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Enabled HuvePharma To Execute The Best Reward Mechanism For Its Valued Customers


The client wanted to expand the customer base and was trying to retain existing customers for their online store. The complex user interface of the existing system was one of the major obstacles in the way of customer success.  


To reward their customers, HuvePharma was looking for ways to create a system whereby they could give them points, which they could then use to buy other goods; like clothing, gift cards, and vacations, from an online fulfilment store.


Folio3’s developed a reward platform for huvepharma’s customers by introducing a rebate store in their existing tech stack awarding them points, where they can purchase products by redeeming their points with no payment transactions involved.


Huvepharma ®

Privately held Huvepharma has its headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria. Biovet. They have more than 50 years of experience in the fermentation and production of dietary and health products for people and animals. They have had both organic and acquisition-based expansion.

Huvepharma® has a distribution network which covers more than 90 countries in 6 continents. Large, contemporary fermentation facilities include substantial R&D, quality assurance, and packaged products capabilities as well as the ability to produce large molecules, purify them, and carry out downstream processing.

Understanding the Challenge

Customer Expansion and Retention 

Huvepharma wanted to increase the customer base and wanted to retain the existing customers for their online store, which was not possible in their existing system. They meant to incentivize customers from tier-1 to the very end customer, by enrolling/subscribing the customers into their Rebate Program, award them Points, and they can purchase products by redeeming their points.

  • The solutions had to be very specific as the client was very specific with what their needs are and what should the end product look like.
  • Your commercial staff may be passing up significant chances if they don’t have good visibility into your rebate programs.
  • Rebate accrual is the payment of a customer that is due but has not yet been paid because it is typical with rebate offers for you to earn rebates at a different rate than you get them.
  • Conflicts with suppliers over overdue rebate payments hurt supplier relationships and the business’s bottom line by delaying payment or not obtaining the value expected.
  • A trade deal may be in effect for a very long time. It can be quite difficult to maintain precise, clear, and concise data during the whole lifespan of a rebate program.

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Building the Solution

Building The Best Online Rebate/Fulfilment Store

The solution was to build an Online Rebate / Fulfilment Store and purchase various items (Apparel, Gift Cards, Trips etc.) Since this is what our client wanted to develop, our experts worked on developing a reward mechanism that awards points to the customers. The customers can then redeem these earned points and buy things without making any payment transactions.

Our Approach

  • Understanding The User Journey

    We first went through a comprehensive discovery process to identify the client’s requirements and any challenges being faced by them. We created user personas, delved into the requirements, and identified critical areas to be able to align the process with what the client had in mind. This is also where we realized the need for two applications to be developed in two phases: one for the feedlot managers and a separate one for the auditors.

  • Building Wireframes & Designs

    We then built wireframes to conceptualize what we understood from the requirements and after getting them approved, we went on to the actual designs.

  • Development

    Our developers then went on to build two separate applications catering to different users.

  • Deployment, Testing & Training

    We launched the MVP in 7 months and then proceeded to train the employees while simultaneously making improvements.

The Solution

Rebate Program Management

Helps them create Rebate Programs with basic information like Program Name, Program Description, Featured Image, Associated Product, Category and Status (Active/Deactive).

Review and Confirm the Order

The Review Order Page and Confirm Order pages display the order with all of its details. Once the user Confirms the Order, they would be redirected to the Order Received page.

Store Management
(Admin Panel)

The store management feature is controlled from the Admin Panel for creating and maintaining Stores and Products where a Plugin, WooCommerce, is integrated. This is also being utilized for Products associated with the default shipping module of WooCommerce, but there would be no charges for Shipping/Delivery.

Order Received Page/Flow

The order received Page displays Thank you text along with details - Order ID, Order Date, of the customer’s order. All the Admins can then view successfully confirmed orders on the admin panel.

Online Store Landing page / Product Detail Page / Cart Flow

Customers visit the landing page of their subscribed Rebate Program, where they can browse categories, apply filters, and view products. The cart section shows product details, Add/Delete options, cart total, and Checkout. The Cart icon updates with the item count.

The Resulting Transformation

The Rebate System Helps Increasing The Incentives For The Customer At Max

With the use of diverse technologies and programming languages – WooCommerce Plugin, Agdata, Animalytics, AWS, in developing the process of the solution, Huvepharma experienced drastic increase in customer acquisition and enjoyed benefits beyond their imagination. 

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