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Crop Management Software: All you need to know

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Simply put, Crop Management Software is an application that helps farmers to organize all of their crop information within a single centralized location.

Crop Management Software is designed to help farmers across the globe to coordinate every aspect of farm management in such a way in which productivity, profitability, and efficiency increases while costs are reduced.

With the help of such software, farmers can manage the day to day records, monitor their teams, check and manage inventory, and keep tabs on the condition of farm equipment.

Use of Drones for Tracking Crops


Drones or UAVs (Unmanned Air Vehicle) is a small unmanned aircraft which are used in places where manned flights are considered too difficult.

Drones were initially designed for agriculture and even today there is huge potential for drones within this industry.

Within agriculture, drones can be used for multiple activities which include but are not limited to precision farming, crop health analysis, application of pesticides, monitoring of pests and weeds, geographical surveys of crops and so much more.

The use of drones for crop tracking has numerous advantages. Drone images can indicate crop development, locate areas of underperformance, and enable better crop development.

Furthermore, drones can be fitted with a multitude of sensors according to the needs of the farmer. They can be used for picking out the unhealthy crop from the healthy ones, compare color differences, detect heat/moisture, etc.

On the flip side, however, drone technology also has some significant drawbacks which include the high initial cost of purchase, weather dependency, steep learning curve, etc.

Why Use Crop Management Software?


Crop Management Software since its inception has made waves within the agriculture industry. It has revolutionized the way that farmers think and operate and has taken productivity and profit margins to a whole new level.

If you still aren’t convinced as to why you should use crop management software listed below are some of the major advantages to convince you otherwise.

Greater Profit Margins

Farming is a business and like any other business, the most important thing is profit. Therefore farmers around the world are searching for ways to maximize their profits.

One such way to increase profits is by the use of Crop Management Software.  Utilizing such software farmers can easily view their costs of production, workforce, shipping, harvesting and so much more.

Furthermore, Crop Management Software gives farmers access to all aspects of their business. Therefore, having all of the information farmers can make strategic, data-driven decisions that lead to a reduction in costs and gain in profits.

Enhanced productivity

More than half of the crop production cost is taken up by labor. With the help of crop management software, farmers can get a bird’s eye view of everything that is happening on the farm. This makes team management easier and goals are accomplished much quicker.

Crop Management Software also makes it easier to keep track of labor productivity, track trends, and identify areas of improvement.

Employee work hours, salaries, and other costs are tracked and managed with ease. This maximizes labor efficiency and improves communication between team members. A connected team is always a more productive one.

Mobile/Cloud-based Management Of Crops

Crop management has never been easier. With the help of Crop Management Software, managing various aspects of your farm has become as easy as a click of a button on your mobile phone.

Most Crop Management Software has support for both ios and Android operating systems so that farmers don’t have to stay in front of a computer all day long but instead utilize that time in their fields.

Crop Management Software is a cloud-based solution that offers farmers and their workforce real-time dashboard access. If any team member makes any kind of input all the other members will have access to that change instantaneously.

Crop Management Software also allows farmers to manage their farms from virtually anywhere provided that an internet connection is available.

Greater Traceability

With the help of Crop Management Software, farmers can easily trace a product back to its origin within seconds. This software can track the exact product right to its block and the person responsible for it.

Having access to such information available anywhere at any time significantly reduces recall time, helps keep the customers safe, and safeguards the reputation of the farm itself.

Farmers can meet worldeide traceability standards such as GlobalGAP and FSMA which helps to gain more access to the market and helps to build a good reputation with the customers.

Detailed Reports

Having food safety is a source of major pain for farmers. Not only does the process take a long time but it also eats up labor.

Farm Management Software helps soften the blow. It streamlines the process and helps to reduce the amount of labor required.

Crop Management Software makes record keeping extremely easy by generating powerful reports with just a few clicks. These super detailed reports are up to the standards of the auditors and farmers and help reduce the days of the auditing process.

Who Uses Crop Management Software?

Having nearly endless benefits Crop Management Software is used by people across the agricultural sector.

Whether it be farmers, growers, agronomists, or researchers, Crop Management Software helps all of them do their jobs better and helps pave the way for a more sustainable, productive, and profitable future.

Crop Management Software offers the opportunity to better understand the costs and the variables that impact and affect crop profitability and maintains error-free and efficient records to keep track of crops while ensuring complete traceability.


Crop Management Software is highly cost-effective and efficient. It is used widely across the agricultural industry to streamline the farming process by improving day to day operations and maintaining a high standard.

People in the agricultural sector greatly benefit from such a solution and can accomplish many feats that were considered impossible previously.

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