15 Best Animal Breeding Apps for Android & iOS – Seamless Management of Animal Data

You will find a long list of animal breeding apps. Choose the right, and you will get a chance to improve your farm’s productivity.
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Technology is ruling the world today. From the educational sector to livestock farming, technology is bringing in revolutionary solutions and making the lives of people easy, simple, and full of convenience.

When talking about livestock farming and beef quality assurance, we can say that it is one of those sectors in the world that is experiencing a major technological shift-over. From the management of the herds to breeding records, technology has made efficient record-keeping possible for the farmers. It is not only helping cattlemen enhance the productivity of their farm but even in monitoring the performance of the workers.

Smartphones and app developers are playing a significant role in improving the livestock farming industry. The market is full of numerous smartphone applications that have been developed with the sole purpose of aiding livestock farming.

Be it the App Store for iPhones or the Google Play Store for Android-powered phones; you will find a long list of animal breeding apps. Choose the right, and you will get a chance to improve your farm’s productivity and farm quality!

Best Animal Breeding Apps for Android

One of the two dominant operating systems in the tech-world is Android. If you are an Android phone user, you will find these best breeding apps extremely beneficial for the management of your livestock farm!

1. Cattlytics

cattlytics logo

Cattlytics is an advanced breeding app that helps farmers and ranchers manage their livestock operations. With this app, farmers can stay organized and informed about the health and well-being of their animals.

Availability: Download the beta app from Google Play and App Store.


  • Custom reports in real-time.
  • Input data offline.
  • Efficient finance management.
  • Flexibility in changing languages.


  • Provides limited languages.

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2. Angus Black Book by Folio3

When it comes to listing down the best breeding apps that are available on the Android platform, leaving Angus Black Book out of the discussion is not possible. Designed by Folio3 AgTech, the Angus Black Book is the perfect assistant that cattlemen need today. It enhances their farm’s herd’s productivity and improves the profitability of their business.

angus black book android app

Storing and sharing data with Angus Black Book is simple and free of any complications. With this app, the cattlemen can record every piece of essential data that helps them identify the weaker areas of their business. The functionalities of the app, including reminders, detailed reporting, and management of operations, make managing a cattle farm much less stressful!


  • The app features a user-friendly interface
  • The app allows comprehensive record management with history
  • It is possible to track individual cattle history
  • The app enables real-time operation management


  • The users may face trouble syncing the cattle data with other devices and accounts
  • Deleting cattle information is a bit complicated

3. Livestocked

When talking about livestock record-keeping applications for Android, Livestocked is one of the best ones available on the Google Play Store. With the use of this application, you can manage your herd efficiently and drive huge profits.

animal breeding apps

Livestocked hit the market in the year 2013, and since then, it has been helping livestock farming businesses improve their productivity. You can use the app by paying a yearly fee of just $70. It offers seamless features such as livestock management, cattle management, traceability, inventory management, and much more!


  • It makes animal record keeping simple and less time-consuming
  • The user-interface is seamless
  • The app can be used for other livestock animals other than cattle


  • The app is not free to use

4. Calf Book

Are you in the cattle production businesses and looking for a reliable way to manage your cattle herd and record all the essential data about your animals? The Calf Book is exactly what you need. It is a smart app that is available for download on the Google Play Store.

best animal breeding apps for android

Tracking calving data, breeding data, calf weaning, and yearling performance has never been this easy as it is now with this super-helpful tool. The app, Calf Book, is helping the cattle farmers with their businesses with its insightful report generation functionality.


  • The app allows the users to input data without an internet connection
  • The app has been developed for all skills levels
  • The app uses the data to produce insightful reports displaying all calving data


  • The app is not free to use; even the basic app has an annual subscription cost of $5
  • The app is explicitly designed for the cattle farmers

5. Breeding Wheel

Whether you are in the cattle production sector, pork quality assurance or any other type of livestock farming, you can significantly benefit from the Breeding Wheel. It is available on the Google Play Store and is absolutely free to use. The users are not required to pay an annual subscription fee.

breeding wheel app for android

It has been designed to manage the breeding of livestock animals. The app helps the farm to identify animals with reproductive problems. The app also helps the farmers to keep track of the service schedule, lactation period, proximity forecast return to estrus, and the date of drying the cows. It is the perfect solution to monitor the productive and reproductive status of all the animals in the herd.’


  • The app provides a dynamic view of the dairy herd
  • The users can easily access the individual animal data
  • It allows the users to share data with other devices, making it possible for technicians to assist without being present
  • The app is free to use, and there is no annual subscription app


  • The app is suitable to use for dairy cattle and not for beef cattle

6. Cattle Breeding Calculator

Are you in search of the best breeding app for your herd of cattle? Well, the Cattle Breeding App is one of the best options that you can find on the Google Play Store. Designed for the cattle farms, is a perfect way to calculate calving dates, service, and return.

cattle breeding android calculator

Not only can you record the vital breeding data on your smartphone, but you can even share the required data using its e-mail functionality. Using this gestation calculator, you can, with much ease, calculate forward and backward dates.

Update: Don`t forget to read our latest guide on drones for livestock management.


  • The app features a simple user-interface that people of any skill level can use efficiently
  • The app is available for download at the Google Play Store for free


  • While saving the dates, the user might face some difficulties; it is small-bug


Other Breeding apps for Android

7. Farming Simulator 18

You can virtually live the life of a modern farmer by playing the game Farming Simulator 18, an animal breeding app. You can pick the livestock and crops you want to breed.


