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Farmers encounter many issues in traditional ranching, from the highly strenuous record keeping to the extreme complexities of observing animals’ health and productivity. Manual processes are commonly prone to inefficiency, disparity of data, and the possibility of overlooking opportunities for improvement.

Nonetheless, Cattlytics unquestionably goes above these challenges. It is a cutting-edge automated cattle management solution that aims to drastically disrupt this industry by changing how farmers perform cattle operations.

Organizations can tap into the ever-increasing potential of customizing products and services to meet their customers’ needs better. Cattlytics cattle management solution provides a full spectrum of tools to improve worker workability, productivity, and livestock management.

Moving to Cattlytics is a big step for an experienced farmer, right? Let us explore the ten most important aspects of Cattlytics that you will need in a modern and successful farming business and the challenges that Cattlytics resolves.

1. Inaccurate Health Monitoring

Pain point: Accurate health monitoring is a significant challenge in manual cattle management solutions. Obtaining and managing health data with manual methods involves the likelihood of mistakes, missed moments, or inappropriate diagnoses.

How Cattlytics (cattle management solution) Resolves it:

Cattlytics offers this kind of real-time health monitoring. The system does that by using automated data collection and analysis methods that automatically provide the current state of health for the individuals.

Besides, farmers are alerted to any signs of deviation from their usual health status, thus enabling them to take immediate measures and avoid extreme situations.

By leveraging technology for health monitoring, Cattlytics ensures that cattle receive timely care and attention, improving overall herd health and productivity.

2. Inefficient Feeding Management

Pain point: Automatic feeding management is characterized by inconsistencies in human intervention in establishing feeding timetables and measuring food intake. Automated systems help farmers estimate the exact feeding time and control their cows’ nutrition.

How Cattlytics Resolves it:

Cattlytics will solve this issue by providing customized feeding schedules that consider each animal’s or group’s needs. The information is generated in real-time, and dietary intake reports are generated from the validated data automatically collected through the platform.

Such reports capture feeding behaviors and consumption levels. Farmers can use this information to adjust their feeding rates to enhance nutritional levels and prevent diseases among the entire flock.

By automating feeding management, Cattlytics streamlines the process, ensuring that cattle receive the proper nutrition at the right time, enhancing productivity and well-being.

3. Lack of Breeding and Reproduction Tracking

Pain point: Farmers face challenges manually tracking breeding records and reproductive cycles, which can lead to inaccuracies and missed opportunities. Without automated systems, keeping track of heat cycles, pregnancy status, and breeding history is time-consuming and prone to errors.

How Cattlytics Resolves it:

Cattlytics addresses this issue by offering automated tracking of crucial breeding and reproduction metrics. The platform assists farmers in quickly accessing heat cycles, tracking pregnancy status, and developing an animal’s vindaloo record.

Employing real-time data and advanced analytics, Cattlytics enables reports on breeding patterns and actual figures, aiding farmers in making the right breeding decisions for better breeding outcomes.

Cattlytics provides a unique feature of automation capability in breeding and reproduction tracking. This streamlines the process by eliminating managers’ manual work, ensuring greater accuracy and efficiency in running the breeding programs.

4. Limited Financial Tracking

Pain point: Farmers usually have minimal knowledge about cost-benefit analysis regarding cattle management, which can lead to trouble in budgeting, forecasting, and fund optimization.

Furthermore, manually monitoring expenditures, income, and overall revenue through paper trails will complicate expense, revenue, and profitability tracking, leading to inefficiencies and missed savings opportunities.

How Cattlytics Resolves it:

Cattlytics circumvents this dilemma by providing a real-time platform that allows ranchers to monitor financial metrics associated with cattle protocols.

The platform will enable farmers to track certain economic factors, including expenditures, turnover, and profit margins. These insights will show the farmers a snapshot of their performance.

The Cattlytics product is a specific report and dashboard the farming team uses to monitor the entire organization’s financial data. This allows them to make quick, forward-thinking decisions while focusing on managing critical economic resources.

The technology of Cattlytics helps automate the process of financial tracking, making financial management more effortless. This allows farmers to apply the most resources needed in particular operations, find ways to save expenses and ensure profitability in the long run.

5. Time-Consuming Report Management

Pain point: Manual reporting procedures on cattle management are time-consuming and labor-intensive for farmers since substantial effort must be mobilized to collect, prepare, and generate detailed reports on different cattle management aspects.

