Track Maintenance & Performance Across Facilities!

Made to enhance performance of Swine Producers, Poultry Growers, Cow/Calf Operations and Feedlots.

  • Convert paper-based forms into digital tasks
  • Digitize & organize large amounts of important data
  • Be on top of deviations automatically
  • Make smart choices with real-time performance reports

Drive success with livestock facility management software

USDA Compliance Software

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Biosecurity Enabled Livestock Facility Management

Keeping Facilities Safe, Secure & Contamination Free!

  • Monitor critical areas for potential breaches of multiple facilities
  • Manage digital records for maintenance of equipment
  • Conduct regular checks to ensure compliance
  • Highlight issues from on-ground – even without internet

Livestock Facility Management Made
Quick, Simple & Digital

Maintenance Tasks Done
Without Manual Effort

  • Digitize maintenance forms and schedule important tasks
  • Keep up to date with maintenance progress in real-time
  • Receive Maintenance reports instantly in multiple languages

Your Data Organized, Secured, & Quickly Retrievable

  • Easily handle documents, records, videos & photos on the cloud
  • Quickly search and retrieve livestock farming tasks records from your phone
  • Be confident in the integrity of your reports

Quick, Smooth & Automatic
Deviation Management

  • Track and document deviations across facilities in one dashboard
  • Maintain an audit trail of deviations and actions taken
  • Automate workflows for tracking, and resolution of deviations

Multi-Site Performance Insights For Quick Decision Making

  • Track KPIs, compare data, and analyze trends of multiple facilities
  • Analyze historical data and identify patterns for performance improvements for efficient livestock farming
  • Receive alerts for deviations and underperformance at specific sites

Eliminate Headaches and Enhance Profitability -
Experience Effortless Facility Management!

Manage Compliance, Deviations, Productivity,
and More - with Total Transparency!

Digitized Task Management for 250+ Sites

Case Study


One of the top players in the United States pork chain with over 650 employees operating in over 7 states.

What’s the challenge?

Hanor was using manual paper-based processes and spreadsheets to organize and manage tasks.

How EcoDocs Helped Them

EcoDocs helped digitize their workflows and automate task scheduling and management.

Resultant impact

EcoDocs added value to their business by maximizing productivity:

  • A 20% reduction in missed tasks and violations
  • Real-time visibility of task status and task completion
  • EcoDocs Integrated with their backend system and helped them easily manage their nurseries, growing sites, finishing sites, and other departments

Easy To Use Animal Facility Management Software For All Your Devices

Connect your on-field resources, on multiple facilities, on multiple devices and manage livestock operations – in real-time!




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