  • Easy to control.


  • Restricted to a third person only.

8. Breeding Buddy

For Android devices, Infinity Tracker created the animal breeding app Breeding Buddy. The software offers a free three-day trial and enables customers to manage all animal breeding requirements in one location.


  • Simple and convenient to use.
  • Free features.


  • Hard to navigate.

Best Animal Breeding Apps for iOS

Not only will you find numerous apps for animal breeding on the Google Play Store, but even the App Store has phenomenal breeding apps for you!

9. Ranchr

Looking for an exceptional solution for the management of your cattle herd? Well, look no further than Ranchr if you are using devices powered by iOS. The app, designed specifically for iPhone users, makes things simple and highly efficient for the ranchers. It offers an online dashboard that will allow you to access the cattle records anytime and anywhere.

best cattle breeding apps for ios and iphone

Using this app, the ranchers can immediately identify health and breeding changes in their animals. Finding the cow and providing them the necessary treatment has never been this convenient for the farm owners. It is a tool that offers the ranchers and farm owners the assistance they need to streamline the operations on the property for the best outcomes.


  • Herd sorting and recording details becomes easy with this app
  • The app features a simplistic user-interface that a person with even the lowest skill levels can use

10. Farmwizard Beef Manager

If you are looking for an efficient way to optimize the supply chain of your livestock farming business, the Farmwizard Beef Manager is exactly what you need. Its key features of livestock management, traceability, and supplier management make this app a perfect livestock management solution.

farmwizard breeding app for ios

The users can view as well as edit the records anytime and anywhere. It is a smart way to maintain herd records and asses herd performance. With the Beef Manager by Farmwizard, an app designed for the iOS platform, the herd managers can identify the problems in the reproductive capabilities of their animals.


  • Provides insightful reports of beef cattle to help improve productivity
  • A simple and seamless user-interface
  • The app is available for free download on the App Store


It does not have an in-built CRM and inventory management functionalities

11. Stock Move Express

Powered by the NLMD-LT livestock database, the Stock Move Express is a smart sheep and cattle, herd manager. It allows the herd managers to keep track of animals from birth till death. It has proved to be immensely helpful for ranchers and cattle farms to oversee and track the breeding cycles of their animals.

stock move express breeding app for ios

One of the greatest features of Stock Move Express is that it makes it easy to purchase medicines. The users can use the camera to scan the barcode on the packaging. The users can view the data using any device that has access to a stable internet connection due to NLMD-LT.


  • The app is powered by the NLMD-LT which makes it possible for the users to view data from any of their devices that have access to an internet connection
  • It is free to use the app and has no annual subscription fee
  • It is useful for both sheep as well as cattle herds
  • A simple and user-friendly interface


  • Difficult UI

12. Moocall Breed Manager

An app that has been designed to manage the breeding data and help the cattlemen align their farm’s operations with their animal’s cycles. The Breed Manager divides the herd on the basis of the breeding data. It is a factor that sets it apart from its competitors. The major categories in the app include in-calf, cycling, in-heat, and inseminated.

Moocall Breed Manager app for ios

For the cattle production businesses, the calving cycles of the cattle are the most important. With the Breed Manager designed by Moocall for both the iOS and Android platforms, you can manage the breeding cycles of your animals.


  • The app is available for free download in the App Store
  • The app divides the herd into manageable subsets


  • The old version has installation and logging-in issues

13. iHerd

Your search for the most reliable cattle herd record-keeping application ends here with iHerd. It is free to use the application that you can find the App Store and enjoy the out-of-this-world features. From birth to death, this iOS app helps cattlemen efficiently record every critical piece of data without much stress or hassle.

iherd breeding app for ios

It is a cloud-based cattle management platform through which allows streamlining the workflow, store relevant data, and make herd management simple! It even allows the users to synchronize all of the property and paddock data with other managers. With iHerd, you can ensure that all your animals are receiving the quality treatment they are in need of.


  • The app allows seamless property and herd management
  • The functionality of the treatment cabinet ensures that the animals are being provided with the right treatments
  • Automatic accounting and auditing allows easy transfer of cattle between properties


  • The app focuses on addressing the requirements of the Australian cattle herd management

Other Breeding apps for iOS

14. Bird Land Paradise

In the enchanted and exotic breeding app Bird Land Paradise, you can raise and cross-breed several parrots with attractive, colorful birds. This breeder app lets you handle your birds and maintain relationships with your friends.


  • Easy-to-play
  • Connects you with friends.


  • No tech helps.

15. Fido Poli — Litter Diary App

The growth of each puppy in your litter is monitored via breeding apps like the Fido Poli app. The straightforward yet comprehensive software lets you follow the dogs’ progress and share it with others.


  • Easy tracking of animals.
  • Easy to use.


  • App may crash.

Build Your Custom Animal Breeding App

Every livestock farm has a unique set of requirements. If you think you need a tailor-made breeding app for your cattle farm, Folio3 AgTech Practice is the perfect choice for you. Folio3 has some of the most skilled and competent app developers on board that have expertise in both iOS and android app development.

Whether you are operating a ranch or feedlot, Folio3 can help you design the perfect cattle management app. A custom-made app will help you optimize your farm’s operations, improve productivity, and drive profitable results!

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