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Deploying Business Intelligence Solution For Operational Excellence


Growers Express faced significant challenges in effectively managing and analyzing its data from the very start to the end. The existing methods for data processing and reporting were inefficient, time-consuming, and lacked real-time insights.


They required a comprehensive solution that would enable them to efficiently analyze and visualize their data. Growers Express aimed to enhance their operational efficiency, optimize inventory management, improve crop planning, and gain valuable insights into their financial performance.


Folio3 built an award winning suite of mobile solutions for Growers that were later productized as “Truetrac” – now acquired by FoodLink. The solution leveraged Zap BI, a powerful analytics platform, to provide them with the tools and capabilities required to address their specific needs.


Growers Express

Growers Express is a leading agricultural company specializing in the cultivation and marketing of a diverse range of products. Their portfolio includes well-known brands like Green Giant Fresh. With multiple locations, the company generates substantial revenue and has established a reputation for excellence in the industry.

Understanding the Challenge

Overcoming Data Analytics Hurdles

Growers Express faced several core challenges in their data analytics processes:

  • Inefficient Data Processing: The existing methods for data processing were manual and time-consuming.
  • Lack of Real-time Insights: The company lacked the ability to access real-time insights into its financial performance, inventory management, and crop planning.
  • Limited Data Visualization: The absence of a user-friendly and intuitive data visualization platform limited their ability to gain actionable intelligence from their data.

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Building the Solution

Empowering Growers Express with a
Comprehensive BI Solution 

Folio3 collaborated closely with Growers Express to develop a comprehensive BI solution that addressed their challenges effectively:

The Strategy

Folio3 strategy to cater to customer needs to revolve around four major steps:

  • Understanding The User Journey

  • Building Wireframes & Designs

  • Development

  • Deployment, Testing & Training

The Solution

Automated Reporting & Notifications

Report packs and publication rules were created to automate reporting processes and improve user notifications. Scheduled events, comparison events, cube events, and resource change events were utilized to trigger the generation and distribution of reports.

Customization & Data Integration

The existing BI model was enhanced to incorporate custom dimensions, attributes, and measures. Additional data sources, including shared data files, were integrated into the solution.

Governance & Security

Folio3 ensured the solution's integrity by managing processing schedules and user authorizations through cube roles and establishing governance and security protocols.

Pre-built Analytics Models

The Zap BI model for AX 2009 was set up and configured, providing a solid foundation for data analysis across finance, production, inventory management.

Self-Service BI Environment

We set up a self-service BI environment for users to utilize pre-built custom sets, named sets, report templates, and calculated members for efficient data exploration and analysis.

Zap BI Training & Configuration

Folio3's team received comprehensive training on Zap BI, ensuring they had the necessary expertise to configure and deploy the solution.

The Resulting Transformation

Revolutionizing Agricultural Data Analytics With BI

The implementation of the Growers Express BI Solution brought about a remarkable transformation in their data analytics processes.

By automating data processing and providing real-time insights, Growers Express experienced increased operational efficiency and improved decision-making. The complete suite of mobile applications helped them with food safety and produce traceability, inventory management, label printing in the field, payroll information capture in the field, crop planning, and mobile surveys.

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