aiming for a full-time career, you can complete up to 40 dog walks per week. It depends upon your schedule and how serious you are about building a career in the pet care industry.

Swifto is one of the few dog walking apps that offer its dog walkers with insurance. You can work with the company without any fears. Moreover, Swifto will hire you as a W2 employee, which means that the workers’ compensation policy will cover you.

Barkly Pets

Barkly Pets is an app for dog walkers who want to offer their services in New York, Baltimore, or Philadelphia. You can find a lot of job opportunities in these areas as the lives of people here are very hectic. The app lets you take recurring apps, which means you have a chance to walk the same dog more than once.

It is a top-rated app for dog owners, and there is a job opportunity for every dog walker on this app. You will never be unemployed when you are registered with Barkly Pets like a dog walker.

Things to Consider When Booking an On-Demand Dog Walking Service

Getting a dog walker through an on-demand walking service is an excellent option for many dog owners. Here are some things that you need to consider when booking an on-demand dog walking service.

Friendliness of the Dog

How friendly your dog is an important consideration when it comes to booking a dog walker from a dog walking service app. All dog walkers are not dog trainers. When there are behavior issues with a dog, there are chances that you need to consider an expert trainer and not a part-time dog walker from a service app.

Type of Neighborhood

If your neighborhood is sketchy and is home to some other aggressive dogs, hiring a walker from a dog walking service app might not be the best option. You would not want to put a dog owner in a situation where they have to choose between their safety and your dog’s safety.

Insurance Coverage

Make sure you are aware of the insurance coverage offered by the dog walking service app. Check policies regarding reimbursement for costs arising from certain injuries or damages that may occur during service are booked and paid.

Reviews, Hiring Criteria, & Acceptance Rate

As a dog owner, you want to make sure your dog is in safe hands. Make sure to read user reviews before you book a dog walker. On-demand dog walking apps like Wag and Rover have strict hiring criteria which means that proper background checks are done before a dog walker is onboarded. This is the reason why their acceptance rate is very low. Wag accepts only 5% of the total applications, whereas, Rover accepts close to 15% of the applications.

The Weather

Choose a service according to the weather. When it’s too hot or too cold for your dog, you might want to hire a dog sitter instead of a dog walker. Make sure you choose the option wisely.

Difference between Wag vs Rover Dog Walking Apps

When it comes to the most popular dog apps in the market, Wag Vs Rover are the two names that come to mind. Both these dog-walking apps are adding the element of convenience in the lives of dog owners and walkers. When choosing the best option, you need to consider the difference between Wag and Rover.

Rover is the top dog walking app when it comes to the number of users. Almost all dog owners opt for Rover as their first option when looking for reliable dog walking services. The pool of dog walkers is vast, and the chances of finding the perfect choice are high. Moreover, the user interface of the app is simple yet attractive. Users can smoothly navigate through the app.

Wag, on the other hand, slightly pricier than Rover, offers a wide variety of walk types for dogs. It provides a reliable GPS tracking system that allows the owner to stay updated about their dog’s whereabouts. When comparing the two most popular dog-walking apps, it is safe to say it is a close competition.

Difference between Wag & Rover

Alternative to Dog Walking Apps

Think your dog does not need a dog walker from any of these apps? Well, there are a lot of other options in the pet care industry that will add ease and convenience to your lives. You will find some great dog sitting apps that will help you hand over your dog to a reliable dog sitter when you are not there. Dog daycare apps will let you keep your dog under supervision while you are working, and then there are dog training apps. These apps provide amazing techniques that make dog training more of a fun task!

You can choose any app you like in the pet care sector as mobile technology has revolutionized the way pet parents care for their pet animals!

If you have any questions, Do let us know, and Don`t forget to check our detailed pet adoption apps blog.

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