Pets.AI: From robot pets to robots for pets, how AI is changing the lives of pets and those who love them

robot pets

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Robot Pets

We know you care about your pets and leaving them in the house for longer hours can be uncomforting. The technological advancements have made our daily life tasks very much easier and you can extend these advantages offered by technology to monitor and entertain your pet.

From robot pets to robots for pets, Artificial Intelligence is changing the lives of pets and those who love them.

Here are some amazing robotic companions that can keep your pet amused as well as helps you to monitor its activities while you are away.

Anthouse Smart Pet Companion Robot

Dogs are a human’s best friend but when you are busy at work or indoors, your four-legged friend might feel unwanted or lonely.

Anthouse is a robotic companion for your dog. It may not be very cheap but it is surely cheaper than bringing in another dog to keep your dog busy. This robotic companion takes care of both exercising and eating your dog and in a fun way. So you do not have to worry about your dog missing its playtime because of your busy day.

A companion pet care app allows you to take charge of this smart toy and make sure your smartphone is connected to Wi-Fi. Walkie-talkie mode allows you to communicate while your pet is playing. The built-in camera in this smart toy enables you to capture pictures and videos and share them right away by using the application.

The Anthouse smart dog companion’s main purpose is to keep your dog entertained by launching balls at any point from eight to twenty-eight feet (depends on the available space). This shorter distance makes this toy ideal to keep in your house or in your yard.

When you feel that your dog has enough fun for the day, the toy allows you to treat him with some food. Scheduling of dispensing treats can be made easily. Depending on the appetite and size of your dog, adjust the treats’ serving size.

This robot toy will automatically go back to its charging base when it requires recharging. It allows runtime of 2 to 5 hours and it takes almost four hours to get charged completely. It can self-navigate safely back to where the dock is.


  • It gives you complete control through a smartphone app.
  • It allows you to maintain communication with your pet as they play.
  • Combines mealtime and playtime.

Petcube Smart Pet Camera with Interactive Laser Toy

This robotic toy helps you to keep a close eye on your dog and cat with a laser. It has a 1080p camera that allows for, night vision and wide-angle viewing and along with this it gives you a 3x zoom and a goof cloud storage. Whereas, the video allows for two way audio which helps in maintaining communication with your pet when you are not around them.

It also allows you to keep your pet amused with the help of integrated laser pointer. The camera provides up to one month of improved alerts, extended video recordings, and cloud video footage.

You need iOS 9.3 and higher or an Android that is 5.1 or higher, device along with a stable Wi-Fi connection and Petcube application.


  • Multi-function smart tool for monitoring and laser light robotic toy making an amazing blend of fun and safety.
  • Full night vision camera that enables you to monitor your pet even at night times. Extra zoom provides closer and clearer view of your pet.
  • Compatible with Google Alexa and has 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity.

Wickedbone Interactive Gaming Toy for Dogs

It works based on an emotional system. It performs according to the mood of your dog, whether it is in a playful mood or an aggressive mood. You are able to adjust sensitivity to take into account different surfaces.

This robotic toy is easier to control and gives you a runtime between 40 minutes to one hour. You will get four hours of usage form a lithium-ion battery if the interactive auto-play function is used. It is durable and can stand heavy punishment. It is safe to put around your pet as it is made up of polycarbonate that is approved by FDA as food-grade. The cover and tires can be removed for cleaning.


  • Offers app-enabled drive mode, auto play mode, and comes with a virtual joystick.
  • Made up of safe materials approved by FDA and can survive repeated gnawing.
  • Charging through micro USB within just one hour, uses lithium-ion battery offering one hour runtime.


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