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Payroll software for farm and ranches facilitates the farmers to process payroll for different employees, including permanent and seasonal employees. One of the biggest advantages of using payroll software is to minimize operational cost and, most importantly, the manual processing that consumes both time and energy.

Do you know how hard it can be to process the payroll of different individuals working on farms? Some people are hired on per hour wages while the others work for eight hours daily on the farm.

This way, the farm owners can focus on their agricultural business instead of processing different individuals’ payrolls.

Read along to learn about the benefits of using payroll software for ranches and farms.

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Benefits of Using Payroll Software for Farm

Read along to learn about the advantages of using payroll software:

Employee Calendar

The agricultural businesses can create employee calendars to schedule different pay runs, monthly salaries, per hour wages, and overtime.

Furthermore, auto payroll processing eliminates manual processing and other errors.


The farm owners do not need to hire a team of accountants and finance experts to manually run and process the salaries and taxes. Instead, payroll software effectively processes the wages without any error on the scheduled time and disperses them in the employees’ accounts.

Tax Updates

A farm owner doesn’t need to worry about the financial audit as the software automatically files the taxes and other relevant forms.


The software runs the salaries and offers accessibility to the previous pay runs by keeping a detailed record against all the employees. Whether a permanent or a seasoned employee, the software offers printable payslips with the prior tax return information.


The self-service dashboard allows the farm owners and employees to access the payslip and tax information on the self-service portal. Not only that, but many software offers additional functionality to streamline employee onboarding.


Instead of keeping data on paper files and laptops, the payroll software stores the data on a secure online cloud. This way, agricultural businesses no longer have to worry about cyber attacks or unexpected data deletion.


The agricultural businesses no longer need to hire IT experts or administrators to maintain the software as the advanced payroll software offers a user-friendly and straightforward interface. This way, all the employees and farm owners can access the self-service portal.

Similarly, payroll software offers smooth integration with the existing software to unify the data on a centralized online cloud.

One-For-All and All-For-One Payroll Service for Farms

Farmers owners understand that payroll processing is a challenging task, especially for farms and ranches. That’s why they need a dedicated payroll service that handles the monthly salary processing, tax filing, employee contracts, on-boarding, and self-service. Not only that, but a premium-quality payroll software for farms offers seamless integration with QuickBooks, Xero, and other software.

Farm Requirements

Furthermore, the farm owners have different tax requirements compared to other organizations. That’s why a smart payroll service automatically files form 943 on behalf of the farms. This return form is used by the farm owners to report FICA (SS and Medicare) and federal income taxes on the salary paid.

Automatic Calculation

A high-performing payroll software pays all the permanent, remote, and seasonal employees without any processing error. Moreover, it automates all the calculations, such as per hour rates, weekly wages, overtime, and commission.

Farm owners can benefit from the automatic and error-free filing of taxes. In addition, many advanced payroll software offer unlimited monthly pay runs without any hidden charges. It means the farm owners can schedule the payroll for multiple employees at different times.

Payroll software can withhold federal and state payroll taxes while processing the wages to ensure automatic filing of Form 941 quarterly and Form 940 yearly.

Many farms have W-2 employees and 1099 contract workers. Smart payroll software offers an integrated dashboard that generates different printable year-end tax forms without any additional cost.

Similarly, the farm owners get the freedom to disperse the salary via debit card payment direct deposit or in the form of cheques.

Payment Schedules

The agricultural business can set different payment schedules and pay rates for all the employees. Furthermore, payroll software generates expense reports and stops the garnishments whenever required.

The farm owner can filter the employees by type, department, and location in the dashboard. From generating real-time reports to generating PDF or spreadsheets, payroll software has got it all covered for the farms and ranches.

One of the biggest advantages of using a payroll service is the accounts and finance integration on one platform to synchronize all the employees’ data.

Many payroll software offers mobile and computer dashboards and valuable insights, back-end processes, and a front-end self-service dashboard.

Employee Self-Service

It’s essentially an add-on that streamlines the employee onboarding process for farms and ranches. Not only that, but the software maintains the personal tax documents of the contractors and seasonal employees.

Similarly, the permanent employees can download the payroll information and other related info on the self-service portal.

Software Integration

Flexible payroll software for farm and ranches ensure integration with different software to minimize data redundancy:

  • Xero
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Deputy
  • Humanity
  • Minera
  • QuickBooks Desktop
  • PosterElite

Customer Service

Payroll software for farms and ranches offers exceptional customer service to facilitate the farm owners with account migration, integration, and data accuracy. Hence, the agricultural business needs to enter the company details, employee information, prior salaries, employee status and schedule the payroll processing.

Similarly, the farm owners can contact the customer service via phone, email, and chat in case of different technical or accessibility issues.


From processing payroll data and maintaining employee information, payroll software for farms and ranches saves the farm owners from the hassle of manual salary processing.

Moreover, a large agricultural business has hundreds of permanent and seasonal employees who work throughout the year. That’s why payroll software offers different functionalities, such as pay per salary, hourly wages, overtime, double-time, commission, and others. Most importantly, an efficient payroll service helps the farm owners to comply with the IRS and other regional payroll record keeping requirements.


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