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GPS Cattle Tracking

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GPS Cattle Tracking

It is not a brand-new technology, but it has surfaced and become more prominent in the past several years. This monitoring technology offers many benefits to farmers. It has various potentials such as monitoring the movements, and patterns of plot grazing, water combating theft, prevention of various diseases, reducing manual labor, easy identification of the animal, etc.

Farmers are rapidly adopting this technology so as to save the time spent on doing things manually and use it to attend to other important farm matters that need attention. Utilizing GPS tracking device for cattle has proved to be the best option to monitor all activities of your animals and gain real-time information to make well-informed decisions.


Real-Time Monitoring

GPS cattle management tracking system enables farmers to track their animals in real-time without worrying about losing any one of them. A GPS tracker collar or cattle GPS tracking ear tag is put on the animal and it allows for keeping an eye on the animal’s movement. The GPS tracker sends an SMS or email notification to your device which lets you know about the whereabouts and physical condition of your animal. It can inform you if one of your animals is hurt or is giving birth.



This helps to keep your animals safe and to keep them away from areas they should not enter. It also includes monitoring any theft or intruder activity. If one of your animals is moved from your area (a pre-determined space) you will be notified through a system alert and it will provide you with the animal’s exact location within five minutes.

It is not only cost effective but it is now being commonly used by cattle producers so as to reduce the risk of theft and keeping their animals safe.

Prevention of Diseases

It has been a tough task to examine each animal physically. It is not only time taking but also sometimes you fail to find out the actual problem and its cause. Tracking cattle with GPS systems allow farmers to keep a check on the well being of their animals and send an alert if any animal is sick or hurt. This not only saves expenses spent on working with a veterinarian but also saves a lot of time.

Easy Animal Identification

Keeping records to identify the animals will help you a lot. As it provides the most basic information in no time. GPS cattle tracking is known as one of the best farm practices. It provides you:

  • Animal’s Information: Birthdate, age, identification, breed, sire and dam.
  • Performance: Site it was bred t, breeding dates, parturition dates, identification of progeny.
  • Production records: Milk production, ratios of weight from the dam to calf.
  • Health records: illness, diseases, dental care, vaccinations, deworming and names of medicines that were given.

Secure Your Farm

You are not only securing your animals but also your other assets such as buildings, equipment, feed, and other necessary stuff that you put on the farm. It is true that remote areas do not have much high security but for a farm to be safe and secured it is necessary to have GPS tracking devices for cattle so as to maintain full security. Your animals graze while you stay at the farm watching them move through your device or smartphone.

Reducing The Need For Manual Labor

When you have everything under control and you have such a strong cattle GPS tracking system installed, you no longer need to depend on manual labor for keeping an eye on the animals. You get all the required information in real-time so you need lees labors to assist you with farm processes. It provides you strong support to handle things with just a few number of people.

Weather Alerts

Of course weather changes are natural and you cannot control them but with a system installed at your farm, you will be notified about the weather changes so that you can secure your animals before it gets too late. Real-time weather alerts are what every farmer needs.

Increase Productivity

With heat detection feature you enjoy maximized rate of cattle production. You know when is the right time for inseminations. This helps you boost the pregnancy rate of your cows and increase your farm’s productivity. This helps to minimize the rate of losses by increasing the profitability of your farm.

Calving Detection

Detection of calves can help you to enter them into the system and start monitoring live births. It saves you from many complications and you are able you monitor the cow that is about to give birth more closely and regularly.

The present age is all about technologies and in order to remain up to date in every aspect, farmers must adopt advanced technologies so as to improve their farm practices and enhance their profitability. Technologies are making every work easier and farming is indeed a tough job that can be made easier by using advanced tools and systems that are made to minimize human effort and give positive outcomes.

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