Gestation Table For Cattle: Benefits & Solutions

Gestation Table For Cattle

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If you are involved in cattle breeding, it’s crucial to be aware of the expected arrival time of the calves. This knowledge is significant for the well-being of the cow and the calf, considering various factors such as weather and care requirements. Below, we have presented some guidelines and a gestation table for cattle to assist you in determining these dates.

Average cow gestation period

The typical cow gestation period for cows lasts around 283 days. However, remember that the gestation length can vary based on the age and size of the cow. Older and larger cows often calve approximately 10 days later, while younger and smaller cows may deliver 10 days earlier. The cattle gestation period generally falls within a range of 279 to 287 days, and in certain breeds such as Brahman cattle, it can extend up to 291 days.

Cattle gestation table

Here’s a table for your cattle’s gestation period management.

Service Due Service Due Service Due Service Due
January February March April
1-Jan 10-Oct 1-Feb 10-Nov 1-Mar 8-Dec 1-Apr 8-Jan
2-Jan 11-Oct 2-Feb 11-Nov 2-Mar 9-Dec 2-Apr 9-Jan
3-Jan 12-Oct 3-Feb 12-Nov 3-Mar 10-Dec 3-Apr 10-Jan
4-Jan 13-Oct 4-Feb 13-Nov 4-Mar 11-Dec 4-Apr 11-Jan
5-Jan 14-Oct 5-Feb 14-Nov 5-Mar 12-Dec 5-Apr 12-Jan
6-Jan 15-Oct 6-Feb 15-Nov 6-Mar 13-Dec 6-Apr 13-Jan
7-Jan 16-Oct 7-Feb 16-Nov 7-Mar 14-Dec 7-Apr 14-Jan
8-Jan 17-Oct 8-Feb 17-Nov 8-Mar 15-Dec 8-Apr 15-Jan
9-Jan 18-Oct 9-Feb 18-Nov 9-Mar 16-Dec 9-Apr 16-Jan
10-Jan 19-Oct 10-Feb 19-Nov 10-Mar 17-Dec 10-Apr 17-Jan
11-Jan 20-Oct 11-Feb 20-Nov 11-Mar 18-Dec 11-Apr 18-Jan
12-Jan 21-Oct 12-Feb 21-Nov 12-Mar 19-Dec 12-Apr 19-Jan
13-Jan 22-Oct 13-Feb 22-Nov 13-Mar 20-Dec 13-Apr 20-Jan
14-Jan 23-Oct 14-Feb 23-Nov 14-Mar 21-Dec 14-Apr 21-Jan
15-Jan 24-Oct 15-Feb 24-Nov 15-Mar 22-Dec 15-Apr 22-Jan
16-Jan 25-Oct 16-Feb 25-Nov 16-Mar 23-Dec 16-Apr 23-Jan
17-Jan 26-Oct 17-Feb 26-Nov 17-Mar 24-Dec 17-Apr 24-Jan
18-Jan 27-Oct 18-Feb 27-Nov 18-Mar 25-Dec 18-Apr 25-Jan
19-Jan 28-Oct 19-Feb 28-Nov 19-Mar 26-Dec 19-Apr 26-Jan
20-Jan 29-Oct 20-Feb 29-Nov 20-Mar 27-Dec 20-Apr 27-Jan
21-Jan 30-Oct 21-Feb 30-Nov 21-Mar 28-Dec 21-Apr 28-Jan
22-Jan 31-Oct 22-Feb 1-Dec 22-Mar 29-Dec 22-Apr 29-Jan
23-Jan 1-Nov 23-Feb 2-Dec 23-Mar 30-Dec 23-Apr 30-Jan
24-Jan 2-Nov 24-Feb 3-Dec 24-Mar 31-Dec 24-Apr 31-Jan
25-Jan 3-Nov 25-Feb 4-Dec 25-Mar 1-Jan 25-Apr 1-Feb
26-Jan 4-Nov 26-Feb 5-Dec 26-Mar 2-Jan 26-Apr 2-Feb
27-Jan 5-Nov 27-Feb 6-Dec 27-Mar 3-Jan 27-Apr 3-Feb
28-Jan 6-Nov 28-Feb 7-Dec 28-Mar 4-Jan 28-Apr 4-Feb
29-Jan 7-Nov 29-Mar 5-Jan 29-Apr 5-Feb
30-Jan 8-Nov 30-Mar 6-Jan 30-Apr 6-Feb
31-Jan 9-Nov 31-Mar 7-Jan
May June July August
1-May 7-Feb 1-Jun 10-Mar 1-Jul 9-Apr 1-Aug 10-May
2-May 8-Feb 2-Jun 11-Mar 2-Jul 10-Apr 2-Aug 11-May
3-May 9-Feb 3-Jun 12-Mar 3-Jul 11-Apr 3-Aug 12-May
4-May 10-Feb 4-Jun 13-Mar 4-Jul 12-Apr 4-Aug 13-May
5-May 11-Feb 5-Jun 14-Mar 5-Jul 13-Apr 5-Aug 14-May
