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Improving Poultry Farming Techniques – The Role of Technological Solutions

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Do you own a poultry farming business and want to expand and automate it? Since you are here, it means your answer is yes. Poultry farming is quite profitable because chicken, meat, and eggs are integral to every household.

The question under discussion is how to scale and diversify the farm venture. The solution is ERP for poultry farming. Courtesy of the technology, you can use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in the poultry farming industry to enhance the efficiency of the existing processes.

Read along to learn about tips to improve poultry farming using ERP.

ERP for Poultry Farming

The poultry industry is diverse with different processes, such as breeding, broilers, hatcheries, food production, eggs, and sales. Therefore, it’s essential to manage and monitor all these activities using an ERP solution.

ERP is a centralized platform that integrates information from all the processes, offering a one-stop solution to monitor the poultry farming business. Additionally, ERP allows the poultry farm owners to optimize the steps to achieve profit targets.

Advantages of Using ERP in Poultry Farming

Livestock Management and Information

From nourishment to sanitation and waste management, ERP solution allows the poultry farm owners to ensure the health and wellness of the livestock. Furthermore, the farmers get to know the information about the livestock such as weight, muscle development, water, and feed.

The primary purpose of having real-time livestock management is their wellbeing and care. You can keep track of the livestock development cycle from breeding to raising. In addition, the ERP software enables you to monitor the poultry farm capacity and ensure the process is compliant with the sanitation and animal welfare standards.

Hatchery and feed are the two subsets of livestock management. Manually monitoring independent hatcheries is a tedious task requiring an accurate number of birds and dispatching the stock accordingly.

Feed management enables the poultry farm owners to timely place the order to procure the feed.

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Achieving Targets

This digital era is all about gathering real-time data and analyzing the performance reports and visual dashboards to improve efficiency. Furthermore, the management can evaluate future projections and analyze the existing performance based on the information, such as feed, eggs generation per chicken, and feed utilization rate.

Improves Efficiency

The ERP solution ensures the quality control checks of all the processes, thus enabling the business owners to improve the business model, financial management, material procurement, and overall performance. Consequently, the speed of the existing processes significantly increases.

Quality Control

Quality control means managing all the steps involved in the poultry farming business, from poultry production to the final dispatch. This way, the owners buy the premium-quality raw material for the livestock, monitor the farm capacity, and ensure the timely dispatch of the stock.

The ERP solution can highlight the issues such as degraded feed quality, mishandling of the livestock, or unavailability of freshwater.


Farm Activity Traceability

The ERP integration ensures daily monitoring of the different functions of the poultry farm. For instance, you can check real-time stats of the feed supply, health, temperature, hygiene, and waste.

Another advantage of using the ERP solution is to schedule and automate different tasks. For example, you can schedule the feed time, water supply, and other activities to reduce the man-hours. Therefore, you can monitor all the activities going on in the poultry farm through the state-of-the-art ERP system.

You can generate weekly and monthly performance reports and evaluate the projection for the next quarter. Lucky for you, the ERP collects, structures, and processes the raw stats, and all you need to do is analyze the final reports presented in the graphical form.

Inventory Management

From feed supply to multiple supply chains, you can monitor the inventory using ERP software. You can also observe the temperature and humidity of the warehouse where the feed is kept.

This way, you can timely decide to order the next batch of feed when 70 or 80 percent remains in the inventory.

Smart Financial Management

ERP for poultry farming ensures complete control over the finances from purchases to sales targets. The owners can look at the accounts and statistics on the ERP dashboard to formalize the budget for the coming years.

Not only that, but you can allocate some funds to expand the business operations nationwide or worldwide based on the results extracted from the ERP software. It allows the stakeholders to optimize the available labor resources and other support staff.


To sum up, ERP is a one-for-all and all-for-one solution to improve the poultry farming business by unifying the real-time information about the poultry cultivation processes. Additionally, it also assists the farmers with the latest farming techniques and practices to streamline the processes.

The main goal of improving the poultry farming business is to make it more profitable, precisely what ERP solution does.

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