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The Complete Guide to ERP for Farming, Agriculture & Meat Processing

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ERP can help you track all of your finances and can also tell you your income according to your field. The information one has or needs to know about their farming, agriculture, or meat processing business is so critical that you cannot live without knowing the real-time updates.

This field itself is such a demanding and exhausting line of work that you have no room for mishaps or risks. ERP can be a helping hand for you to avoid any issues and guarantees smooth operations. It is the most vital sector for every country. It contributes greatly to the GDP of every economy and is also essential for one’s living as it provides sustenance.

Unfortunately, there are hardly any funds provided by the governments to support it. Moreover, every person is hesitant to pursue this as a career due to the hardships faced. This is why the use of an ERP is essential. It can assist you with everything you’ve ever wanted.

Why you Need ERP for Farming?

Farming, a profession known for being challenging, can really benefit from using an ERP system.

  • An ERP helps the farmer track each crop’s growth and maturity.
  • It helps you understand the weather conditions and aware the farmers about wind patterns.
  • ERP systems scale rapidly due to them being a horizontal application, which makes them easily transferable in the industries.
  • On top of that, factories and farms can also be controlled by the very same system. A lot of people still question the need for an ERP. It’s quite simple-anything that will take ages to do manually, for example costing, can be done using an ERP system.
  • It can be of great use in managing the farm’s costs. Tracking sales and profit will become easier. You can develop a better financial budget and alongside that, it will help you control your expenses.
  • It is going to help you with the pricing levels of different kinds of crops and can also get you the highest prices available for your crops.
  • Furthermore, forecasting the output of your crops through ERP will make life easier.
  • ERP generally can make your farm more profitable and trouble-free. The uncomplicated and user-friendly system can be used by the farmers easily.

ERP is a hundred percent less time-consuming and without a doubt more reliable. There is no greater choice other than a tried and reliable ERP system to track payroll, billing, inventory tracking, logistics, etc. So why not make farmers’ life hassle-free when their profession is already so demanding?

ERP for Meat Processing

The meat industry in today’s world is tougher than ever. The regard for animal health and safety has affected the industry greatly. The market and process of the meat business have become extremely complex, and the complications are increasing by the day.

In order to maintain their image in the global market, meat processors and producers have to fulfill more and more legal requirements. Due to such demands, having ERP for meat processing has become vital.

To secure your position in the market, it is necessary to have such systems. ERP for the meat industry ensures the product is up to the mark.

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Benefits of Using an ERP System for Meat Processing:

1) Product Traceability. It provides complete product transparency for the customer’s satisfaction. This gives the customers a guarantee of the product safety and quality.

 2) Safety Measure And Quality Control. Strict measures are taken to ensure the quality while keeping up with the regulations. Specialized ERP software has been developed to automatically manage the storage conditions, meat processing operations, and implementation of the best hygiene and packaging practices.

3) Recalls. The ERP system has all the batch data with the date and supply places, and therefore it is very easy to recall any batch when in need.

4) Tracking Products. The date of the meat production is traceable which enables businesses to keep abreast of any damaged, frozen or new products. Through this they make sure there is no spoilage that compromises the quality of the product.

5) Stay Up-To-Date With The Business. Meat processors need to stay updated and have access to the performances in the business. ERP systems provide real-time access that gives them an overview of everything that’s happening. As the business is aware of everything, they can easily make decisions right on time.

6) Timely Delivery.  A delay in delivery can cause the product to go bad. As time is very crucial for meat products, ERP systems can help track the exact dates of batch manufacturing and automate the workflow of the production. This will lead to operational efficiency, which will automatically result in timely delivery.

