Digitize & Track Your Cattle Records with Cattle Management Software

Manage your daily cattle operations with an all-in-one web & mobile app for effortless control, total visibility – Anytime, Anywhere!

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All-in-One Livestock Management Software Solution

Stay Connected To Your Herd At All Levels

Whether you need to plan, manage, track, sell, or report, our one-stop cattle management app helps you do it all from a single location, so you can do your job better!

*45-day trial, no credit card needed

features for farm success

Keep Your Cattle Moo-ving Every Day, Digitally

Empower your cattle farms with powerful cattle record-keeping software and elevate your cattle management game with a single touch.

Event Driven

Access different key metrics and information related to each event & view all the activities and cattle by type & status.

Individual & Group Management

Track the entire herd, and even keep checks on your individual animal.

Breeding & Production Management

Have breeding & reproduction records in one place. Estimate calving dates, and manage cattle pregnancies.


Align your ranch with your preferred units of measure for land, currencies, and much more.


Manage your finances, to stay within your budget by showing you expense indicators and automated reports.

Offline Data

Offline mode ensures workers can still input data from the fields, & automatically syncs as soon as a connection is found.

Reports & Data

Advanced analytics and reporting tools give you access to the latest custom reports in real time, which you can export and share with just a few clicks.


Multilingual support helps ranchers and workers who do not speak English so that they can enter data & view dashboards easily.

Weight & Weaning Performance

Track your entire weaning process from weight checks and body condition scores to pasture movements, treatments, and boosters.

*45-day trial, no credit card needed

Make smarter cattle management decisions

Put Your Cattle Management on Auto-Pilot and Never Lose Track of Your Cattle Record-Keeping

* 45-day trial, no credit card needed

An all-in-one cattle Management Solution

Your Ranch Is Our Responsibility

Let us help you manage your cattle activities with the most comprehensive and complete cattle ranch management software to boost performance at every stage of herd management.

Manage Cattle Health For Easier Monitoring & Planning

Track cattle’s medication and monitor their treatment plans easily. Cattlytics, the cattle record-keeping app, can make it almost entirely effortless to:

Get Cattlytics & prevent further illnesses by being proactive and watching trends.

Monitor Your Cattle Movement With Greater Ease And Less Effort

Monitor cattle movement in fields and various locations effortlessly with a single cattle-tracking app. Cattlytics enables you to:

Cattlytics is a complete cattle management app designed for your cattle farm needs.

Keep Track Of Cattle Production Activities

When we say Cattlytics is an end-to-end solution, how can it not include cattle production management? Cattlytics helps you:

Get Cattlytics to keep your calves moving while having a complete record of them since birth.

Control Your Expenses over income

Keep an eye on your ranch finances effortlessly with ranch management software. With Cattlytics you can easily:

Get rid of paper-based receipts, journals, and manual records in just a couple of clicks!

Gain Insights with Detailed Reports!

Gain in-depth insights into the activities of all animals through cattle data management software. Cattlytics allows you to generate personalized reports on various activities, such as:

Each report offers users a complete overview of ranch operations.

Designed by farmers, for farmers

Discover why Cattlytics is trusted by hundreds of cattle farmer and ranchers across the globe!

*45-day trial, no credit card needed

Happy Herders
We’re Trusted By Thousands of Farmers & Ranchers Around The Globe!

Flexible Plans, Effortless Growth!

Plans designed for farms and ranches of any size. Get all your essentials covered!


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All Cattlytics features will be available to you for your chosen range of active animals. You will be charged at the start date of your subscription each month!

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Choose a plan based on your requirements *

*45-day trial, no credit card needed

All Cattlytics features will be available to you for your chosen range of active animals. You will be charged at the start date of your subscription each year!


For Enterprise or White Labelling

Talk to our team to get a tailored plan with custom pricing, additional support, and more.


Seeking Custom Cattle Management Software For Your Specific Needs?

Besides Cattlytics, we offer tailored livestock management solutions for businesses seeking enterprise-level customization and integrations.

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Each recognition showcases our team's dedication and customer’s trust in us. Recognized for our innovative solutions, we help cattle ranchers & farmers like you to achieve success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do cattle farmers manage and monitor their herd using Cattlytics?

In Cattlytics, ranch owners have complete control over their Cattle activities. They can add cattle into the system and using our various “Activities” options, they can update their records for animal treatments, breeding, and much more.

Cattlytics provides ranch owners with a unique, easy-to-use, user experience that facilitates cattle management and record-keeping activities. Cattlytics is available on both, mobile and web to facilitate users at all levels. Cattlytics provides offline support to the ranchers present in the field to record data and once the connection is restored, it automatically syncs the data.

Cattlytics prioritizes the safety of all personal data being recorded and makes sure that no personal data is misused.

No, the credit card is not required at the time of sign-up. Cattlytics welcomes all ranch owners and offers a complimentary 45-day trial to explore our application.

Yes, the ranch owner can cancel the subscription at any time.

Absolutely! Cattlytics provides bulk import functionality on the web application. Ranch owners simply have to download the provided template, reflect the data on that template, and upload it on the web application. And just like that, all your cattle records are added.

Cattlytics has a team of highly skilled livestock industry professionals that you can reach out to by submitting the query at the bottom of the page, or can drop a message on the “Contact Us” page.

Yes! As of right now, Cattlytics is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese and plans to provide multilingual support for French and many other languages.

Yes. Currently, Cattlytics allows Ranch Owners to measure land in Acres or Hectares based on their preferred unit.

Yes, Cattlytics is available on both the Play Store and App Store and can be downloaded from there easily.

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