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Why is Poultry Software Essential for Your Poultry Farm Management?

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Poultry farm management is vital for every farmer’s peace of mind. It provides you with in-depth information about your farm in a matter of a few clicks. It can guide you and help you take appropriate steps to obtain your goals.

You wouldn’t have to constantly worry about your farm anymore. You can easily access the farm’s data and use it to predict errors and then take steps accordingly to prevent them.

This can help you make decisions for the future and save your company from any major loss.  Poultry farm management sorts your farming business and makes sure everything is done in a certain way so that you can gain maximum revenue out of it.

Supervision is one of the most essential and crucial job for your farm. Even more so, it is extremely exhausting and has great possibilities for human errors. Therefore, you must have software that manages your farm and makes it more profitable and productive.

With our Folio3 poultry farm management software, you can track your daily tasks like cleaning barns or feeding any specific animal and ensure that these tasks are completed. This is a great way to keep track of your farming activities and to make sure that they are carried out daily.

Problems Faced Without the Use of Poultry Management Software

  • Without poultry management software, it is extremely difficult to take any corrective measures regarding any incident that took place. Due to no sync between the workers, it is too late to take any action by the time a report is made.
  • Managing real-time data manually is an extremely exhausting task and not quite reliable also. It gives workers a huge margin to make errors or skip some practices as the manual system has very little visibility of what’s actually going on. It’s almost impossible to track which worker is doing what and if the tasks and activities are being completed by them or not. It is too late to act upon things by the time the management finds out.
  • Handling paperwork is not easy since data is not in one place. There are lots of papers scattered in different locations which makes it impossible to keep track of each and everything and obviously there’s always a possibility of losing the paperwork which leaves you with absolutely no farm data.
  • Alerting the workers also takes great effort. Changes of any form take a long time and is an extremely tiresome job.

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Benefits of Poultry Management from a Business Aspect

–  Operation Management

Completing and recording tasks and procedures like breeding and hatching becomes easier. Due to everything being recorded in one place, there’s a lot more clarity regarding business operations and what is being done and what is not being done.

–  Cost Management

A good management system monitors all of the costing processes and gives you the most ideal examination in the end. The assistance of a good ERP system is essential.

–  Purchase Management

Having purchase management gives a very clear and in-depth view into every purchase that is being made in the business. Maintaining these practices is essential for the business to prosper in the long run.

The need to carry out these tasks manually has been eliminated and hence making the process smooth and increasing efficiency.  Tasks like correcting procurement requests, etc are also done in the best way possible.

–  Sales Management

Customer satisfaction is the most crucial for any business’s success. Good systems are the best way to manage your farm and bring out improvements for you. The sales management software tracks all the customer demands and ensures that the product has been dispatched and the specific request has been met.

Moreover, it also consists of order booking, invoice generation, dispatching, etc. Before these systems, these tasks were done manually which can firstly be extremely time consuming and also very much susceptible to errors.

In a business, there is no room for risks when it comes to customer relations and therefore these systems make your business hassle-free and easygoing. It improves your reputation when you manage your sales smartly and deliver the product on time and accurately.

–  Accounting Software

To maximize profits, a poultry business must implement strict methods to obtain its goal. The primary goal of having technology is having to invest the least amount and gain major benefits out of it. Financial planning plays a very vital part in poultry management.

A strong management system shows you if your efforts were worth it for the business and whether you have fulfilled your business objectives. The following factors must be examined rigorously:

  • Feed prices
  • Chicken prices
  • Maintenance charges
  • Raw ingredients

Your company’s poultry financing might be the key to a solid long-term business. With our folio3’s assistance, you can optimize your business’s overall productivity.

–  Tracking

ERP software allows you to track your farm operations easily. It gives you in-depth information regarding hatching, broilers, breeding, and so on. It also records crucial data like FCR (feed conversion ratio), Vaccinations, etc. This information helps in organizing the feed according to a suitable timetable.

–  Managing Multiple Farms

With the use of software, you will be able to keep track of all of your farms and their operations. You can get alerts regarding all activities like feeding and more from all of your farms. You will also have your database of all the farms under one roof which will make it easier for you to run your business.

–  Financial Tracking

Expenditure tracking is the most essential part of your business as it keeps you in check. Not only does the software track your spending, but it also helps you limit your extreme spending. Keeping track of your expenses at each level can improve your finances and having a reliable source to do it for you is the biggest blessing.

Moreover, figure variations are unavoidable in every firm, keeping track of them can get tricky but it’s still your responsibility at the end of the day. That’s why this software is a life-saver as it alerts you regarding any inconsistencies.

In a single package, the software can assist you with anything whether it’s tracking your expenses, discrepancies, cash-flow estimates, or fixed asset accounting.

Making Hatchery Easy

Poultry management has also made hatchery very convenient. Provides you with a better record-keeping style by having your eyes everywhere.

  • It analyses flock performance from scratch; from its breeding period to its hatching period. This data helps us note flock performance consistently. It also allows us to take measures beforehand if there are any issues in the process.
  • This also manages your sales and allows you to plan your sales according to the chick’s production potential since hatchery.
  • It manages the hatchery life cycle from the beginning to the end. Also manages all operations from setting to hatching for 21 days throughout.
  • It captures temperature and humidity readings daily and alerts you from before to avoid any emergency.
  • If you have a hatchery service, the system calculates invoices and incentives according to your purchase contract.
  • Also provides you with a complete egg placement planning report which eliminates the need for calendars and calculations for your hatchery manager.

Is it Worth it?

Surely there’s no need to question whether investing in a poultry management system is worth it or not. The benefits are quite obvious and therefore companies must adopt this progressive way of farming now.

The process is not even that tricky all you have to do is download the app on your phone. Your farm will just be a click away.

Poultry farming software is one of the best software in the industry. Its advantages have given poultry farming a new meaning. You can easily monitor data like egg-laying amount, the number of hens that have laid eggs, etc. You have everything in one place which makes reporting easier.

All you have to do is start using the software and see its benefits for yourself. It gives the owners more time to relax as they don’t have to constantly worry about their poultry farm and don’t have to be there physically 24/7 to assess any problems. A system that provides you with peace of mind and reliable results is definitely worth it.

Why Folio3?

Investing in poultry management system can be the best decision for your business. By adopting Foli3’s services you will make your business experience seamless and smooth.

With the help of our software, you can look at where you stand currently and take steps in the right order to improve your business.

It’s going to provide you with a complete insight into your business which will enable you to make proactive decisions. It helps you with maintenance procedures like checking feeders, waters, and house temperatures from time to time.

Your healthcare management will become better through regular checkups on your animals. Workers can check their daily tasks and can tick when they are done. This way you will know about each worker’s progress and every worker will make sure to complete their tasks with all honesty since this software will have all the proof.

Make your business more productive and efficient with the use of our app which is extremely user-friendly. Your business will be just a few clicks away!

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