Vet Clinic of the Future: The growing role of technology in veterinary practice management

Veterinary Practice Management

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Digital technology is changing the future of Veterinary Practice Management. Veterinarians are looking for innovative veterinary software for improved patient communication, better diagnostic potential, and enhanced operational efficiencies. Moreover, integration with other third-party solutions can minimize time and errors, help in boosting productivity, and provide your patients with quality care.

Knowing the existing value of your practice can help you to build a baseline which can play an essential role in your progress for the future, be it for opportunities of expansion, planning for retirement, or working with partners.

Unproductive hours, high expenses, and low revenues can create a negative impact on your potential of gaining profit. Maximizing the use of technology allows you to keep track of these things so as to gain more opportunities for reducing expenses and improving productivity.

Here are some options that will surely work best for your veterinary practice requirements:

Increase Opportunities for Vet and Pet Parent Communication

By improving the communication between patient base and veterinary practice you can avail loads of opportunities for re-visits. Companion animal centers can avail benefits by sending reminders for appointments such as vaccination appointments, grooming appointments, and seasonal parasite control, either by using electronic communication or postal mail. Software platforms that are integrated are available in the market that allows for sorting appointments by condition, dates, and season. This data can also be used for sending a yearly package or offering seasonal care packages such as dental cleaning, preventive care, discount offers, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals etc.

Electronic communication, for large animal practices, can allow vets to maintain and improve their contact with their clients. Tracking of herd data can help vets to share opportunities for training, handling requirements and medical storage, and necessary safeguards. It can be possible to distribute information about any new product, infestation concerns or regional infection. White papers and webinars also provide great help to avail additional opportunities in having your clients visit more often which will result in maximized revenue potential.

Improving the Quality of Animal Care

Technological advancements are improving the level of care that vets are providing. Accessibility and affordability have built more room for widespread integration into practices that are smaller. Acquiring lab equipment that is used for diagnosis is now easier as compared to previous years. Immediate results and their integration into digital patient charts have eliminated the need for paperwork.

Laser surgery and laparoscopic precides are now less invasive and the duration of recovery is shorter as compared to before. MRI, ultrasound, and CT scans now provide care baselines for before and after and earlier diagnosis. Diagnostic imaging offers a variety of options for larger animals such as having an in-depth checkup of the digestive tract and head, potential use in orthopedic, soft, and neurologic tissue treatment, and of course, allows for studying diseases of the heart.

Integration of Data Into a Single Veterinary Practice Management System

By integrating charting, patient reminders, billing, testing, blood work, scheduling into one single platform can allow for saving time and costs. It will increase productivity levels and allows for focusing on improving patient care. For practices that are smaller and include a little number of resources, outsourcing components like collections and payments, inventory management, data security, staff training, client communication can provide a great number of benefits. With technological integration, the chnaces for errors in information are reduced, also it minimizes labor time and enhances efficiency.

Here are some significant benefits for a veterinary practice that you can obtain through technology:

  • Track information of the client, schedule appointments and obtain history on one single platform.
  • Integrating the data of patients and tracking practice performance.
  • Monitor and measure business profitability and efficiency.
  • An easier search of practice records by patients, state of disease, and other specific information.
  • Capturing and storing diagnostic images.
  • Tracking and ordering drug inventory.
  • Accessing practice data from a portable device for visits that are off-site.

And so much more…

The Future of Telemedicine in Veterinary Practice Management

Telemedicine creates room for professional development and makes educational training more economical and accessible. It offers faster access to experts and specialists who can quickly review pathology, radiology slides and other diagnostic data to practices that are located remotely.


There are various technological trends and several digits that are responsible for changing the veterinary industry. Smooth delivery of information between patient and practitioner allows for maintaining contact through reminders and updates. Technological improvements are transforming the industry and allowing practitioners to utilize their skills and abilities in more convenient ways in order to enhance their productivity.

If you’re interested in developing a veterinary practice management software or a pet care app, then the digital transformation experts at Folio3 Animal Care Practice can work with you to craft a digital strategy starting from idea generation and feature finalization to the development of an MVP and market roll-out. We also have a case study on how we helped Petzam develop an on-demand vet app to give a virtual communication platform for pet parents and vets.

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