6-May 12-Feb 6-Jun 15-Mar 6-Jul 14-Apr 6-Aug 15-May
7-May 13-Feb 7-Jun 16-Mar 7-Jul 15-Apr 7-Aug 16-May
8-May 14-Feb 8-Jun 17-Mar 8-Jul 16-Apr 8-Aug 17-May
9-May 15-Feb 9-Jun 18-Mar 9-Jul 17-Apr 9-Aug 18-May
10-May 16-Feb 10-Jun 19-Mar 10-Jul 18-Apr 10-Aug 19-May
11-May 17-Feb 11-Jun 20-Mar 11-Jul 19-Apr 11-Aug 20-May
12-May 18-Feb 12-Jun 21-Mar 12-Jul 20-Apr 12-Aug 21-May
13-May 19-Feb 13-Jun 22-Mar 13-Jul 21-Apr 13-Aug 22-May
14-May 20-Feb 14-Jun 23-Mar 14-Jul 22-Apr 14-Aug 23-May
15-May 21-Feb 15-Jun 24-Mar 15-Jul 23-Apr 15-Aug 24-May
16-May 22-Feb 16-Jun 25-Mar 16-Jul 24-Apr 16-Aug 25-May
17-May 23-Feb 17-Jun 26-Mar 17-Jul 25-Apr 17-Aug 26-May
18-May 24-Feb 18-Jun 27-Mar 18-Jul 26-Apr 18-Aug 27-May
19-May 25-Feb 19-Jun 28-Mar 19-Jul 27-Apr 19-Aug 28-May
20-May 26-Feb 20-Jun 29-Mar 20-Jul 28-Apr 20-Aug 29-May
21-May 27-Feb 21-Jun 30-Mar 21-Jul 29-Apr 21-Aug 30-May
22-May 28-Feb 22-Jun 31-Mar 22-Jul 30-Apr 22-Aug 31-May
23-May 1-Mar 23-Jun 1-Apr 23-Jul 1-May 23-Aug 1-Jun
24-May 2-Mar 24-Jun 2-Apr 24-Jul 2-May 24-Aug 2-Jun
25-May 3-Mar 25-Jun 3-Apr 25-Jul 3-May 25-Aug 3-Jun
26-May 4-Mar 26-Jun 4-Apr 26-Jul 4-May 26-Aug 4-Jun
27-May 5-Mar 27-Jun 5-Apr 27-Jul 5-May 27-Aug 5-Jun
28-May 6-Mar 28-Jun 6-Apr 28-Jul 6-May 28-Aug 6-Jun
29-May 7-Mar 29-Jun 7-Apr 29-Jul 7-May 29-Aug 7-Jun
30-May 8-Mar 30-Jun 8-Apr 30-Jul 8-May 30-Aug 8-Jun
31-May 9-Mar 31-Jul 9-May 31-Aug 9-Jun
September October November December
1-Sep 10-Jun 1-Oct 10-Jul 1-Nov 10-Aug 1-Dec 9-Sep
2-Sep 11-Jun 2-Oct 11-Jul 2-Nov 11-Aug 2-Dec 10-Sep
3-Sep 12-Jun 3-Oct 12-Jul 3-Nov 12-Aug 3-Dec 11-Sep
4-Sep 13-Jun 4-Oct 13-Jul 4-Nov 13-Aug 4-Dec 12-Sep
5-Sep 14-Jun 5-Oct 14-Jul 5-Nov 14-Aug 5-Dec 13-Sep
6-Sep 15-Jun 6-Oct 15-Jul 6-Nov 15-Aug 6-Dec 14-Sep
7-Sep 16-Jun 7-Oct 16-Jul 7-Nov 16-Aug 7-Dec 15-Sep
8-Sep 17-Jun 8-Oct 17-Jul 8-Nov 17-Aug 8-Dec 16-Sep
9-Sep 18-Jun 9-Oct 18-Jul 9-Nov 18-Aug 9-Dec 17-Sep
10-Sep 19-Jun 10-Oct 19-Jul 10-Nov 19-Aug 10-Dec 18-Sep
11-Sep 20-Jun 11-Oct 20-Jul 11-Nov 20-Aug 11-Dec 19-Sep
12-Sep 21-Jun 12-Oct 21-Jul 12-Nov 21-Aug 12-Dec 20-Sep
13-Sep 22-Jun 13-Oct 22-Jul 13-Nov 22-Aug 13-Dec 21-Sep
14-Sep 23-Jun 14-Oct 23-Jul 14-Nov 23-Aug 14-Dec 22-Sep
15-Sep 24-Jun 15-Oct 24-Jul 15-Nov 24-Aug 15-Dec 23-Sep
16-Sep 25-Jun 16-Oct 25-Jul 16-Nov 25-Aug 16-Dec 24-Sep
17-Sep 26-Jun 17-Oct 26-Jul 17-Nov 26-Aug 17-Dec 25-Sep
18-Sep 27-Jun 18-Oct 27-Jul 18-Nov 27-Aug 18-Dec 26-Sep
19-Sep 28-Jun 19-Oct 28-Jul 19-Nov 28-Aug 19-Dec 27-Sep
20-Sep 29-Jun 20-Oct 29-Jul 20-Nov 29-Aug 20-Dec 28-Sep
21-Sep 30-Jun 21-Oct 30-Jul 21-Nov 30-Aug 21-Dec 29-Sep
22-Sep 1-Jul 22-Oct 31-Jul 22-Nov 31-Aug 22-Dec 30-Sep
23-Sep 2-Jul 23-Oct 1-Aug 23-Nov 1-Sep 23-Dec 1-Oct
24-Sep 3-Jul 24-Oct 2-Aug 24-Nov 2-Sep 24-Dec 2-Oct
25-Sep 4-Jul 25-Oct 3-Aug 25-Nov 3-Sep 25-Dec 3-Oct
26-Sep 5-Jul 26-Oct 4-Aug 26-Nov 4-Sep 26-Dec 4-Oct
27-Sep 6-Jul 27-Oct 5-Aug 27-Nov 5-Sep 27-Dec 5-Oct
28-Sep 7-Jul 28-Oct 6-Aug 28-Nov 6-Sep 28-Dec 6-Oct
29-Sep 8-Jul 29-Oct 7-Aug 29-Nov 7-Sep 29-Dec 7-Oct
30-Sep 9-Jul 30-Oct 8-Aug 30-Nov 8-Sep 30-Dec 8-Oct
31-Oct 9-Aug 31-Dec 9-Oct

