Choosing the Best Pet Food Apps – Digital Age Brings Convenience to Pet Parents

We have explained 10 best pet food apps for pet parents. Download your favorite app and order food right now. Deliver in minutes.
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It is hard to overlook the rapidly increasing use of mobile apps. These apps are assisting the people with all their tasks as essential as mapping your walk or counting your steps, to menu planning and ordering taxi cabs. With mobile apps becoming common, an equal rise in the use of pet food apps by the pet parents of the digital age has also been witnessed.

These apps can be used to order pet food online. These give the pet owners of this era a clear advantage over the older generations when it comes down to maintaining their pet’s health using the pet care app. There is a wide range of online food delivery apps for pet owners available in-stores which pet parents can access from both Android and iOS devices.

To select the best app for their pet’s food, the pet parents must first educate themselves about the quality of services provided by each of these apps. If you are a pet parent yourself, you must read reviews and choose the one that best suits your requirements. Additionally, they must also read up on reasons why these apps are rated the way they are. Once done with getting themselves acquainted with the right knowledge, the selection of the best pet food delivery app becomes a breeze.

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Importance of Mobile Apps for Pet Food

The apps for pet food play a vital role in easing off pet care responsibilities from pet parents’ shoulders. Just like humans have food needs and require multiple meals in a day, so do various kinds of pets.

Each pet group has its own food needs and feeding requirements. In this fast-paced life with people juggling between work responsibilities and family life, trying to strike a balance between everything, find it very difficult to address the needs of their pets. Hence the need and necessity of having one of these pet food delivery apps become self-explanatory.

These pet care apps not only ensure timely food deliveries but also ensure that the pet food ordering process is hassle-free. You can trust these state-of-the-art mobile apps as these offer healthier meal options for your pets. Moreover, these apps provide pet parents with the possibility of customizing their pets’ meals according to food variants of their choices. Thus, making pet food delivery apps a must-have for you and every other pet owner around the world!

Top-Ranked Pet Food Apps for Android

Looking for the most reliable apps for your pet’s food for your android device? Here is a list of the most top-ranked android apps that add convenience and ease in your life!

1) Monster Pet Supplies

Monster Pet Supplies is a UK based pet food delivery company. It offers pet food for all types of animals and helps you order personalized food packages for your pet.

pet food apps

Monster Pet Supplies’ unique selling point is its speedy delivery. With the use of this app, you can get the pet food delivered in less than an hour. It is what makes it feasible for pet parents to order food conveniently in case of sudden needs.


  • Offers free delivery after spending £35 or above.
  • Delivers food within an hour.
  • Offers 10% off on your second order


  • The app is not compatible with all android devices.

2) Postmates

Postmates is a food delivery app that offers food deliveries for both humans and their pets.

best pet food apps for android

The app’s company is based in America and offers exceptional discounts for pet food deliveries on various occasions.


  • Offer deliveries from pet food brands of your choice.


  • Delayed food delivery

3) Pet Food Store

Pet Food Store is an Android app developed by iTAG technology.

The pet food delivery app is based in Malaysia. Pet Food Store’s unique selling point includes its friendly customer service. Their customers love the assistance provided by the management and rave about it in all their reviews.


  • Same day delivery.
  • Easy to use


  • It does not offer any discounts.
  • You have limited food choices.

4) Fetch – Online Pet Store

Fetch is an online retail website that specializes in pet supplies and pet food deliveries across Kuwait. It is known for its wide range of food types for all types of pets!

fetch pet food app


  • Great customer service.
  • Wide range of products.


  • The app is not compatible with all devices.
  • Too many notifications from the app might spam users.
  • The app may crash at times.

5) Complete – The Excellent Pet Food

Complete – the excellent pet food is a South African pet food company that offers a seamless mobile app for its customers. The company aims to bring ease and convenience in the lives of its customers with its amazingly functioning pet food app. It serves high-quality pet food to South African pet parents.

Complete pet food app

Complete – the good pet food’s unique selling point is its emphasis on quality ingredients. Moreover. It employs a pet food nutritionist and incorporation of the latest farm quality assurance technology to help it achieve its goal of improving pet health.


  • Easy to use
  • Tons of food choices.


  • The app’s receipt recording feature malfunctions in some devices.

