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Livestock Management

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We live in a digital era where farmers can access valuable information about their livestock, inventory, feed, and other details on cattle on their mobile phones. Livestock agriculture must adapt to the growing demand for more efficient and effective livestock management procedures while addressing issues related to animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and public health. Farmers can use biometric sensors, either noninvasive or intrusive, to track an animal’s health and activity in real time and integrate the information for analysis.

What is Cattlytics?

A single, all-encompassing cattle tracking software that allows complete visibility and control over your daily cattle operations. With a single, user-friendly app, you can track cattle movement in the fields and at various locations. It gives detailed field views, plans the pen’s exercise of the cattle and any other activity they carry out promptly, and logs the history of the cattle’s records. Cattlytics is a comprehensive livestock management app created for your needs on a cow farm. The Cattlytics appallows farmers to monitor their livestock. It saves time-consuming paperwork that would otherwise be associated with it.

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Various animal characteristics are evaluated, and the top animals are used as parents. It gives livestock breeders access to the following generation of animals. Producers can make more money by reducing calf loss through careful planning. It makes the calving season more feasible.

The Cattlytics app allows the user to

  • Manage the breeding of cattle
  • Manage the production of cattle
  • Manage cattle calving
  • Manage yearling cattle performance
  • Manage weaning performance

Cattlytics for Livestock Management

Event-Based Dashboard

View all the activities on managing your cattle by type and state. You can access several essential metrics and information linked to each event.

Managing both individuals and groups

Track the entire herd and even keep track of every single animal.

Breeding and Production Control

keep track of breeding and reproduction in one device. Manage cow pregnancies and estimate calving dates.

Weaning and Weight Management

You can track every step of the weaning process, including weight checks.

Expense Control

Manage your funds to stay inside your budget by providing automated reports and cost indications.

Health management

It provides smart cattle management tips and keeps track of the cattle’s health on a daily basis.  It helps develop treatments for diseases.

Offline Data Collection

Workers can still input data in isolated locations because offline mode synchronizes as soon as an internet connection is found.

Reports & Export of Data

You can share and download the most recent reports with very few clicks, with sophisticated analytics and reporting capabilities.

Language Support

The ability to enter & comprehend data quickly s is made possible by multilingual support for ranchers and other personnel who do not understand English.

Planning and Tracking

The Cattlytics app helps track cattle medications and follow their treatment schedules. It enables you to track your cattle’s performance more easily and effortlessly in real time. It allows you to quickly plan cattle’s pen movement and any activity they carry out, while saving cattle record history in a digital log.


Farmers can better understand the needs of their cows and respond to problems faster because of this software. Dairy farmers are effortlessly able to maintain the comfort and health of their cows due to innovative technology and data. Inputs of feed and land resources have dropped because of the cumulative use of technology in the cattle business, which is also enhancing cattle and enterprise efficiency. Additionally, you may manage active and inactive breeding effortlessly while being informed of the cow’s current breeding state.

How is Cattlytics user-friendly and smooth to handle?

Cattlytics is an easy-to-use livestock management app for all devices. You can easily access it from any location or device. It lets you stay connected and alert with all the happenings in real time and get total visibility by completely controlling your daily cattle operations with an innovative mobile app. This app makes cattle management and recording a user-friendly and hassle-free experience for cattle farmers, Cattlytics increases productivity and your revenue stream.

The present need for software in the cattle industry

Being a cattle producer, you must be aware of the efforts being made by the industry. Your consumers today are more concerned about the safety of food and the health of animals. You must provide healthy and safe beef to the market and improve the bottom line. Technology offers a way to achieve the same goal through ”smart” solutions, enabling farmers to enhance their operations across health, welfare, and food consumption.  The productivity potential, welfare, or management of animals and livestock gets enhanced by using livestock technology. The idea of the “connected cow” emerged due to the increasing use of sensors in dairy herds to track health and boost output.

The Cattlytics app is the perfect software for smart livestock management today. It helps cattle producers to provide safe, high-quality, and consistent beef and improves the bottom line by giving the consumers the satisfaction they demand.


To keep track of their cattle farm operations and maintain records, software suppliers have been working on creating Cattlytics software. Users of this program may access and utilize it on any mobile device, including Android smartphones and tablets, iPads, and Windows PCs (Program Counter) (Program Counter) (Program Counter), among other devices from any location. Livestock farmers need to invest in the right software created to meet modern agriculture’s demands.

This app has many features that make it easy to keep records and manage and track your cattle. It provides a way to achieve the goal through intelligent solutions that allow farmers to improve their health and well-being operations. It helps you improve your production and digitally track cattle’s medication & monitor their treatment plans. Furthermore, it makes it easier and completely easy to monitor your cattle’s overall health condition and performance in real time with greater ease and less effort.

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