Best Apps for Dog Owners

Best Apps for Dog Owners

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If you are looking for the best apps for dog owners, you have arrived at the right place. Being a pet owner is no doubt a lot of fun but it comes with a lot of responsibility. It becomes a little trickier if you have a full-time job. Some of the best apps for dog owners available in the market help you keep it fun, whether you are at your workstation or on the go. From health tips to training and to adoption, we have narrowed down the best apps for managing dogs to make life simple for you:

Dog Walking Apps

Dog walking apps serve dog owners who want reliable, long-term pup pals or one-night dog sitters. It is the best way to ensure that in your absence your dog stays healthy and happy.  Plus, these also work as dog walking job apps for dog lovers who want to earn some cash while doing what they love.


Wag is a staple and perhaps one of the best dog walking apps for dog lovers. If you work long hours or want someone to help your dog exercise then this is the app for you. 

All the walkers go through an extensive interview process to make sure they are perfect for the job before they become a certified Wag walker. This dog walking app also allows you to schedule dog walks and arrange last minute walks.  

Moreover, Wag also lets you track your walker via GPS. It also provides lockboxes enabling walkers secure access to house keys where needed. 


Rover helps you find long-term dog sitters. This app has a selection of sitters and a simple interface, allowing you to communicate with a walker or sitter easily. 

With Rover’s premium insurance and reservation guarantee, you can easily book services, whereby ensuring all of this is done safely. 

Rover Dog Walking App Development


DogHero is one of the best dog walking apps as it allows you to make more cohesive calls regarding how you work as a dog walker. This app has an enhanced interface and a large user base. If you are unable to find work via other dog walking job apps, this app will serve as a good opportunity.

DogHearo - Dog Walking App Development

Dog Training Apps

You just do not want your dog to be lying in a corner and would essential want it to learn some crafty tricks to make the relationship a lot more fun. However, regardless of how fun this may sound, it requires a lot of hard work, accuracy, timing, patience and yummy treats. To simplify the process and ensure you are on the right track, dog training apps can come in really handy. It’s like having a dog trainer in your living room: 


Dog training apps like Puppr give you tutorials to teach your dog tricks accompanied by a difficulty meter. The app has a plethora of free lessons, from simple tricks like ‘sit’ to ‘skateboard’. It also has an inbuilt clicker. Once these are exhausted you can always pay to access the more advanced lessons. 

Puppr Dog Training App Development


This is dog training app that has over 60 tricks, plus exercises. It also enables you to reach out to professional trainers in order to understand your naughty pups better. Through this dog training app you can also participate in challenges with other app users. 

Dogo Dog Training App Development

Dog Health Apps

With modern technology managing the health of your dog has also become easy. There are a number of Dog Health Apps that allow owners to take care of their pet’s health, exercise and overall wellness.  

Vet Tab:

Vet Tab is an excellent dog health app that serves as a diabetic dog health journal. It allows pet owners manage their pet’s disease and in seeking professional help. It facilitates easy communication of the results to your vet or other advisor, allowing for timely actions to be taken.


A fully complaint app, Petzam facilitates fast and easy help from your vet.  It allows you to take real-time advice or help via live calls. Petzam is suitable for dogs, cats, birds, horses, fish or any other pet. Here is a case study on how PetZam connected vets and pet parents through live video.


This dog health app lets you centralize your pet’s caretaker through a central information source. It allows you to store medical records, feeding instructions, reminders and even photos in one place.

PawPrint - Health App Development

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