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Automating Traceability from Ranch to Table


It was getting more and more difficult to rely on spreadsheets and manual processes. Paper-based processes made it hard to capture and manage the activities, as well as the movement of the cattle.


They needed to digitize to remain competitive and manage data optimally across the value chain. A digital transformation allowed them to streamline their processes and make data-driven decisions.


The web application facilitated the client in gaining total visibility over the cattle in the fields and helped manage traceability over all the processes from “ranch to table”.


The Company

From cattle ranching and feeding to slaughtering and processing, the company is involved in each and every step of the “ranch to table” lifecycle. While the products can be found at America’s finest restaurants and retailers, they also export their beef to more than 30 countries across the globe.

Understanding the Challenge

Difficulty in Tracking the Movement and Activity of Cattle

The existing legacy solution relied heavily on spreadsheets as well as paper-based forms and documents. These forms had to be transported from different ranches to a central point and then they would have to be manually entered into the system in the form of spreadsheets.

  • It was difficult to capture, store, and manage the information about the activities and movement of the animals from one part of the process to another.
  • The animals were being tracked with RFID tags but it was difficult to retag the animals that lost their tags because of the lack of an efficient tracking system.
  • They updated their cattle data in bulk using spreadsheets which resulted in gaps in the data because of a lack of offline support.
  • It was difficult to maintain the purchase records for the RFID tags.
  • It was not possible to maintain cattle health and progress with just a few clicks or taps.
  • It was difficult to import cattle details into the sheet-based solution with all validations.

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Why is Digital Transformation

Successful meat producers and processors in the 21st century need to be extremely productive, efficient, and resilient if they are to stand the test of digital, the data driven, revolution in the sector. It plays a pivotal role in driving optimum outcomes by controlling and managing data across the value chain.

Enhanced Efficiency

Digital transformation facilitates the automation of workflow processes that help optimize internal workflows in an organization.


Streamlined Data Management

With the use of automated data management tools KPIs can be tracked effectively for proactive decision making.

productivity icon

Increased Productivity

Digital transformation helps increase employee engagement by forming a collaborative work environment.

Building the Solution

Digitally Tracking Cattle with a Traceability Software

Our digital solution made it easier for the client to manage traceability and know exactly what was going on in the field with their cattle at all times. The web application digitized their workflows and helped them maximize overall business effectiveness in their operations.

Our Approach

  • Understanding The User Journey

    After a thorough digital discovery that helped us understand the client and the problems being faced, we came up with an automated solution that helped the client save time and solved issues.

  • Building Wireframes & Designs

    We used the design thinking approach to plan the perfect solution and then went on to build wireframes for the web app solution we had in mind. We then got them approved before going on to the final designs and then development.

  • Development

    We used the latest technology and a team of development experts to build the solution and get it up and running. The solution is then tested by our team of Quality Assurance Technicians before final rollout.

  • Deployment, Testing & Training

    We integrated the solution with the backend and finally deployed the solution. We also offered training to the client so that they could further train their employees and workers.

The Solution

User Management

User Roles

The solution allows the users to define and customize user roles such as the administration, the ranch owner, and workers. Every role is then assigned customized permissions.


Offline Support

The solution offers offline support where it was needed. The workers don’t have to wait till the end of the day to enter information about the cattle and its activities.


Auto-Assignment of Cattle

The solution enables the client to be able to automate the assignment of the cattle to different programs with the help of timed cron jobs.


RFID Tag Purchase & Maintenance

It enables the client to manage tag purchases much more easily by enabling seamless integration with the vendor company.



The solution enabled accurate analytics and reporting including reports for breeding and calving. Reporting also provides a more holistic view of the process and gives the client access to actionable insights.


The Resulting Transformation

Streamlining The Process and Maximizing Productivity

The traceability solution helped the client track the progress as well as productivity for each and every ranch and location. Total visibility at every step of the process quickened the process and also helped the client take timely action. It helped add value to the client’s business in the following ways:
Digitization and automation of most processes have helped save a lot of time and effort on the part of the workers.
The information no longer has to be manually validated after being entered into the system, since automated ranges have been set for validation.
The client can now track the performance as well as the health of the cattle. They can now identify physical and mental abnormalities in the cattle because of behaviour, as well as high performing set of cattle and ranches.
The client can now store and manage information from one single place

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