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Keeping track of where your furry pets wander off to for extended hours is very challenging. It can stress you out, and your cat or dog might even get into trouble. With Tractive pet tracking app, you will always know about the whereabouts of your four-legged friends!

Being a pet parent is not easy, especially if you have a four-legged furry pet in your home. These pet animals wander off without being noticed and sometimes do not return for a really long time. As these cats and dogs are part of the family, it is perfectly justified to be worried about them. Searching for a lost pet is not just stressful but even tiring, and in many cases, it proves to be completely useless. It is a significant concern for cat- or dog-parents.

Wolfgang Reisinger, Michael Tschernuth, Michael Hurnaus, and Michael Lettner worked together to formulate a solution that could bring ease in the lives of pet owners. They developed Tractive GPS app for cats and dogs. Pet owners can locate their pets using their smartphones from anywhere in the city.

It provides the cat and dog owners with real-time location tracking that will never let the pet parents lose their pets ever again!

Tractive, an Austrian pet tech startup, realized how daunting and stressful the search can be. They launched a cat and dog tracking mobile app to bring ease and convenience in the lives of pet parents. Tractive has made it simple and easy to track the whereabouts of your pets without spending hours of searching on the roads and in your neighbor’s backyard.

The app is available for both Android and iOS users. With its amazing features of live tracking, activity monitoring, and location history will help you always keep your pet safe. The chances of your fur-balls getting lost in the woods are significantly reduced with this smart tracking app.

Its virtual fence feature is the most useful part of the app. It allows you to define a safe area in which it is safe for your pet to roam around. As soon as your pet dog or cat steps out of the area, the app will notify you with a push notification. You can then bring your pet home before they get lost, never to be found again!

Another feature that makes this app, the best in its category, is its public and family sharing option. With this feature, you can share your pet animal’s location with your friends and family. It is perfect for situations when your friends or family members are looking after your pet while you are away at work or on vacation!

The Tractive app for Android and iOS both have a rating of 4.4 on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. The app is bringing a higher degree of convenience in the lives of pet owners through its live-tracking functionality. The developers aim to strengthen the bond between pets and owners using technology. The smartphone app connects with every Tractive tracker and provides live-location details of their beloved pets. It is what smart convenience feels like! Tractive smartphone app is exactly what the pet world needed!

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