Building an Advanced Web Application to Help Calculate Market Potential in Sub-Saharan Africa for Veterinary Medicine



Galvmed was finding it difficult to manually store data and calculate the market potential for veterinarian pharmaceutical vaccines and drugs for various different regions in developing countries.


They felt the need to digitize operations to make it easier and more convenient for research organizations and pharmaceutical companies to calculate market potential and subsequently introduce relevant drugs and vaccines.


The solution is easily accessible and scalable and supports all species of livestock. It helps users perform advanced condition-based calculations using default market numbers provided or even after editing any assumptions.




Originally founded in 2004, GALVmed (earlier GALV) has a mission to Protectect livestock, save human lives. Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as well as DFID, they make veterinary medicine and vaccines for livestock animals and make advanced diagnostics affordable and accessible for more than 900 million ranchers in developing countries around the world.

Understanding the Challenge

Difficulty in Calculating Market Potential With Spreadsheets

Difficulty in Calculating Market Potential With Spreadsheets. It was difficult to estimate the market potential for various veterinarian pharmaceutical drugs for different regions using manual processes. Their existing approach consisted of using spreadsheets for storing data and computing calculations.

  • It was difficult to scale the existing spreadsheet-based model or even just maintain it, because of many tabs such as countries, production systems, products, diseases, population, etc.
  • The data could not be accessed on mobiles.
  • Since it was a spreadsheet model, the chances of losing data and having calculation errors were inevitable.
  • It was not possible to calculate the market potential for all the species from one single interface.
  • It did not allow multiple data entries or the ability to make advanced condition-based calculations and forecasts.

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Why is Digital Transformation

Successful meat producers and processors in the 21st century need to be extremely productive, efficient, and resilient if they are to stand the test of digital, the data driven, revolution in the sector. It plays a pivotal role in driving optimum outcomes by controlling and managing data across the value chain.

Enhanced Efficiency

Digital transformation facilitates the automation of workflow processes that help optimize internal workflows in an organization.


Streamlined Data Management

With the use of automated data management tools KPIs can be tracked effectively for proactive decision making.

productivity icon

Increased Productivity

Digital transformation helps increase employee engagement by forming a collaborative work environment.

Building the Solution

Building an Intuitive Interface

The solution is accessible and supports all livestock species, enabling the client to calculate the market potential for veterinary drugs easily. It was scalable and fairly easy to maintain. It’s mobile-friendly and accessible from anywhere. Not only that, but it also allows users to apply condition-based calculations and make predictions based on them.

Our Approach

  • Understanding The User Journey

    We went through a digital discovery process to understand the issues the client was facing and what they wanted to achieve with the solution. We went deep into the details and tried to address the root cause in order to come up with the perfect solution.
  • Building Wireframes & Designs

    After understanding the workflow and creating user personas, we went on build wireframes, and later designs, for the solution we were proposing. We then ran the designs past the client and go them approved before building a prototype and starting development.
  • Development

    This was when our team of developers got to work to develop a modular solution. Other than the server components for data management, the team went on to build an administrative module for user management as well as work order management, and a QA module to manage their daily quality control tasks.
  • Deployment, Testing & Training

    We helped deploy the solution after integrating it with the backend and then offered training to the client so they could understand the new solution and gain from it in the best possible way.

The Solution


Company Management

The solution offers customized access and permissions for different companies and customers of the client to help them generate maximum revenue.


Product Management

The company can decide, manage, and automate which pharmaceutical product works best against a certain disease in the animals, making calculations easier


Specie Management

This includes the management of multiple species of livestock animals and their population assumptions. It also includes disease assumptions for the purpose of calculation, and all these assumptions may be edited by the user.


Disease Management

There is an automated process that helps analyze different diseases to be able to calculate the market potential for the drugs prescribed for these diseases.

User Management

User Management

The advance user management is possible with multiple user roles. The different users are ranchers, pharmaceutical companies, and even the government.



The solution lets you perform advanced condition-based calculations. The formulas are automated, so the default formula will remain the same even if a user decides to modify it to check the difference.


The Resulting Transformation

Advanced Analytics With a Market Assessment Solution

The solution is essentially a market assessment tool that helps the users calculate the accurate market potential for specific drugs in specific countries along with the species in question. It also helps them choose their target market and edit any assumptions made to arrive at the answers.
Can be accessed on all smart devices that helped users to access all relevant information at any point.
Enables the users to calculate the precise market potential for each drug in each country for any particular livestock. This made decision-making much easier and less time-consuming.
Allows users to leverage advanced calculations as well as make condition-based forecasts to prepare for the different situations beforehand.
The client can also resell the tool with limited access to other manufacturers who are also targeting such markets.

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