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Whether you run a ranch, a feeding operation or have a beef processing plant, you know that high quality beef comes from selecting the best cattle. But even after you’ve selected the best cattle, you need to make sure that your workers treat your cattle with care and provide them healthy feed. However, managing workers and tracking their tasks is not easy. That’s where our Barn Management Software helps.

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From ranching and cattle feeding to meat packing, our Barn Management Software can help you track and monitor task progress at every step of the beef lifecycle, ensuring that you meet your quality and compliance standards. It lessens the burden for you as well as your workers. For example, at your feedlot one of the main tasks is to feed specialized rations to your cattle at various stages of their development. Using the software, you can create a task, input what type of ration should be fed to your cattle, and assign the task to one of your workers along with instructions. When a shift begins, your worker pulls out his iPad to see all the tasks for the day. He knows what type of ration he will be feeding at what time of the day and where.

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You can give clear directions such as what ingredients to be put in the mixer and when. It also tells how much food should go into the pen based on the number of cattle, their stage of development and the ingredients in the feed. Your worker marks every completed task using his iPad. Similarly, your care takers update their activities in real-time and enter health records of individual and group animals. Now imagine all your different workers updating all their different tasks using their tablets. Barn Management Software consolidates all this information into a powerful dashboard so you can accurately track and monitor the performance of your workers as well as your cattle. While the software sends notifications and reminders to your workers to complete their tasks, it also notifies you if any of your workers fail to complete his task within a specified day or time.

Barn Software

Barn Management Software is designed to make it easier for you to identify inefficiencies in your cattle operations and find ways to improve cattle care, production and management. Besides giving you real-time data, the software also allows you to set rules to help you eliminate human error in data entry, ensuring that the information and insights available are accurate. With the cloud based solution implemented for you, you no longer need to use third party products for animal health care and record keeping. You can generate detailed reports instantly and convert available data into meaningful information and actionable insights.

The inventory management feature inherent in the software gives you complete visibility into your critical assets. You know how many ear tags are left in the inventory and when to order them. The same applies for all other inventory that you need to manage your cattle operation.

If you don’t have such a system in place, now you know why you need it. The initial adaption period may take a while but people adopt soon. As a result, you have a system that makes the process of feeding and caring easier and effective, adding value to your bottom-line.

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