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Rover Dog Walking App

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Having puppies running around the house brings joy, but these pet animals crave attention and love all around the clock. However, staying with these dogs all day and taking them to timely walks is near to impossible, especially for people who work during the day. With Rover dog walking app, dog owners can relax as trusted dog sitters, and dog walkers are not just a click away!

Founded by Greg Gottesman and Phillip Kimmey. Rover is a web and mobile dog walking app which is serving as the perfect assistance for dog owners. The mobile app hit the market in 2011 and created a platform where dog owners could meet trusted and reliable dog walkers and sitters. The idea was coined initially by Greg’s nine-year-old daughter.

The rover dog walker app was a result of Greg’s own negative experience. While he was away on vacation, his dog, Ruby Tuesday, got injured while under the care of a high-end boarding kennel. It was a very devastating experience for him. His daughter, after the bad experience, talked about she could have paid to take care of someone else’s dog. Greg and his team put forward the idea at the 2011 Startup Weekend and won!

Initially started as a web application, the idea was soon adopted as an app for both iOS and Android operating system with the increase in the use of smartphones. Dog owners can hire dog caretakers while they are away or are not able to take out the time for the fur-balls with much ease using this platform. It is an award-winning technology and is a true form of convenience for the dog parents!

Rover app is a revolutionary dog walking app that is available for both Android and iPhone users. Available for use in more than 14,000 cities has a pool of dog caretakers of more than 200,000. It is creating a community of dog lovers which is helping in making dog-owning less stressful and more fun!

Walking a dog regularly is essential for their health. These animals need to release their energy as it begins to affect their mind and body. It is sometimes difficult for dog owners to take the time out to take their dogs out for a walk and if they off on holiday, it gets impossible. Rover has come to the rescue for all dog owners.

The app allows the dog owners to book the services of trusted sitters and walkers through a few clicks. Dog boarding, house sitting, dog walking, and doggy daycare are the services the app offers. Contacting a dog caretaker is super-simple using the app. The dog walker or sitter can send the dog owners the photos of their dogs for the peace of mind. It even lets the dog owners track the dog walks!

The UI of the app is designed for all skill sets. The dog owners do not have to be pro at using an app for enjoying the services by Rover App. The booking is easy, and there are no complexities in the app’s infrastructure, making it easy to use. The dog walking app has all the features that make up seamless user experience.

The dog walking app, Rover, has a rating of 3.6 stars at Google Play and 4.9 stars at the App Store. It is an app that is helping dog owners relax and take some time off. Dogs are part of the family and not being there for them can be very stressful for both the dog owner and the dog. The simple user interface and immediate access to the services make Rover the best option for dog owners. In just two years of its launch, Rover became a hit and was able to build a pool of more than 80,000 workers! Rover is a perfect example of convenience in the lives of dog owners!

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