Growers Express AX Mobility Solutions

Empowering Efficient Warehouse Operations and Integration with Dynamics AX ERP


Faced challenges with warehouse operations, including accuracy and efficiency, and needed seamless integration with their Dynamics AX ERP system.


They were in need of a customized solution that would help them improve accuracy and efficiency while eliminating the need for physical expansion, and achieving seamless integration with their Dynamics AX ERP system.


Folio3 provided custom development & integration services. The solution included modifications to key processes, implementation of licence plating, integration with HarvestTrac, & improved reporting capabilities in Dynamics AX.


Growers Express

Growers Express is a leading California-based agricultural company known for its well-known produce brands like Green Giant Fresh. The company operates multiple locations and has a significant revenue stream from its diverse range of produce. They partnered with Folio3 to enhance their warehouse operations and achieve seamless integration with their Dynamics AX system.

Understanding the Challenge

Operational Difficulties Impeding Growth

Growers Express encountered various operational challenges that hindered their growth and efficiency. These obstacles included fragmented systems that impeded communication between information management systems, the need for scalable solutions to support expansion, limited reporting capabilities for data-driven decision-making, reliance on error-prone manual processes, and security risks due to non-compliance with industry standards.

  • Fragmented Systems: Inefficient integration and communication between different information management systems hindered operations.
  • Scalability Requirements: The company required a scalable solution to accommodate rapid growth and increased business demands.
  • Limited Reporting: Inadequate reporting capabilities posed challenges in making data-driven strategic decisions.
  • Manual Processes and Errors: Reliance on manual data management processes resulted in inefficiencies and increased the risk of errors.
  • Security Concerns: Non-compliance with industry standards exposed the company to security risks in information and business processes.

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Building the Solution

A Comprehensive Digital Solution for Operational Excellence

Folio3’s comprehensive digital solution has brought about a remarkable transformation for Growers Express. By digitizing processes and providing complete visibility, the solution has added significant value to the client’s business, resulting in increased productivity, improved accuracy, and timely decision-making, positioning Growers Express for operational excellence in the agricultural sector.

Our Approach

  • Understanding The User Journey

    We went through an intensive product discovery phase with the client where we tried to understand and dissect the challenges they were facing and get to the root cause behind them.
  • Building Wireframes & Designs

    After detailed discussions with the client on their requirements and mapping the workflow according to their needs, we showed them wireframes of the extensions and modules we created and got them approved.
  • Development & Implementation

    We developed the new modules and implemented the AX mobility solutions for them after customizing it according to their exact requirements.

The Solution The Solution

Customized Efficiency and Control

Folio3’s tailored solution effectively addressed Growers Express’ challenges, resulting in a remarkable transformation:

AX Custom Development

It enabled better management of sales orders, cooling and put-away processes, and replenishment requirements.

HarvestTrac Integration

Automated the creation and update of purchase orders and receiving data, significantly improving operational efficiency.

License Plating Implementation

It enhanced accuracy and efficiency in the warehouse management system (WMS) by assigning a unique pallet ID to each pallet, facilitating seamless tracking and picking.

Enhance Reporting Capabilities

Provided detailed performance reports for receivers, put-away operators, case pickers, and loaders, enabling data-driven decision-making.

The Resulting Transformation

Enhanced Efficiency and Streamlined Workflows

The implementation of Folio3’s AX Mobility Solutions efficiently brought relief to Growers Express. With enhanced accuracy in warehouse operations, processes such as transfer, picking, and sales order management were streamlined, resulting in faster order fulfilment and improved customer satisfaction. The seamless integration between HarvestTrac and Dynamics AX ERP enabled automated data exchange, eliminating the need for manual data entry. 

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