ERP For Agriculture

Agriculture businesses are in dire need of an ERP as they are facing quite the challenges to keep prices down. It is also important to remember the fact that agriculture is vulnerable to external factors that cannot be controlled by humans, which is why the need to focus on the internal factors that can be controlled by humans is an ERP can make the farmers’ life easier by providing these functions:

1) Supervision Of Crops. Dealing with a single crop is fine, but dealing with multiple crops can get quite complicated. Crop management consists of how, when and where the crop is to be planted. With ERP, you can automate buying of seeds, controlling harvests, streamlining data collection, keeping a check on pesticides and fertilizers.

2) Production Management. It is necessary to handle the scheduling of equipment and employees, seasonal crops etc. Even more so if there are multiple farms. ERP helps with improving the efficiency of the production at every stage. For example, In plantation of crops, expense information, information about employees and their tasks etc.

3) Managing Machinery. The replacement of manual labor with revolutionary equipment has increased efficiency. Data like distance travelled, accounting information, numbers of hours operated etc can be collected through sensors.

4) Field Work. Some areas in the field are fertile, while other areas are not. This information is vital for the farmers as it can give the farmers an idea as to where they need to plant crops and where they need to apply more fertilizer. ERP can record this data and alert the tractors to make necessary adjustments when planting or fertilizing.

5) Traceability. Consumers nowadays are extremely aware and want to know that the food they are eating is safe and not contaminated. To do so, farmers need to keep track of the seeds, the fields and their entire pathway to make sure they don’t get infected and are safe.


Q: What are some agriculture problems?

There are a lot of agricultural problems, but one of the main problems that is faced everywhere in the world is the shortage of land. The land that has been used once needs a breather, which requires a few years before it can be used again. On top of that, urbanization has left little to almost no room for farming now.

Other than this, the resources needed for farming are limited. Natural resources like water, land, and other raw materials are all in limited quantities.

Moreover, issues like pests and diseases are a huge nuisance as they damage the entire land of crops. This is a big loss financially, emotionally and even physically since it requires a lot of effort to grow crops.

However, with ERP solution crops can be monitored easily and therefore any damage can be stopped in time before it gets disastrous. You can instantly get updates if a crop has been affected by pests or just general updates regarding its growth.

Q) What is Food ERP?

Food ERP is a software that manages the businesses functions and provides you with real-time information. It makes your business more efficient and also helps you prevent shortage or spoilage of products. It’s a very useful software nowadays as health and hygiene concerns in consumers are increasing by the day. Furthermore, it makes your product safe and reliable. Moreover, It’s less time-consuming as it’s all automated. It can help your organization in being cohesive and productive.

Q) What is the Process of Meat Processing?

Before the slaughtering takes place, the animals are looked after properly and are well-fed to boost their mood. Special care is provided to make sure they do not undergo any form of stress that affects them negatively. All of this is done as good mood of the animal results in good meat.

For the very same reasons, the animals are stunned to reduce the stress and anxiety, which results in good quality meat. After the slaughtering of the animals, Removal of their skin, their feet, head etc takes place. Offal (variety of meats) consists of brain, liver, kidney and more are collected.

After this, meat inspection takes place which ensures that the meat is safe and also to label the meat supply accurately. Any meat that is not fit for the human diet is removed. They are then processed into different products such as sausages and then delivered to the desired place.

Q) What is Farm a Management Software?

Farm management software is an automatic system that analyzes all the activities of the farm, data, production schedules, record keeping etc. This helps to reduce costs and increase the businesses profit. It’s basically too linked to production-based activities.

Final Words

It’s true that farming, agriculture, and meat processing are significant occupations. However, the issues faced by them are numerous and impossible to neglect. This is where the use of our ERP system can make your lives a hundred times easier. ERP reduces the use of manual labor whilst being more efficient throughout.

This software provides everything a business needs; from making your business profitable to making it organized and reliable. It can truly help you maintain your image by producing high-end goods that will leave a good impression on your consumers and therefore assist you in keeping your customers loyal to you.

Why would you not want any of this? If you’re still uncertain about how an ERP system can benefit you, then you must check out folio3’s services and see the software’s magic!

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