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What are the Best Apps for Cattle Record?

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Best Apps for Cattle Record

When it comes to managing cattle, smart analytics and data always required. Using a bespoke cattle management tool, you can organize your finances, breeding, grazing, records, and herd management all in one place. You can keep track of your herd’s health and profitability by using cattle record-keeping applications.

If you have a smartphone or tablet, you may use cattle record-keeping applications to track herd performance and compare pricing. You can also calculate grass growth and fertilizer needs.

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Farmbrite is a complete farm and livestock management system. To make your farm more profitable, productive, and efficient. We’ve developed a powerful and easy-to-use agricultural software solution Instead of merely a bookkeeping system.

Farmbite includes all of the tools you’ll need to improve your efficiency and profitability. It helps you maintain better records. It better manages your resources, measures production identifies patterns, and more. Farmbrite helps you operate a more efficient, productive, and financially rewarding farm.


Ranchr is a Cow management software. It removes the need for a pen and paper by providing an app for your mobile device. Moreover, you can access an online dashboard can from any computer. Consider keeping a detailed inventory of your livestock.

You should sort out your identity, pedigree, and ancestry. In addition, you should also document treatments, sales, and animal whereabouts. You can keep track of the performance of your animals and herds. You can also track basic accounting tools for managing costs, profit, and loss.

Keep an infinite number of notes on a ranch calendar to remain organized. Maintain animal-specific data in a custom livestock application. To manage any combination of livestock just activate the modules you need to use.

Cattle Manager 

Using the Cattle Manager app, farmers can keep track of their livestock. This avoids substantial paperwork that would otherwise be connected with this time-consuming activity.

Along with previously submitted information, Individual cow information may be added to the program. It will alert the user to important dates and times, such as when the animal’s injection is due. You may save all of your data in one spot, making it easier for you to keep track of everything by using this tool.

When Dell recognized the power of this software in 2013, they dubbed it “Power to Do More– Getting the Most Out of Your Time.”

365 Cattle 

With these cattle management applications, keep track of your herd’s medical, breeding, and sex data. Track each animal’s treatment history and any other relevant information.

Adding and tracking changes to a herd or inventory is a simple process. You may use the software offline once internet access has been Re-Established. 365 Cattle and 365 Farm Network together on the PC.

My Cattle Manager 

Dairy farmers will like this software’s easy-to-use record-keeping features for cows, milk, and dairy farm transactions.

This software also makes dairy farms’ operations easier. With this tool, you can better manage cows and bull calves as well as the rest of your herd. This tool can also manage beef cattle. Tracking and altering cattle stages, such as calf, weaner, and heifer, until they reach the cow stage may be done with the help of the program.

Individual and mass livestock occurrences such as cow insemination, pregnancies and abortions are tracked by this app as well as calving and the attachment of calves to their dams and sires. The program tracks these cattle occurrences, and a report is generated after a predetermined or desired amount of time.

As part of the program, dairy farm owners may obtain information on the number of cattle belonging to a certain breed at any given moment, as well as the ability to add and remove breeds from their dairy farm operations simply.


Herdbase is a dairy farm management tool. It may help you improve the efficiency of your herd and the profitability of your farm. Using Herdbase’s cloud-based and offline capabilities, you may quickly and easily solve your problems.

With the herd base livestock management android app, you need to access your data immediately. Everything you need is there at your fingertips.

For increased productivity, recording pregnancies, checking breeding and calving while working on the farm, and receiving warnings and alerts in real-time are now all possible with remote access to farm data anytime.

Cattle Expert System

Production of milk, meat, and other value-added products from livestock may eradicate poverty and secure food self-sufficiency. Agriculture benefits from the organic manure it produces, which is an essential part of improving the fertility and productivity of the soil.

Livestock also provides transportation and helps to save fossil fuels for providing draught animal power for many agricultural purposes,

Apps like the TNAU Cattle Expert System allow users to keep track of all aspects of their cattle and buffalo operations. It includes feeding, breeding, and general management.

Farm Animal Health Management, Animal Production Technology for the Cattle and Buffalo Calf Care for Cattle and Buffaloes. Cattle and Buffalo Farm Machinery, Cattle and Buffalo Farm Management, and Cattle and Buffalo General Care and Management

4-H Livestock Record

Apps like the 4-H Livestock Record may help 4-H members stay organized as they get ready for the big day. This software makes it simple to keep tabs on all of your livestock project animals, including their weights, feed, and health, as well as their project earnings and costs. Moreover, it is possible to download the 4-H Livestock Record app for free and use it on an iPhone or an iPad.


Maintaining and managing paperwork is a time-consuming activity. However, by using these apps, farmers can keep track of their livestock and save a substantial amount of time.

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