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Having a pet around boasts numerous benefits, including both mental and physical! While bringing joy and happiness in your lives, pets make sure that their owners are never lonely. In addition to this, these furry buddies help you stay fit and help you lower the stress levels, making you happier than you have ever been.

Keeping animals close to you is sometimes better than having friends around because animals are capable of keeping you happy in a way, no human can!

Well, if you are thinking of getting that perfect pet care app, there is a lot that you need to do. After deciding the animal, you want to adopt as a pet; you will have to visit a lot of shelters and adoption fairs until you come across a pet that you immediately connect with. Patience is the key here as the whole pet-adoption process might take a lot of days, and even weeks if you are picky.

However, if being patient is not something you can do when choosing the right pet for you, you might want to go for the easiest and the most convenient method – a pet adoption app! With smartphones being the center of your universe, you can now choose the right furry buddy through an app. No more long visits to the pet adoption fairs or shelters get comfortable on your couch, keep your smartphone in your hand, and begin your search.

While these apps make pet adoption more straightforward, they also serve as a reliable and smart pet rescuers app as a lot of these apps focus on street and homeless animals. By adopting these pets and providing them with forever, homes are rescuing the animals.

The search for the dream pet was never this easy, as it is now with these seamlessly created pet finder apps! Here is a list of the best android and iOS apps that are helping people meet their furry soul mates with ease and utmost convenience.

The Best Pet Adoption Apps for iPhone

In search of a reliable app for iPhone to find that dream pet? Choose any of these top five pet adoption apps that have made pet adoption simple and less tiring!

1) BarkBuddy

If only there were a tinder for pet finding, life could have been so easy. Wait. What? A tinder for pet adoption? BarkBuddy is exactly that. If you are looking for a cute little pup for a pet, you will love BarkBuddy,  available on the App Store.

pet adoption apps for iphone

This dogs for sale app is excellent for pairing humans with the most suitable and compatible pet. After registering on the app, you will be required to fill a survey. The survey questions are designed in a way that can gather as much data as possible about your preferences of the companion animal. As soon as you submit the completed survey, the app will generate a list of matches for you. These animals are from the shelters nearest to your location. You have to swipe for the pets you like and left for those that you could not connect with. Set a meet and greet date with the shelter through the app; it is that simple!


  • Easy download and registration
  • All results are based on the user’s preferences
  • The matches generated are from the shelters nearest to the user’s location
  • Users can adopt a pet just by swiping right


  • The smallest range is within a 10-mile radius, and you will have to drive to the shelter
  • The filtration options are scarce

2) WeRescue

Cannot decide which animal to get as a pet? Download WeRescue from the App Store, and you will find a lot of variants for pet adoption. From adorable looking pups, furry cats, to a horse and even reptiles, the app has the perfect pet for every animal lover!

werescue pet app

Download the pet rescue app, type the animal, and the breed you are looking for in the app’s search bar. The option of filtering will allow you to add your preferences and the suggestions you get are more than any other app. The app connects rescue animals not just in the United States of America but even in Canada.


  • The app offers a verity of different animals; dogs, cats, barnyard animals, reptiles, horses, birds, hamsters and many more
  • The suggestions provided are more than any other app on the market
  • Plenty of filtration options
  • It is a very reliable pet rescuers app


  • The user-interface is complex
  • Some filters need to be purchased

3) AllPaws

For people who are looking for the most reliable way to put an end to their pet search, AllPaws is the perfect option. It is a charge-free app that has a wide variety of cats and dogs. The chances of your finding the best fury partner are high when you are using AllPaws to find the perfect match for you.

allpaws ios app

The app has assisted numerous people in finding the right pet for themselves, and it even got featured on ABC News, MSN, and Huffington Post. Your search will most definitely end with AllPaws because you will find a pet that is not just according to your preference but is amazingly compatible with you.


  • The app allows sharing photos and descriptions on social media
  • The app features more than 200,000 different cats and dogs
  • Allows filtering based on preferences


  • It is specifically a cat or dog adoption app as it only offers cats and dogs

4) Petfinder Mobile

Another app that is helping the animal lovers find their furry soul mates is the top-rated Petfinder Mobile app. The website has been around since a very long time, but to add more convenience in the lives of animal enthusiasts, the app came out. The app allows the users to find a pet that fully suits their requirements and offers suggestions based on the user’s preferences.

petfinder ios mobile app

What sets this mobile app apart from its competitors is the fact that it focuses on homeless pets. It is safe to say it is a pet rescue app. By adopting a pet through PetFinder, you give another chance to a homeless animal to live its life safely in their forever home.


  • The filtering option lets users make custom searches
  • It provides detailed information about the breed of the animals


  • The app does not offer an opportunity to apply to adopt through the app
  • Sometimes the location is hard to find

5) Likethat Pets

How many times do you visit your friend and wish that you had a fury-buddy just like them? That cute little face and the perfect size, you feel like taking it away, but you cannot. Well, likethatPets is precisely what you need. All you have to do is to take a picture of the pet you are so in love with and use it to search for a pet on LikeThat Pets.

