American Angus Association

Automating Cattle Management for Cattle Breeders


Paper-based processes were making it difficult for the client to manage and maintain record-keeping for the cattle registry. It was also hard for the client to keep track of what was happening in the raches and fields.


There was a huge need for a cattle management and record-keeping solution because manual processes were slowing the processes and affecting ROI. A cattle management solution could help improve herd value and in turn the ROI.


Angus Black Book digitized cattle management for the client and the users of the application. It helped automate the processes and streamline cattle record-keeping so that it was easier to manage and track field activity.


American Angus Association

Founded in 1883 in Chicago, Illinois, American Angus Association is one of the oldest and largest beef breed organizations in the world. It serves over 25000 members worldwide and is continuously growing by more than 300,000 cattle every year, aiming to maximize the production of premium quality beef for customers and bring consistency to beef production.

Understanding the Challenge

Manual Record-Keeping Causing Difficulties

For the longest time, cattle owners and producers in the United States used physical notebooks and record-keeping journals for record-keeping. They recorded information in heaps of paper and notebooks, which made it difficult to organize and store. The cattle management faced the following challenges with manual record-keeping:

  • It is difficult to record information in physical notebooks and bring them every time to the fields to make entries.
  • It is hard to organize and store paper-based documents and books full of records.
  • It is difficult and time-consuming to quickly access the records that were needed to solve a particular problem.
  • It is hard to make decisions based on the limited information available and the time taken to access more relevant data.
  • It is hard for the cattle owners to track what is happening in the fields.

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Building the Solution

Streamlining Cattle Record-Keeping With Custom Mobile Application

In collaboration with the American Angus Association, the product team at Folio3 devised, designed, and developed the Angus Black Book. Essentially a cattle record-keeping application, it helps cattle producers and owners collect important data about their cattle, so they can track their cattle’s critical milestones. With separate modules and sections for pasture management, cattle operations, and reminders and reports, the overall solution helps the cattle producers improve their herd quality and streamline herd management. The solution included a mobile application for the field workers and cattle caretakers and a web-based dashboard and reporting application for the administration and cattle owners.

Our Approach

  • Understanding The User Journey

    With a thoroughly intensive discovery, our team could get insights into the challenges the farmers and workers faced while using paper-based processes. They used the primary research to build user roles and the user journey so that they could map out the workflows and build the perfect automated solution.

  • Building Wireframes

    The next step was to make good use of that user journey and build wireframes that could then be shared with the client so that any minor edits could be made. A clickable prototype was made right after the wireframes were approved.

  • Design & Development

    The prototype then went over to the design team so that proper designs could be finalized before the product went on to development. The client was taken into confidence at every stage so that they knew exactly what was going on. 

  • Quality Control Testing, Training, & Launch

    Testing took place while the application was still in staging, and then it was finally launched after quality tests were conducted, and appropriate training was given to the client and their teams. 

The Solution

Pasture Management

The solution helps in organized record-keeping by letting the management assign their cattle to specific pastures and add as many pastures as they need. The cattle owners also had the option of adding subgroups and sub-categories within the pastures.

Scheduled Tasks

The solution let the management list scheduled tasks and activities, as well as set reminders and notifications for those activities within each calendar month.

Centralized System

The solution enabled the cattle owners to have access to one centralized system where they could easily record, track, and manage cattle data, breeding data, feeding data as well as health-related data all in real-time.


Angus Black Book also enabled the cattle ranch owners to easily manage their farmworkers and generate real-time analytics and reports related to ranch and cattle operations.

Cattle Management

From breeding record-keeping to vaccination records and cattle health, Angus Black Book is an end-to-end cattle management solution. The solution enables cattle owners to divide cattle into subgroups and manage them accordingly.


The mobile-based cattle management solution helped automate the cattle record-keeping process for the cattle caretakers and management.

Operations Management

The solution enables cattle owners to assign tasks to their employees and track their progress in real-time. The employees and farmworkers can then use the mobile app to enter cattle data while in the cattle fields and then update their checklists within the application through their smartphones with offline access.

The Resulting Transformation

Simplified & Compliant Cattle Management

The cattle management software solution is specifically designed keeping in mind the challenges being faced because of paper-based as well as manual processes. The solution helped digitize and automate the entire process and workflow, which minimized errors and helped in compliance with regulatory authorities. The Angus Black Book solution helped cattle owners in the following ways:

From entering data into journals and carrying them every day, the ranch workers and cattle caretakers could now do away with paper and simply enter and share information with a few taps on their smart devices. 

Real-time reporting and analytics meant that the management could make important decisions and assign relevant counter tasks immediately. 

Increased automation and accountability led to increased productivity because every worker knew that their work was being tracked to the minute, and they also found it easier to manage work without having to manage paper. 

Improved decision-making and increased productivity led to improved profitability.

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