Simplify Crop Planning From Seed To Harvest

Liberating Seed and Crop Producers, Growers & Farmers from paperwork burdens.

  • Manage precision farming with geo-fencing
  • Have full crop Traceability
  • Get instant, real-time multilingual reports
  • Estimate crop progress with present & historic GDU-data

All-in-one Crop Management Software

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Simplify Planning. Amplify Output.
Ensure Sustainability

Improve Outputs With Crop Management Software

  • Take quick fact-based decisions with geo-fencing and GDU tracking
  • Ensure accurate yields projection and identify opportunities for cost optimization
  • Enable field scouts to capture data offline and sync when the internet is available
  • Make organic certifications, audits & compliance reporting stress-free

Your Dream Of Total Farm Visibility Is
Finally Within Reach

Plan, Organize & Execute Tasks On-ground - Together!

  • Use existing templates or create new ones with automated corrective actions
  • Schedule tasks like planting, stand count, pest management, detasseling, harvesting & more with crop planning software

Predict Better Outputs & Crop
Yields - Always!

  • Easily calculate GDUs for different fields based on data from the nearest weather station with a crop planning software
  • Use GDU data to estimate crop progression
  • Get a quick comparison of your crop progression with different fields based on historical data for crop health monitoring

Track & Manage Your Team’s Daily Activity - Wherever They Are!

  • Geo-locate the location of field scouts while performing activities on fields
  • Give freedom to add notes in the field as you see problems, and attach pictures or videos making crop data management quick and easy 
  • Enable different regional workers to perform tasks easily with Multilingual support

Ditch Paper Based Processes & Spreadsheets - In An Hour!

  • Manage all your farm data in one place including records for fields, facilities, inbreds, hybrids, pesticides, sprays, and more
  • Give access-based roles to internal and external users
  • Add multiple fields, inbreds, and hybrids in the system without manual interventions

Simplify Audits and Ensure Preparedness - At All Times

  • Take the stress out of audit & review farm performance with reports for crop area, inputs, yields, and costs
  • Share multilingual reports with internal and external users based on their roles and access levels

Cultivating Success From Seed to Sale

From seed selection to soil health management, from irrigation scheduling to pest control, we anticipate needs and provide actionable insights at every turn with crop management software.

Manage Compliance, Deviations, Productivity, and More - with Total Transparency!

Easy To Use Crop Management
System For All Your Devices

Connect your workforce, working on multiple locations, on Multiple Devices – Seamlessly!




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