A Leading Global Dairy Corporation

Revamping UI/UX to Make it a Smoother, More Intuitive Experience


The UI and UX for the client’s existing solution had usability issues and made navigation difficult for less tech-savvy users. There was a constant risk of losing data and the application crashed frequently.


They needed to revamp the UI/UX for the application so the farmers found it easier to streamline their daily operations and manage long-term planning without being in constant fear of data loss.


The new and improved solution was powerful yet had a user-friendly and intuitive interface, so even the users with a lack of technical knowledge found it easy to use.


Dairy Corporation

Founded more than a century ago, the client is one of the largest corporations in the United States. With a team of more than 155,000 professionals in more than 70 countries worldwide, they bring risk management to the world of agriculture, food, and nutrition, and help farmers and ranchers grow and connect to broader markets.

Understanding the Challenge

Existing Systems Affecting User Experience

The UI/UX for the client’s existing application made it difficult for users with less technical expertise to leverage it to the fullest. The app was not easy to use and had very apparent usability issues. It crashed frequently, and there was always a risk of data loss, which is why most users took down information manually to avoid data loss.

  • The app crashed very frequently, making it hard to capture important data in one go.
  • Auto-sync and auto-publish features in the application did not work properly, leading to the loss of customer data as well as notes entered into the application.
  • The interface was not intuitive and processes took very long with multiple screens and clicks involved.
  • The users were taking notes in physical journals to avoid data loss.
  • Historical data was hard to access within the app because visits are archived after a certain time period.
  • It was not possible to capture data for multiple parlours or even for a specific animal.

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Why is Digital Transformation

Successful meat producers and processors in the 21st century need to be extremely productive, efficient, and resilient if they are to stand the test of digital, the data driven, revolution in the sector. It plays a pivotal role in driving optimum outcomes by controlling and managing data across the value chain.

Enhanced Efficiency

Digital transformation facilitates the automation of workflow processes that help optimize internal workflows in an organization.


Streamlined Data Management

With the use of automated data management tools KPIs can be tracked effectively for proactive decision making.


Cost Optimization

The use of modern technological tools help optimize cost by prioritizing and optimizing operational process of a company.

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Increased Productivity

Digital transformation helps increase employee engagement by forming a collaborative work environment.

Building the Solution

Completely Revamping the UI/UX for the Cross-Platform App

The new and revamped cross-platform application helped the client overcome the issues they were facing with the existing application. The solution was easier to understand and more intuitive, so the users didn’t have to rely on technical knowledge to be able to use it properly.

Our Approach

  • Understanding The User Journey

    We conducted an intensive discovery that lasted between 6 and 8 weeks, trying to dive deep and understand the intricacies behind the challenges and issues being faced by the client. After making different user roles and dissecting the pain points for each, we suggested a complete revamp of the UI/UX for the mobile application.

  • Building Wireframes & Designs

    We then went on to rethink and remap the workflow to be able to design it in the easiest, most intuitive manner. We designed wireframes that minimize effort for the client and enabled them to accomplish the same tasks within a couple of taps.

  • Development

    Our development team then took over and recreated the UI/UX to build a new and improved solution for the client.

  • Deployment, Testing & Training

    We deployed the solution after minimal training was given to explain the new features as well as the interface changes.

The Solution


User Onboarding

The client’s users are welcomed with a splash screen and then a series of onboarding screens and coach marks, telling them what problems the app is solving and how they can use each element and feature.



The dashboard shows several items like upcoming actions, unsynced items, recent farm visits as well as the top pinned prospects and customers.


Sites (Under Customers and Prospects)

The user will be able to create new sites, view and update them, and also manage pens and diet set up for the cattle from within the app.



The solution enables the client to have a digital notebook where the user can view notes added by the consultants and also create new notes and update them as needed.


Data Syncing

The solution enables the client to finally be able to auto-sync without any issues whenever a user finds an internet connection with the sync result showing on the dashboard. The user also has the option to manually sync the app.


User Authentication

The client’s consultants will be able to log in via the client’s login portal, whereas all other users will be able to log in via Okta login.



The solution enables the client to have access to the entire list of customers as well as prospects. The users will be able to view them, view the sites within the customers, and also create new customers as well as prospects and pin them.


New Visits and Visit History

The solution enables the client to create new visits, and even manage the tools list for the visits. They are able to switch tools as well as pens and can generate and share tool reports and visit reports. They can also view all the previous visits and filter them according to the tool, status, date range, etc.


Offline Mode

The dashboard is viewable to the user, but any new changes aren’t reflected until the app is synced over internet connectivity. The solution enables the user to access visit history, new visits, customers as well as the notebook in offline mode.


The Resulting Transformation

An Intuitive App Offering a Seamless Experience

The solution enabled many users who didn’t even use the application to leverage the benefits of the analysis and actionable information available in the app. It helped improve the overall user experience and made it easy for the users with little to no technical knowledge.
The consultant now has the control to be able to decide the auto-publish duration, since the data is automatically saved after every 15 minutes.
The app is now more intuitive and gives options to the users to personalize their experience by marking their frequent tools and customers.
The digital notebook redefined convenience for the users that used to carry their physical notebooks with them on visits to avoid data loss.
The reports are shorter and crisper and can be customized according to the user’s preference.

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