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Healthy pigs are the key to a profitable pig farm. The healthier the animals, the lower the costs associated with their treatments and upkeep. Effective monitoring and tracking of swine health is therefore absolutely vital, but is hard to do given the complexity of the processes involved in managing a pig farm and also because traditionally, pig farmers use paper based processes to manage their operations. Read on to know how PigWise can help you deal with the complexities involved in health management of swine.

At swine farms, paper based processes are both inefficient and labor intensive. Additionally, paper based data is harder to analyze, to extract trends or glean insights from; for example, if you want to look back to see how effective a treatment was for a particular disease, which you administered three years ago. You’ll have to rummage through old record books and files to find the right details, provided that you still have those old records to begin with. So how do you address the problem? Pigwise, a complete swine management software, helps you do that.

PigWise Mobile App:

Offered by Zoetis and developed by Folio3 AgTech Practice, Pigwise offers a modern solution for tracking herd health in real time. Swine veterinarians, production managers and pig caregivers can now share real-time herd health data within their own networks as well as with certified program auditors.

With its Web-based dashboard and reporting platform, PigWise provides veterinarians and production managers with daily herd health information they need to help stay ahead of disease outbreaks. The app helps producers and their veterinarians track a number of health statistics including signs of illness observed, treatment dosage, administration and outcomes, such as mortality rates.

PigWise Health Monitoring System

Swine Record Keeping:

With PigWise, producers and veterinarians can share health information quickly as the app completely eliminates standard record keeping using paper based processes. The ability to access performance data in real time helps veterinarians assess any disease outbreaks quickly resulting in better treatment outcomes.

Pig caregivers can use the PigWise mobile app to enter health data as it is observed. Working in conjunction with Individual pig care training, caregivers identify sick pigs using a classification system based on their symptoms. The information is saved onto and immediately available within a secured web-based platform that can be accessed only by designated production managers and veterinarians within a particular system.

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Swine Health Management:

The PigWise dashboard is an important tool for analyzing herd health data. The dashboard generates reports allowing veterinarians to quickly compare and contrast treatment outcomes along with signs of illness so that any herd health issues can be resolved in a timely manner. Users have the option to set alerts giving them immediate notification regarding specific health data. These real-time insights allow for immediate decision-making and appropriate allocation of resources.

The swine health management platform also serves as an efficient tracking system for medication use. It’s a useful tool for pig producers who face increased pressures regarding the use of antibiotic products. The app allows caregivers to select what injectable anti-infectives or water soluble products can be used as treatments. It then provides approved dosages, routes of administration and withdrawal times. The new tool helps ensure the responsible use of antibiotics and provide producers with whole-herd solutions to addressing disease outbreaks. Properly identifying and treating sick animals with the correct medications are keys to helping maintain the effectiveness of these important resources. A practical means of recording treatment can help producers use antibiotics responsibly and adhere to withdrawal times.

Digitizing Herd Health Management:

It takes time and effort to make swine business profitable in the marketplace today. We at Folio3 understand the myriad challenges associated with heard health management and the risks and limitations that manual record keeping and health management practices add to that mix. Our mobile based health monitoring system is designed specifically to address these challenges, by digitizing and automating swine record keeping, swine health management and swine barn management processes, thereby simplifying day to day operations and compliance procedures, and helping pig farms make timely, informed decisions that increase profitability.

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