Importance of cattle gestation period table

A gestation table for cattle is essential so that farmers and ranchers can keep track record of the expected due dates of a pregnant cow. This knowledge is crucial for the preparation of the birth and ensuring the well-being of the cow and the calf.

Benefits of using cow gestation table

Here are some of the benefits of using a gestation table for cattle.

Accurate record-keeping

As a farmer, If you use a cow gestation table, you can keep a track record of your cattle’s pregnancy and the due date of arrival of the calf.

Efficient breeding management

By efficiently using a gestation table, ranchers can streamline their activities as it helps them avoid the chances of over-breeding by notifying them when it is the best time to breed. This feature smartly cuts down excessive costs and increases gross productivity.

Enhanced herd health and productivity

When speaking of productivity, we mustn’t forget that the gestation table also keeps the cow’s health in continuous check; it keeps the farmers updated regarding if the cow is having any potential health complications during pregnancy. These enhance the farm’s overall productivity and herd health by treating potential health issues early.

Cattlytics’ Detailed Brief

Cattlytics is an app that a rancher can use to keep a record of the gestation period for cattle.

  • You can download it from the Play Store or App Store
  • Enter the details including the cow’s last insemination and other important details
  • Save the record by clicking on the saving option.



A gestational table for cattle helps a rancher to keep track of the cattle’s pregnancy and the due date of arrival of the calf. The gestation table has numerous benefits that include efficient breeding management, accurate record-keeping, and others. We greatly suggest having a gestation table for cattle and calf’s well-being.

Q1: What is the average gestation period for cattle?

The average cow’s gestation period is 283 days. But also it depends on the age and size of the cattle. Older cows’ delivery date is approximately 10 days earlier than the short and young ones.

Q2: What is the shortest and longest gestation period recorded for cattle?

The length of the gestation period for cattle varies between breeds, with Aberdeen Angus having the shortest period of 273 days, and Brown Swiss having the longest at 292 days. On the other hand, buffaloes have a gestation period of more than 300 days.

Q3: How do farmers use cattle gestation period tables to plan breeding and calving?

The farmers use a gestation table to figure out the delivery date of their cattle. In this way, they can plan breeding and manage calves more accurately.

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