Likethat Pets ios app

The app uses image recognition technology to find you a pet precisely as you wish. After you search, the app generates results that match the image, and you can choose the one that perfectly resembles your friend’s pet. It is a free app that you can easily download from the app store.


  • The image recognition technology lets the user find a pet exactly as they wish
  • The app offers a sample gallery for users who do not have a picture of their own

The Smart Pet Adoption Apps for Android

In the search for a fur-ever animal best friend? Here are the best pet adoption apps for android phone users.

6) Pets Adoption: Adopt Dog or Cat

Are you looking for a homeless dog or cat as a pet? It is a smart choice as you will not only fulfill your need of a pet but even do a good deed by offering a homeless animal a forever home. The Pets Adoption is a pet rescue app that is available on the Google Play Store, which is free to download.

pet adoption apps for android

You can choose the dog or cat’s gender, breed, size, and even age. The search result will not only provide the complete details of the animals but the exact location. That way, you can prepare accordingly when you are going to pick your pet up from the shelter.


  • The users can filter the results based on gender, age, and size
  • The search results come with a detailed description of each of the animals suggested


  • The cat section is new, and it has some loopholes
  • The suggestions are not always close to your location
  • It is categorized under cat and dog finder apps due to its limited animal variety

7) Pet Adopter

If you have been searching for a pet, you might have come across or heard about the Pet Adopter app. It is available for both Android and iOS. It is, until today, the most popular app for pet adoption after PetFinder. It is an excellent app for those who wish to put up their animals for adoption. They can directly connect with the ones interested rather than give the animal to the shelter.

pet adopter android app

You can find adorable pets on Pet Adopter as many people who are moving away from the country and cannot take their pets alone are looking for other homes which can take care of their beloved animals.


  • Great options for pet owners who are looking for a temporary home for their pets
  • It is a reliable place to connect with animal lovers
  • Offers a wide variety of animals


  • The app requires more development, users have complained about it frequent crashing
  • Sometimes the pets that appear in the search do not have a description

8) Appets

Appets – Adopt a Pet is designed for android users. It is a platform that not only makes pet adoption simple but allows pet owners to give away their pets to reliable families and homes. It makes pet search perfectly comfortable and less time-consuming.

appets android app

Users can apply filters and find the perfect pet. If you found a pet on the street, you will find skilled vets on the app who can help you treat these street animals.


  • Makes animal adoption less time-consuming
  • Homeless animals get forever homes
  • Well- designed app interface

9) Animal Shelters USA

Animal Shelters USA is an app, available for the android users on the Google Play Store. By downloading the app, you can adopt pets from the most notable animal shelters in the country such as the TCRAS Colorado, Animal Sheltering, Evanston Animal Shelter, Metro Detroit Animal, and Scituate Animal Shelter.

animal pet shelters usa android app


  • The users will get genuine searches and accurate details
  • Users can donate to the animal shelter of their choice using the app


  • The search results will only suggest pets from the listed shelters

These are the top five android and iPhone apps that will help you in locating the pur-fect pet. Swipe through the options from the comfort of your homes and save yourself from the hassle of visiting all the shelters and pet adoption fairs in town! Who knew adopting pets could be so easy and convenient?

Folio3 – Helping Shelters and Pet Stores Building Their Pet Adoption Apps

Have an innovative idea for your shelter’s pet adoption app? Consult the best app developers in town and get the perfect pet finding app designed for your organization. Help your beloved animals from the shelter find their forever homes! Be it iOS or Android, and we will develop the best pet adoption and pet selling apps.

Technology has revolutionized every sector in the world. Be it the educational sector, cattle management app development, corporate world, farm quality assurance or pet adoption, and life has become more comfortable, simpler, and full of convenience. With these pet selling apps and pet rescuers app has made it possible for all animals to find their forever homes. The technological revolution in pet adoption and rescuing is the beginning of a better life for the animals!

Pet Adoption Apps FAQs

  1. Can I list my pet on PetFinder?

The app specializes in helping rescue organizations find homes forever for the rescued pets. To list your pet on the app, you must be a rescue or shelter group. However, you can contact any of the shelters near you and get your pet registered under their name, after which you can list your pet on the app.

  1. How do I adopt a puppy/dog online using an app?                

If you are an Android user, you must navigate to the Google Play Store and the App Store if you are an iPhone user, download any of the pet adoption apps you find reliable. Register in the app and enter your filters to find the perfect pet. You will get the location of the pet, and then you may visit the place to bring your furry buddy home.

  1. Where can I take my dog app?

If you have an innovative or creative idea about a dog finding an app, you may contact Folio3, which has the most skilled and experienced mobile app developers.


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