Best Pet Food Apps for iOS

In search of the best pet food apps for your iOS devices? Choose any of these fantastic iOS apps that can help you make parenting filled with convenience!

6) Chewy

Chewy is an online retail company which is a subsidiary of Pet Smart. The Chewy app helps pet parents in ordering personalized online pet food and other pet supplies. Chewy is compatible with iOS 11 or later and supports the latest versions of iOS 13’s Dark Mode. Chewy has its Dark Mode to facilitate the iOS 13 users. Additionally, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

best pet food apps for ios

Chewy’s unique selling point is its extraordinary customer care services. Chewy app management follows up its customers’ orders and queries. It even sends them flowers in case their pets die and offers a venting out session with the Chewy family.


  • Allows pet parents to select auto shipping timings.
  • 24/7 customer service help available.
  • Free shipping for either 1 or 2 days on orders above $49.
  • Offers various discounts on the first auto shipping order and offers 5-10% discounts in the future on selected pet food brands.
  • Free of cost downloading.


  • Chewy app is not compatible with all versions of devices. Thus it may give the error of being incompatible with your device.

7) Petco

Petco is the second-best iOS app for ordering pet food deliveries online. Though the app does offer other pet supplies and services, it’s pet food deliveries that make it one of the best amongst many pet food apps. Petco is based in America and even has several brick-and-mortar stores.

petco pet food app

The Petco stores are located in more than 1000 locations in the United States. These stores give the app an edge over other pet food deliverers. It is because that pet owners can physically visit the store and witness the in-store pet food processes and pick up orders at ease.


  • Offers rewards to returning customers.
  • Allows setting up auto shipping schedules.
  • Allows ordering canned pet food online for picking it up from physical stores later on.
  • Free of cost.


  • Pet parents may find it hard to reschedule their auto shipping timings and may be required to pay extra amounts.

8) Pet Foods Delivered

Pet Foods Delivered is a Melbourne based pet food store that has an app online. Pet parents can use this app to search and educate themselves about the food options and preparation procedures employed by the store. What makes the app a top-choice of pet owners is that it efficiently handles its pet food supplies.


  • Offers discounts
  • Free to use


  • The app’s customer service is not available 24/7 instead is available for 9-5 on weekdays.

9) Pet Zone

Pet Zone is an online pet supply and food delivery app based in Kuwait.

pet zone food app

Other than Kuwait, it only serves specific areas of UAE. Pet Zone’s unique selling point is its association with international leading pet care brands. It is due to the app’s association that it can offer quality pet food supplies to its customers within Kuwait.


  • Reasonable prices
  • Wide range of products and services
  • Offer discounts on various occasions such as Black Friday/Christmas.


  • Not so satisfactory customer service

10) iKibble

iKibble is an app specifically designed for dogs and dog parents around the world. It helps in not just ordering food delivery online but also in the selection of the right kind of meal for your dog.

ikibble pet food app

iKibble’s unique selling point is its dog health guiding descriptions. It offers food descriptions along with dog sounds to register the impact of consuming that specific meal on the pet. It helps pet parents decide whether or not they want to feed their pet that particular meal.


  • Guides pet parents what to feed their pets and whatnot.
  • Delivers on time
  • Marks the most ordered food as a favorite so that it is easily found the next time.


  • Limited food options

Build Your Own Pet Food Deliver App

Do you want to build your pet food delivery app? Do you have unique ideas of serving healthier meal options to pet parents? If yes, then use the services of folio3.

Folio3 is one of the best digital transformation companies to help you with your pet food delivery app idea. The app development experts at folio3 are equipped with the necessary knowledge to help you gauge and target your customers and reach out to them with the right tools.

Pet Food App FAQs

  1. Does Chewy have an app for every mobile device?

No, it doesn’t. Chewy does not support all versions of Apple or Android devices.

  1. Is there an app to watch my dog being fed at home?

Yes, there are multiple apps available online which enable dog parents to monitor their dog being fed while they are away. These include, Candid Camera, and Camio.

  1. Free vs. paid pet food delivery apps

There is no evidence to support the notion that using paid pet food delivery apps has better consequences than using free pet food apps. Premium pet food adds to the expense of maintaining your pet.

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