When using manual methods, farmers mostly face the problem of not being able to ensure the accuracy, timeliness, and accessibility of reports, which results in delays in the decision-making process.

How Cattlytics Resolves it:

To cope with time-consuming and inconsistent reports generated that make report management inefficient, Cattlytics has innovative report generation features and a centralized database management solution.

The app eliminates the developers’ burden of report file generation by providing automated data gathering and scrutiny systems that provide instant access to all essential parameters: health, feeding, breeding, and financial indicators.

Cattlytics is a cattle management solution through which farmers can conveniently adapt styles, schedule automatic report/generation, and access reports anytime, anywhere via a centralized dashboard.

Cattlytics allows farmers to lift the time frame, exercise accurate judgment, and take advantage of immediate information.

Turn Your Messy Cattle Records into Valuable Insights
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6. Poor Inventory Management

Pain point: Manual inventory control becomes inefficient, creating such issues. Farmers may lose control of optimal supply levels without the strategic inventory management behind the purposeful tracking of supplies, equipment, and medications. This can substantially negatively impact day-to-day operations and increase costs.

How Cattlytics Resolves it:

Cattlytics proposes a user-friendly app with an inventory management system that effectively addresses the challenges of regular inventory tracking. These tools, among others, allow users to track the number of supplies, equipment, and medications they currently hold in real-time.

Cattlytics realizes this by fueling with RFID and automated data collection so farmers can keep inventories updated, track patterns usage, and receive alerts automatically for low stock levels or stale items.

Cattlytics allows farmers to automate inventory management, minimize stockouts, decrease waste, and ensure that farming activities are supported with the necessary resources to run their cattle properly.

7. Data Overload and Analysis Challenges

Pain point: Managing and manually analyzing a tremendous volume of data is challenging and frustrating for most farmers. Spotting meaningful insights and trends in significant data sources, such as RFIDs, sensors, and manual inputs, may bewilder farmers, and they may not find an element that informs their decisions.

How Cattlytics Resolves it:

The Cattlytics software addresses data overload by providing highly valued data analytical tools.

The platform uses cutting-edge technology, machine learning, and other techniques to process and analyze the massive amounts of data generated by RFID tags, sensors, and other sources.

Cattlytics equips cattle farmers to make knowledgeable decisions about their livestock management practices by providing practical information and trending data.

These include improving feeding programs, maximizing the reproductive period of various breeds, and maximizing overall farm productivity.

Farmers now have a tool at their disposal: the power of digital data. By using this power, farmers can drive effectiveness and profitability even higher.

8. Remote Accessibility Issues

Pain point: The most current cattle management data is frequently a hard-to-reach resource for a farmer since he works away from the farm and is on the go, among other things.

Thus, this kind of remote access to live data would be the only way for the cattle breeders, in this case, to keep an eye on their cattle’s health and cope with breed tasks and other tasks quickly and adequately.

How Cattlytics Resolves it:

Among the many issues farmers face, Cattlytics, the cloud-based service, is committed to solving the most pressing problem: remote accessibility. It provides real-time data from anywhere in the world at any moment.

They will always need to monitor their herd’s health status. Using their web browser or mobile app, they can log in to the Cattlytics service securely and view the latest information about their cattle at any time.

This gives rise to the possibility of having an utterly inaccessible distance to the farm animals and cattle management solutions, which allows for a feedback process after each cycle of the decision-making process and performance optimization.

9. Scalability and Future-Proofing

Pain point: The conventional manual animal management system rarely attains scalability and may sometimes lack the flexibility to change farming practices over time.

The increasing size of a farm or shifting needs may cause the system to become obsolete or incapable of providing new functionalities. Consequently, the system becomes an impediment to farm productivity and overall efficiency.

How Cattlytics Resolves it:

Cattlytics helps farmers scale and adapt their solutions to be future-ready by providing both scaling and customizable features to meet the constantly changing needs of farmers and their operations.

Either autonomously running a family farm or a big commercial plot, Cattelytics offers flexible solutions that will simultaneously grow with one’s farm.

The product ensures manual update availability and instant upgrade to the latest version and tools. Farmers can continue using the customized app to manage their cattle now and in the future.

10. Cattle Movement Tracking Issues

Pain point: Keeping tabs on cow movements and supervising them manually is laborious and cumbersome. Farmers often fail to adapt their cattle to graze, roam, and gather regularly in one place, resulting in inefficiencies in herd movement management.

