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Best Livestock Management Apps and Software for 2023

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Farming may be a demanding endeavor, especially if you have a large number of different animals. Farm managers are no longer need to go around with a pen and paper to collect information on their animals. Using livestock management apps, farmers can keep track of and record their cattle from the time they born.

As a consequence, you can use this application to record every event that happens in an animal’s life and to keep track of important dates in the animal’s history. It has not taken long for the software used by livestock farmers to monitor the health and well-being of their animals to gain widespread acceptance.

Using the app, farmers can keep track of all of the important information about their crops, from the time they are planted until the time they are harvested and sold.

Almost every piece of livestock management software keeps track of the owner’s date of birth, medical history, and other personal information. Farmers may better manage their farm’s animals with the use of livestock management applications, which allow them to follow them remotely around the farm.

With the aid of contemporary livestock management app, it is now feasible to keep track of everything that occurs on a farm’s daily schedule. This kind of application may include feed formulation, production, and accounting as well as feed selection and various other data points against specific components such as land characteristics and meteorological variables.

This information can be accessed quickly and easily via interactive reports and charts, which will help to enhance the overall efficiency and productivity of farms. In livestock management software, advanced analytical tools assist farmers in identifying and following productive practices that are beneficial for them.



Chetu is an enterprise-level livestock management platform for farmers, and it is well-known for its ability to offer customized solutions. Breeding tracking and ranch management are only two of the livestock management operations that can be carried out on the platform, which makes it convenient for farmers. Also included are powerful database management capabilities, which enable farmers to enter, update, and analyze complete information on individual animals via the use of the web or mobile devices.

Native and cross-platform mobile apps may be quickly and easily developed to scan ID tags and get all animal parameters with a single click, regardless of the platform.

With the help of this software, lowering breeding costs, generating high-quality offspring, and diagnosing stock problems are all made much simpler. Individuals may be contacted through an interface in the Chetu livestock program if their livestock needs shelter due to inclement weather.

Ranchers may access and make changes to information on all of their cattle using a database management system. Which is accessible from any desktop or mobile device. An innovative dashboard allows you to keep track of herd-wide spread and fertilization efforts.


It is the Farmwizard Beef Manager, a high-utility cattle management system that is developed to automate the agricultural business in order to increase its efficiency. Traceability is provided by the platform in addition to livestock management and supplier management functions.

Farmers may use the app to record and retrieve information from their fields, which will help them to be more productive. Farmers may also monitor herd performance in real-time and identify specific breeding challenges before they become significant problems by using advanced monitoring systems.

Farmwizard allows you to change and analyze your records in a fast and simple manner while keeping your data private and confidential. This software will be beneficial to beef farmers who demand a robust web-based solution for maintaining herd data and monitoring their performance.

With this tool, you can easily raise and optimize the profitability of your dairy herd’s fertility, without having to do anything complicated.

It provides you with the capacity to swiftly draw strategic insights from a large amount of information.


Ranchr, a comprehensive livestock management system, has the potential to provide significant benefits to cattle herds. For ranchers, this software is a must-have because of its simple and efficient livestock management skills.

Download it now! In addition, clients may follow the health of individual animals using the app, providing them with useful information about the health of their herd.

Farmers could use the app to monitor herd performance in real-time and identify any breeding issues early on, and the app offered interactive and extensive reporting choices to help them do so. Ranchers may increase their productivity and revenues as a result of the software’s ability to simplify and expedite the whole process of monitoring and treating cow health and welfare.

Ranchers may maintain thorough records of their cattle, including information on their breeding, lineage, location, treatment, and sales history, using the program. The software also has built-in accounting tools to aid farmers in managing their day-to-day commercial activities and estimating their profit and loss.

Catle Max

Cattle Max is a well-known enterprise-level livestock management app that is ideal for large-scale livestock management operations.

Over 8,000 farms are using Cattle Max in the United States and other nations. There are a variety of features accessible on this platform, including livestock notes, multi-record changes, electronic ID features, and custom reports. It keep track of animal inventory as well as production history. Keep meticulous records of all breeding and pregnancy events. Keep track of the most important performance indicators. Manage the treatment of the herd. Keep up with the latest livestock acquisitions and dispositions. Keep track of your breed association’s import and export records.

Cattle Max has developed exclusively for your cattle business, whether it is a commercial herd or a stud enterprise. From your workstation or mobile device, you may use Cattle Max, which enables you to monitor, analyze your herd’s activity.


Livestock and agribusinesses of all kinds can profit from automating their operations and production, whether they are crop farms, fisheries, dairy farms, poultry farms, cattle farms, or meat processing facilities. Additionally, grain elevators, cooperatives, ethanol production programs, feed stores, and petroleum outlets can benefit from farm management software, as can any other business that has a connection to Livestock.

It is possible to measure farm profitability in real-time at the enterprise, crop, and field levels using farm management software. This is useful for both small and large farm operations.

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