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Get total visibility and have complete control of your daily cattle operations with a single,  end-to-end mobile app solution. Specially, developed for cattle ranchers, our cattle management software is user-friendly and is a one-stop solution for all your cattle management and record-keeping needs.


Breed Better.
Raise Better.
Sell Better.

Whether you need to plan, manage, track, sell, or report, our one-stop cattle management and record-keeping solution helps you do it all from a single location, so you can do your job better!


Streamline Your Cattle Production & Performance Management

Our intuitive cattle management software enables you to get the best out of your cattle by helping you manage cattle production and performance-related tasks in the most efficient manner. Our comprehensive solution helps with:

Cattlytics solutions

Streamline Your Cattle Production & Performance Management

Our intuitive cattle management software enables you to get the best out of your cattle by helping you manage cattle production and performance-related tasks in the most efficient manner. Our comprehensive solution helps with:

take control of your ranch with the most efficient cattle management software

save money and make the best decision for your herd.


Our Cattle Record Keeping Solution Offers State-of-the-Art Features

Event Driven Dashboard

Access different key metrics and information related to each event & view all the activities and cattle by type & status.

Individual & Group Management

Track the entire herd, and even keep individual checks on your animals.

Breeding & Production Management

Have breeding & reproduction records in one place. Estimate calving dates, and manage cattle pregnancies.

Pedigree Management

Always track your meat back to not only the source cattle, but also trace it back to where that cattle originated from.

Weight & Weaning Performance

Track your entire weaning process from weight checks and body condition scores to pasture movements, treatments, and boosters.

Expense Management

Manage your finances, to stay within your budget by showing you expense indicators and automated reports.

Offline Data Collection

Offline mode ensures workers can still input data while in remote areas, & automatically syncs as soon as a connection is found.

Reports & Data Export

Advanced analytics and reporting tools give you access to the latest custom reports in real-time, which you can export and share with just a few clicks.

Multilingual Support

Multilingual support helps ranchers and workers who do not speak the English so that they can enter data & view dashboards easily.

Easy to use

Easy To Use App For All Your Devices

Our Diverse Team of Engineers gives your Software a Competitive Advantage




What Our Customers Say

cactus feeders logo

Folio3 has a very good understanding of animal production business and is an expert in software design and development industry. The level of detail given to the project build strong trust with the team. The volume and quality of work that has been accomplished in a short amount of time is truly amazing. There are an endless supply of ideas on how technology can help drive our business, and I know that Folio3 can help make it happen

Corey White

Director of Technology

agri beef logo

The team has done a tremendous job from testing and deploying our DAX applications to go live. They have also helped develop a reusable pattern for scheduling processes used by multiple workers. We will definitely continue to lean on folio3 for future support of these applications.

Agri Beef

Progressive Beef Logo

The inefficiency of paper based animal records was taking time to perform audits and demonstrate compliance. Foilo3 built a solution for us to streamline records that allow us manage specific areas of the Progressive Beef program to demonstrate good animal welfare. As Progressive Beef continues on the journey of verifying food safety, and animal welfare technology is key for continuous improvement and Folio3 is a great partner for it.

Heather Donley

VP of Operations

cactus feeders logo

Cactus is very happy with the progress that has been made on the projects: Handheld application and Market Utility for PorkView and now starting CattleView. Folio3 has also addressed and corrected issues with the current software that allows Cactus to provide continued support for the business operations. There is a free and easy exchange of ideas to help push the projects forward.

John Studebaker

Application Lead Developer

angus media

Folio3 helped us create pasture to publish which allowed us the ability to push sale books quicker and easier and allowed ranch owners to get done a portion of the book to save them cost. Our process have streamlined and speed up. We are able to have more business now. We have been more than pleased about our experience with folio3.

Gail Lombardino

Print Services Team Lead


We are very excited to see the new PigWise app rolling out to production. When we had discussed the initial idea with Folio3 we had no idea that the final build would look this good. You guys rock!.

Matthew Helpern

Division Owner


We are beyond impressed with the solution Folio3 created. Having seen the solution evolve from the initial idea to wireframes, to a fully functioning app in such a short time is simply amazing. I’m grateful to the Folio3 team for all the effort they’ve put in, it truly shows in the end product’s function and creativity.

Ginette Gottswiller

Director of Commercial Programs & Angus Source


Folio3 has done a fantastic job! Thanks to their efforts, we were not only able to bring our idea for the Petzam app to life, but have also managed to get it approved for usage by two leading multi-national animal health companies.

Eric Shank



The Folio3 team did an amazing job. They really look out for the customer and try and do the best for them. Very impressed with the final product they delivered. I really enjoyed working with their team and would highly recommend them.

Sarah Schumacher

Progressive Beef Program Manager

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