How Cattlytics Resolves it:

Cattlytics optimizes the livelihoods of cattle by simplification cattle movement tracking. Cattlytics uses RFID technology equipped with GPS tracking to give farmers instant access to detailed information concerning the movement of their cattle.

It covers recording devour experience, migration routes, and enclosure usage. These data supply farmers with data on cattle’s behavior and allow them to make informed decisions about managing and caring for them, promoting cost-saving measures.

Having the Cattlytics allows farmers to see the situation on the farm everywhere. Thus, they can put the cattle in the right places where needed, improving the farm’s efficiency and productivity.

90% of Ranchers Using Cattle Management Software Report Improved Herd Progress
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CASE STUDY – Automating Cattle Management for Cattle Breeders


Paper-based processes made it difficult for cattle breeders to manage and maintain record-keeping for the cattle registry. It was also challenging to keep track of ranch activities and field activities.


There was a significant need for cattle management and record-keeping solutions as manual processes slowed operations and affected ROI. A modernized cattle management solution could enhance herd value and subsequently improve ROI.


Cattlytics digitized cattle management solution for breeders, automating processes and streamlining record-keeping. This solution facilitated easier management and tracking of field activities, improving efficiency and productivity in cattle operations.

About the American Angus Association

Founded in 1883 in Chicago, Illinois, the American Angus Association is one of the oldest and largest beef breed organizations globally. With over 25,000 members worldwide, it continuously grows by more than 300,000 cattle annually, aiming to maximize premium-quality beef production and bring consistency to beef production.

Understanding the Challenge

Manual record-keeping processes posed various difficulties for cattle breeders. Paper-based documentation was cumbersome, making it hard to organize, access, and manage records efficiently. Decision-making was hindered due to limited data availability and the time required to access relevant information.

Building the Solution

Cattlytics, in collaboration with the American Angus Association, developed an automated cattle management system. The cattle management solution included a mobile application for field workers and caretakers and a web-based dashboard for administration and cattle owners.

Through intensive discovery and user journey mapping, the team identified challenges and crafted wireframes for the solution. Designs were finalized in consultation with the client, followed by development, testing, training, and deployment phases.

The Resulting Transformation

The digitized and automated cattle management solution streamlined processes, minimized errors and ensured compliance with regulatory standards. Ranch workers and caretakers could now easily record and share information using smart devices, improving cattle breeders’ productivity and profitability.


Business owners should opt for Cattlytics to gain many positive effects that solve this issue. From real-time cattle healthcare to efficient resource management, streamlined money work, and data analytics, Cattlytics replaces the existing cow farming methods with new working methods.

With Cattlytics, farmers can make their farms more effective, productive, and profitable, translating into an overall operations transformation in the long term. Dismissing the chance by adopting Cattlytics will undoubtedly enable you to raise your livestock management to new levels you haven’t experienced before!


What is Cattlytics?

Cattlytics is an automated cattle management solution that utilizes advanced technology to streamline various aspects of livestock management, including health monitoring, feeding management, breeding tracking, and financial tracking.

How Does Cattlytics Benefit Farmers?

Cattlytics provides many advantages to farmers, including instantaneous health monitoring, personalized feeding plans, automated reproduction tracking, paperless financial reports, and data analytics. These features will improve beef cattle farming’s efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Is Cattlytics Suitable for All Types of Farms?

Yes, Cattlytics has been developed to accommodate small- and large-scale farmers by providing a comprehensive solution that meets their needs. Its scalability and customizability make it an applicable technology for different farm sizes and purposes.

Can Cattlytics be Accessed Remotely?

Yes, Cattlytics is a cloud-based cattle management solution enabling farmers to access real-time data from anywhere, anytime, using any internet-connected device. This remote accessibility ensures convenience and flexibility in managing cattle operations.

How Easy is Integrating Cattlytics Into Existing Farm Management Systems?

Cattlytics is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing cattle management solutions. Its user-friendly interface and compatibility with various software platforms ensure smooth integration and minimal disruption to existing workflows.

Is there Technical Support Available for Cattlytics Users?

Yes, Cattlytics provides comprehensive technical support to its users. Our dedicated support team is available to assist farmers with any inquiries, troubleshooting, or assistance they may require during the platform’s implementation and use.

Can Cattlytics Help Improve Animal Welfare?

Cattlytics improves animal welfare by enabling farmers to monitor and manage various aspects of cattle health, nutrition, and breeding. More effectively, Cattlytics contribute to better livestock welfare and health outcomes. By ensuring timely interventions and optimized management practices

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